Very Veggie Quesadillas

So what are you planning on having for lunch today? This is always a tough decision around my house.  I get tired of sandwiches every day, but do not want to spend the time to create a big meal. So every once in awhile, I will make this dish.  I learned how to prepare this meal from a chef that I met while working as an event planner. (You may not have known that about me). He made me lunch one day while I was meeting with clients in the facility in which he worked. After the meal I headed back into the kitchen and begged for a tutorial. So, now I have decided to share this tasty, easy and healthy meal with you!
The recipe is easily changed depending on what you have on hand.  I sometimes switch up the ingredients with what is in season, so just use what you like.
(Mix and Match to your tastes)
My favorite veggies to include:
Summer Squash
8″ Tortilla Shells
Mexican Blend shredded cheese
Sour Cream (optional)
olive oil
  1. Begin by adding 1 TBS of oil to a saute pan on med high heat. 
  2. Chop your veggies into small slices and add to oil.
  3. Saute until veggies are slightly brown and tender.  You do not want to over cook your veggies
  4. Remove cooked veggies from heat, set aside
  5. Add one tortilla shell to your pan and top with a handful of cheese and sauteed veggies.
  6. Top with a second tortilla
  7. Once the bottom tortilla has browned, flip and heat the opposite side
  8. Remove from heat and enjoy with a dollop of sour cream.
Tip: To wash your leek, chop the white end up until the green starts. Discard the green leaves.  Place the white slices into a bowl full of water. Separate the rings of the leek and allow to soak for approx. 2 minutes.  The dirt will fall to the bottom of the bowl and the clean leek can be scooped out and dried on a towel to use.

My kids enjoy this meal as well. Its a great all around healthy lunch.
Bon Appetit!
<3 Dick and Jane