Craft It Thursday – DIY Spice Rack #TBCcrafters

If your cupboards are anything like mine, then they are less than desirable when trying to find spices when you need them to cook.  I usually end up opening the cupboards over my head to grab a spice only to have everything else fall out on my head and into my meals.  Well, I’ve had enough! I decided to make a fun and functional spice rack that will fill the wall space behind my stove; which is also lacking in design. 

This fun DIY craft came in at under $15.00 to complete!

Here are the supplies I used:

Cookie Sheet(I purchased mine at Walmart for only $0.95!)
Spray Paint
Favor Tin Kit 25/Pkg-Silver( Or glass baby food jars)
ProMAG Flexible Heavy Duty Magnets 19mm Round
Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
OOK 50652 Small Sawtooth Hangers with Nails Tidy Tins, 25 sets

My method used:

  • I started by spray painting my cookie sheet. This took a few days to dry and re-coat, so plan ahead.  After my cookie sheet was painted, the rest was simple and took only minutes to complete!

  • I glued one magnet to the back of each tin or jar. They stick magnetically to the cookie sheet.  I chose to do straight lines across, but you could also make a design like a heart, circle or square.

  • Now in order to hang this rack on my walls I needed to add a saw tooth hook to the back of the cookie sheet.  I just glued it on.

  • I decided to leave the tops of my spice containers clear so I could enjoy the colors of the spices inside.  The Wilton favor tins come with printable labels and a free template to create your own labels.

  • I added my spices and enjoyed! I think this little DIY projects adds a lot of color and “spice” to my kitchen.  
Happy Crafting!  <3 Dick and Jane
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