I Think I’ll Keep the Bite Marks #TBCcrafters

Do remember when you were pregnant and you wanted to buy all the very best stuff for your little one to come? I do. I remember spending hours comparing cribs on the internet and spending weeks visiting stores to “try them out” so I was sure to get the very best one to keep my baby safe at night. After all of my dedication and research I finally found the one that I thought was superior. I set it up in the nursery and imaged how peaceful my baby would be sleeping there in that superior crib. Haha! Yes, I can hear all the moms out there laughing at me right now. You are right. Instead of my daughter sleeping peacefully in her crib, it ended up that I was too scared to let her sleep in it. I could not hear her well from my room and I wanted to be able to wake up and see her. So the superior crib made the nursery look beautiful but she ended up sleeping in a pack in play next to my bed where she was in arms reach.  

Next my son came along. Having high hopes for this one sleeping on his own I set up the brand new crib again in his nursery. This time I was prepared to have him sleep on his own. Then he didn’t. He wouldn’t. He downright refused to sleep without being held. So he too ended up in moms room and to be quite frank, he still wont leave. There was one day, however, that I really tried to train him to sleep in his crib. I placed him in there and using the advice I read in a book I let him “cry it out”. Now the “superior crib” has bite marks in its pretty white paint. 🙂 
However, even though my kids barely used this crib it still has memories attached to it for me. Plus, it cost a lot of money so I want to get SOME use out of it. And now that the kids are a bit older and definitely not going to be using it we have decided to turn the old crib into something really useful, a desk. My kids love to play on our computer and they love to color and create art. This seemed like a perfectly good idea for a re purpose project. You know how I love those! 
It was actually quite an easy process from crib to desk. First, we removed one side railing and all of its hardware. I am planning on using the discarded rail as a trellis in my garden. The rest of the crib remained set up as usual. We brought the base all the way up to the top holes so the kids legs had room to fit underneath while they were sitting in chairs. The board that holds up the mattress was removed and re purposed as a chalk board back and we found an old piece of counter top which we cut down to fit as a desk top.  To finish the desk I found a set of aluminum hanging tubs to hold their markers, chalk and papers to keep the desk top clean. I am very excited by the finished project and the kids seem to adore it. What do you think?
Super glad I finally got to use the crib!
<3 Dick and Jane
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Another {Repurpose} Project

I love finding new purposes for old items.  Almost anything can be transformed in some way to create a new treasured item. As I look around my home at all of my favorite belongings. . many of the items could have easily been trashed, but instead I re purposed them into something new that I love.
Remember last week when I turned an old candle container into a planter? If you didn’t see that post you can check it out here. This week I was given some old tea containers from a friend. I decided to do the same thing with these and create more little planters for inside my home. As spring is approaching I am always looking for more containers to move my baby seedlings to as they grow.  These were perfect!  I debated for awhile about re-covering the containers using scrapbook paper and modge podge glue, but decided that I really enjoyed the look of the containers as they were. I did, however, add little “feet” to the bottoms to give them a little something extra.
These little treasures are now the perfect home for my herb plants that have outgrown their mini greenhouses. They have room to grow and flourish on my window sill and I can enjoy their beauty in containers I love.
I want to challenge you to look beyond an items intended purpose and find what else it can be. My friend Sara is a pro at this. Her blog features daily re purposing projects that amaze me. I must say I get a lot of my inspiration from her. Just check out what she did with an old clementine crate on her blog at Thrifty Treasures.
Do you like to re purpose? Please share your ideas and projects with us for a chance to be featured on the blog. We would love to see what you are up to!
<3 Dick and Jane