These Boots are Made for Walking – Pant Roll Tutorial

Do you love the new style trend of knee high boots, but don’t want to give up your comfortable boot cut jeans? I’m with ya! I now have several pairs of these boots that I love to wear daily. However, my jeans are mostly all boot cut style.  I am not prepared to go out and buy all new slim fit jeans so that they fit properly into my boots so I have found a way to turn my boot cut jeans into slim fit. 
Do you remember back in the day when we all used to roll our jeans? haha, yeah. Me too. If you roll your pant legs before putting your boots on they will actually stay put and not bunch up into that dreadful pooch leg look.
Here, let me show you.
  1. First, grab the back of your pant leg and pull backward.
  2.  Next, fold the pant leg over. (sort of like your wrapping a present).
  3.  Finally roll the pant leg upward about 2 rolls.

Your done! Your pants will stay tight in your boots and you can stop constantly tucking them back in.
Strut your stuff!
<3 Dick and Jane