Parents as Teachers: Finding Inspiration in Nature

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I recently downloaded an e-book entitled Sunset Dreams: A Motivational Photography Book by Susan Leibermann to my kindle. The book was full of beautiful photos of nature, all sunsets, accompanied by inspirational quotes. As I passed through the pages of this e-book an idea came to me. I love it when an idea pops in my head and we have the time to immediately make it happen. So the kids and I gathered up our shoes and headed out for a nature hike through our neighborhood. . camera ready. The goal of this adventure was to Look, Listen and Feel nature. When we found something that inspired us, we took a picture of it. Sounds fun doesn’t it? It actually was! Not only does this activity help to sharpen your children’s awareness skills, such as active listening, but it also allowed them to be creative and have fun. 

Come along with us on our nature hike. . . 
The first thing we saw on our hike was a hallow tree. The kids thought it looked like a hole that maybe faeries would live in. . or a gnome. So we photographed it. 
Just beyond the tree we came to a field. Upon closer inspection we came to the conclusion that it was a bean field. We decided to sit for a moment to rest and enjoy the landscape.  We watched for birds to fly into the field and felt the crop in our hands to sense what the beans felt like. 

We next headed down an old dirt road. We were silent, looking and listening to nature. It wasn’t long before the kids and I noticed the gentle push of the wind at our backs. We also noticed that when the wind shook the trees, we could hear the rustle of the leaves as they fell to the ground. We watched the leaves as the danced in the air upon the wings of the wind and talked about how all of these things worked together in nature. 
As we walked along, jumping in the leaves and listening to their crunch and kicking them into the air, a weird looking stick caught our eye. “Mom, that stick has got legs!”
Once we found the walking stick the kids were on a mission to find more bugs. We were able to find a few lady bugs and caterpillars as well. The kids loved to watch how they moved and we imagined with each other as to where they could be going and where they might live. 
After our walk we are taking our photo’s and creating our own fall nature inspiration books for the kids to keep. This would be a fun activity to do each season with your kids. Once all four seasons are complete, you can go back and talk about what differences your children can notice in each season. What change did you find in the trees? What animals were present vs. not present. What colors do they see in each season? 
Not only is it a free family fun activity, but it is an opportunity for you to take the reigns in teaching your children. Parents make the best teachers. 
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