Chocolate Chunk Frozen Yogurt – Made While We Played

Trying to figure out what to do with your kids during the hottest days of summer – without cooping them up inside in the air conditioning all day? Well, this my friends, is the “coolest” new thing since sliced bread. Check out what we made today with the Ice Cream Ball from YayLabs and a pint of Stonyfield Vanilla Yogurt!

Disclosure: This product was provided to us free of charge to play with from YayLabs! – all opinions are my own. Post includes affiliate links. #Stonyfieldblogger
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Yesterday I took my kids to the zoo and we barely made it all the way through before succumbing to the summer heat. We didn’t even see any animals because they were all hiding in the shade – because they are smart and here we were pulling our bodies along like zombies desperately looking for anything to cool us down. It’s hot out there! While most day’s in the summer I like to wake up bright eyed and head out on an adventure, after yesterday’s adventure we decided that today would would stick at home and create a little cool treat while we played in the shade. Good plan mom!

#ad YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball with Stonyfield Yogurt #Stonyfieldblogger

Check out this new ball from YayLabs! that actually makes ice cream while you play with it. Seriously? How cool is this?! This was actually just as exciting as a day trip to the zoo for my kids. In fact, they cheered when I mentioned maybe we’d stay home today and try it out – then begged for me to get it going every five seconds from the moment our feet hit the floor. So guess what? We made “ice cream” at 9 am. Why not. It’s summer. Besides, it not really ice cream – it’s frozen Stonyfield Yogurt with a couple of chocolate chunks in it. People eat yogurt for breakfast. . . don’t judge.

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It was easy – after a quick hand-wash of the ball, we filled it up within about an inch of the top with Stonyfield Vanilla yogurt and some chocolate chunks. Then we flipped the ball over and added ice and salt into the outside chamber. That’s it! The ball was now ready to go outside and play with (for 20 minutes).

#ad Ice Cream Ball Maker by YayLabs!

When we brought the ball back inside and opened it up – this is what we found. Creamy vanilla chocolate chunk frozen yogurt! It tasted really sweet and just like ice cream.

However, here’s a simple tip. When the frozen yogurt is ready it might be very hard and stuck to the sides – at least ours was. To cure this, I emptied out the ice and salt from the ice chamber and allowed the frozen yogurt to soften slightly before serving. So much easier than trying to scrape it out of the ball. Yes, this ball really does freeze it that well – that fast!

#ad Frozen Vanilla Chunk Yogurt Recipe

Vanilla Chunk Frozen Yogurt


1 pint Stonyfield Vanilla LowFat Yogurt
Chocolate Pieces
Rock Salt


Fill the YayLabs! ice cream ball with ice and salt per directions included with the product.
Fill the ice cream chamber with vanilla yogurt and chocolate.
Follow the directions on the product to create your frozen yogurt and enjoy!

What type of frozen yogurt is your favorite? What flavor should we try next?