Where Am I? Retro Roadside Finds

Can you guess where I am? Do you have a love for weird and off-beat roadside attractions? If so, don’t miss today’s installment of WHERE AM I – Retro Roadside Finds where we share the stories and locations behind some of America’s weirdest amusements. 

I think that I have an eye for finding weird attraction along the roadway – weird people in grocery stores too, but that’s another story. It is as if my mind and eye is constantly searching for them. Could today I find giant piece of popcorn or maybe a giant dinosaur? With retro roadside attractions – the limits are endless as are the locations. So through this fun new series, I want to take a look at some of my favorite roadside attractions – the popular, the new and the forgotten.

So, to start off the fun with today’s – Where Am I? Here is the roadside attraction that I found.

If you guess OHIO – you’d be correct! This weird roadside attraction was found along State Hwy 163 in Marblehead, OH – right next door to a gas station (near the African Safari Wildlife Park and the Marblehead lighthouse). After doing some research it appears that his name is Handless Jacques and he used to sit out from of a sandwich shop in the 1950’s before it shut down and he was moved to this location. It also says that he measures around 20 feet tall! Wowza!

If you have any more information on Jacques, please be sure to share it with us in the comments! 

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