Hanging Herb Garden #TBCcrafters

If you cant tell by all my posts on Facebook and Instagram the last couple of days I am super excited about the warm weather that we FINALLY have here in Michigan. Today we actually hit 83 degrees!! A little crazy since just last week it was snowing (and I’ve heard we may get more snow in the next week). However, I am happy to have the sun if even for a few days. 
Over the last few days I have taken every opportunity to be outside in the sun. Unfortunately, I also burnt my back and arms to a crisp which I am now paying the price for. My poor winter skin wasn’t ready for what I put it through yesterday and it is now almost purple and feeling like pins and needles. Ouch! I usually only do that once each year, then I remember to put my sunscreen on diligently from then on. Silly me. 
This week while the sun was shining and I was basking in it I also got a few garden projects done. One of my favorites was a re purpose project using a shutter that we removed from our house last year during a remodeling project. Of course I didn’t throw it out and the shutter has been sitting in my garage ever since. So I gave it a fresh coat of paint, screwed it up to my house and added a few hanging tubs filled with mint, cilantro and dill. I love it! What a great way to add more garden space without loosing more of my lawn. Oh, and if your wondering where I got the galvanized tubs, they came from Pick Your Plum (one of my favorite deal sites). 
In the celebration of spring finally arriving I also wanted to show you how my seed sprouts are doing. Do you remember how I started seeds during the winter using re purposed milk jugs? Well, they have all sprouted and are hardy little plants! I have already transplanted some of the cooler weather plants into my garden and they are growing like nuts. If you didn’t see my winter sowing post, check it out here
I am patiently waiting for my sunburn to cool so I can get back out in the sun (with sunscreen on) and get some more garden work done, but while I am waiting I am having fun checking out all these other DIY projects. Check them all out and tell me what your favorite is! 
<3 Dick and Jane

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Garden Markers {DIY} #TBCcrafters

Last week I became tired of the boring old glassware in my kitchen. There was nothing special about it. It was just clear, plain glassware. I am so much more of a colorful person than that!
To my luck, a few days ago I was browsing the internet and came across Balls’ new vintage throwback canning jar and it was like fireworks went off. Of course! We drink out of mason jars all the time, and now these ones were pretty enough to place on display in a gorgeous vintage blue color. I ordered a few cases and lined them up in my window style cabinet.
Perfection 🙂
Now what to do with the lids? I obviously didn’t need them since I was using the jars as my everyday glassware. There was no way I was throwing them out though. . I could find something to do with them. Then I had my Ah-ha moment. Its spring and I am working on starting my garden. These lids would make perfect garden markers.
Want to know how I made them? Of course I am going to tell you!
What I used:
Canning Jar Lids
Small Wooden Dowels
Chalkboard Paint
Paint Pen
Screwdriver and bit
How I made them:
I Began by painting only the inner disc of the lid with chalkboard paint. It will take several coats to cover. This takes time. . .
Using a screwdriver and bit, I screwed a small hole in both sides of the outside lid. Make sure the holes line up. You will be pushing your wooden dowel through the holes. I made mine small, just big enough to slide the dowel through, but it was tight. I didn’t want my lid to slide down the dowel.
Once the inner lids are dry, place the lid back in the outside shell with the painted side facing up. I slid the dowel in behind the inner lid to hold it in place.
Now I can write on the chalkboard paint with chalk (it will wash away if using outside) or a paint pen (which is what I used).
How fun! Now I wont forget what I planted where. I just love re purposing!!
Let Your Garden Grow
<3 Dick and Jane

Create Your Own Custom Wall Art #TBCcrafters

I enjoy changing my house decor for the seasons. Each spring I bring out items to decorate my home that remind me of the beach. Last year after taking a trip to Florida I came home and created one of these wall art piece from the inspiration I felt on this trip. Since hanging it in my home, I have had numerous compliments on this one particular piece of artwork. Creating this piece wall art was super easy! So today, I decided to show you how I made this piece of art and help you create your own custom home decor.
What I used.
– Canvas (any size you want)
– Fabric (large enough to cover your canvas)
– Thick, round paintbrush
– Stencil – I purchased my stencil on etsy
– Hot glue gun
 – Paint (fabric or all purpose)
How I did it.
– Lay out my fabric on a hard surface and place my stencil on the fabric where I want it.
– Tape down the sides of the stencil so it doesn’t move while I am painting.
– Using a thick, round headed paintbrush tap downward with paint to cover the entire stencil. Do not use regular painting brushstrokes.
– Remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry completely.
– Once the paint is dry, place my fabric over the front of the canvas where I want it positioned.
– Flip the canvas over and trim the fabric down leaving just enough fabric on each side to wrap around the back of the canvas and tuck in.
– Using my hot glue gun I placed a line of glue on the back edge of the canvas and pull the fabric around to stick.
– Continue the last step all the way around, pulling and gluing the fabric to the back of the canvas.
– Tuck the remaining fabric under the back tabs. Too much access fabric it will show on the front of the art piece, so trim it down.
– That’s it, its ready to be enjoyed. 
Have any questions about how I made this? Leave a comment and I will get back with you.
Thanks for joining us today! We are anxiously waiting for summer to arrive.
<3 Dick and Jane

Create a Hair Accessory Holder {Repurpose} #TBCcrafters

Each morning in my house is a huge scramble to get ready.
 “Come here Jane, I need to do your hair”.
“Jane, where did all of your hair bows go”?
Jane just shrugs her shoulders.
This is the missing bow mystery that we face on a daily basis in our home.  Poor mom spend tons of money buying adorable hand crafted hair bows for Jane to wear just to have them disappear two days later. This mystery may be solved if we could just find the little goblin that steals things in our house. I’ll bet that goblin who is wearing all of our socks has a pretty cute hairstyle. . all done up in beautiful bows.

Since I just cannot seem to find that dear little goblin, I will have to take a different approach. Today, I am going to help prevent this mystery and create a new, safe home for Jane’s hair bows. This way we will always know where to look for them. It a pretty easy little project and did not cost me more than $10 to make.

What did I use?
– Spray Paint
– Empty Oatmeal Container
– Fat Quarter of Fabric
– Old Plate (or a cheap one from the dollar store)
– Candle holder for a base
– Glue (I used hot glue and modge podge)
How did I make it?
1. I Began by covering a empty oatmeal container in modge podge glue and carefully rolled my fabric around the container. Smooth out any creases or bubbles along the way.
2. Using modge podge again, I folded in the fabric under on each end. One side will fold into the container and the other side can tuck the fabric up underneath the bottom. Allow to dry.
3. Using spray paint, I coated the plate and candle holder until completely covered. I allowed it to dry. 
4. Once everything has dried, I glued my candle holder to the bottom of the plate using hot glue (or any type of glass glue). Second, I glued the covered oatmeal container to the top of the plate.
5. I also added fabric to the top of the oatmeal container top using modge podge. To do this I simply cut a circle out of fabric and press inside the lid.
That’s it. It looks adorable and keeps everything neatly in place!
Thanks for joining us for Thrifty Thursday!
<3 Dick and Jane

{How To} Hanging Kitchen Towel #TBCcrafters

If you have young kids (or maybe even teenagers) in your home you should be able to agree with me on this one. Kitchen towels NEVER stay where you put them! My kids are constantly running into the kitchen and knocking the towel hanging on the stove onto the floor or running off with it completely. So when I’m finished preparing meals, wash my hands and turn to dry them. . its gone. Now I have to truck through the house with dripping hands to find a replacement towel. Talk about frustrating. Ive learned this lesson the hard way and now I make my towels a little bit harder to steal.
Hanging Kitchen Towel
What did I use?
Pot Holder
Thread and Needle or Sewing Machine
My method used:
1. Match the right side of the towel with the right side of the pot holder.
Tip: The right side is the side you want to show when your finished, the pretty side
2. Turn the pot holder so the loop to the right. Also make sure the towel is horizontally longer matching up with the loop.
3. Find the middle of the pot holder and the middle line of the towel, line these two up.
4. With the towel on top of the pot holder (right sides touching) begin to sew a straight line down the middle crease line of the towel, bunching the towel as you move through. You want the entire width of the towel to scrunch down to the same size as the pot holder.
5. Next, add a button on the opposite side of the pot holder from the loop.
6. That’s it! Its ready for display.
<3 Dick and Jane

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Valentines Notepads DIY #TBCcrafters

Valentines Day is fast approaching and this year will be Jane’s first Valentines Day party at school. We’ve began to noticed all of the Valentines day cards popping up in the stores and talked about whether she would like to buy some pre-made cards or make something together to hand out. Boy am I proud! Jane went for “make something”!
We walked around the store and came across some little notepads. For some reason, these little notepads are a “big thing” in kindergarten. I have noticed Jane has been coming home from school with little notes from her friends on these little notepad papers. So, we bought some to hand out as Valentines. We (I should say Jane) also decided that we were going to need some crayons to go with them. So, we picked up some crayons. After a little thinking, here is what we came up with for our “special valentines” for school.
Valentines Notepads
Side Note: We found notepads that were already pretty, but if you find ones that are plain just use pretty scrapbook paper to decorate the covers. We will probably buy some stickers to decorate our covers as well.
You will need:
Mini Notepads
Elastic (1/4″)
Thread & Sewing machine
How to make yours:
1. Start by wrapping the elastic around the notepad and sew it together to form a circle. This will need to be the right size to slide onto the front notepad cover.
2. Do not cut the excess elastic, leave it as one long piece.
3. Use the excess elastic and bunch it to create a small loop on top of the large circle you made first.
3. Sew a straight line on the elastic to hold the loop into place.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 four more times to create 5 loops in the elastic.
5. Cut the remaining elastic from the circle.
6. Slide the crayon holder onto the notepad and add your crayons.
7. That’s it! The crayons will stay put on the cover, ready for love note writing.
Jane is super excited to hand these out to her friends and I hope your kids will enjoy them too!

Sending you some Love,
<3 Dick and Jane