Personalize Your Home – Fall Wreath Tutorial

A few months back I made a grape vine wreath for my front door and have gotten nothing but compliments on it.  Luckily, I took some photos during the creation process so I can share it with you!
What I used: 
Grape Vine Wreath ( available at craft stores such as Michaels for around $14.99 depending on the size you want. )
Spray Paint ( I used robins egg blue)
Wooden Letters (Also available at Michaels)
Felt Flowers or some sort of embellishment

My Method used:

First, I spray painted my wreath outdoors and allowed it to dry. 

Second, I used a hot glue gun to affix the letter by adding ribbon to both the letter and the back of the wreath.
Last, I added embellishments to the front also using the hot glue gun.
That is it! I love it. 
<3 Dick and Jane’s Mom