Travel Adventure: Sandusky, OHIO

 Disclosure: I received discounted media rates on our hotel during this trip. 
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When you think of Sandusky, Ohio, what do you think of? Cedar Point? Probably. However, we didn’t go to Sandusky to see Cedar Point (this time). We went to Ohio to set out on an adventure, to find what else lies just over the border of Michigan and to spend time as a family exploring.

Let me take just a quick second and share with you a little about my long term goals. Over the next year my goal is to travel throughout the entire USA and then hopefully abroad. In traveling the US, I want to find out what makes America great. Do we still have that “sparkle” that we used to or is that old fashioned amazement gone? During my travels I hope to see, taste and hear the tradition and culture of America. To find the hidden treasures on the back roads of Route 66 and taste a New Orleans beignet.

Last week, we took to the road to visit our neighboring state of Ohio. With only a few days away from work, we had to make our time count. (This is something we need to work on too, getting more TIME to travel.) In setting our long term goals, we have decided to use whatever time we can get away from work and schedules to hit the road as a family. During this trip we were looking for somewhere to go that would be fun for the kids, after all, being a good traveler is something that must be taught. We decided that just packing up the kids, throwing them in the van and heading across the state probably would end in me pulling my hair out and vowing never to travel again. So instead, we have decided to start to introduce travel to our kids as being something to enjoy and to teach them to live in the moment. To do this we are starting with shorter distance trips and are working our way up to the longer car rides that I am so desperately longing for.

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Within the Sandusky area of Ohio we found a hotel that would meet all of our needs. It was a nice, clean place for us to rest after exploring and it gave the kids that much needed excitement that they craved. I don’t know if you’ve ever stayed at a Great Wolf Lodge before, but wow, they have everything! From absolutely amazing staff to children focused activities and meals, we were completely head over heels with our choice to stay there, as were the kids.

Visit Ohio #travelblogger #thegreatwolflodge #sandusky
Visit Ohio #travelblogger @Greatwolflodge #sandusky
Within the hotel you will find an amazing water-park complete with slides, a lazy river, waterfalls and kiddie pools. 

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Visit Ohio #travelblogger

It truly was great fun for the entire family. The kind of fun that will make a kid once again out of you.

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The Great Wolf Lodge also have several in-house restaurants serving everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to tasty desserts. My favorite of the week was the room delivery pizza. Just call downstairs to place your order and you can enjoy an extremely tasty pizza in the comfort of your room while you take a break and relax. (Because seriously, with two young kids, sometimes you just need to relax while you eat. . especially once they get tired and cranky.)

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Another fun aspect of our The Great Wolf Lodge was their arcade, the cub club and the creation station. When you check into your room, pick up the Pup Pass at the front desk. This deal will allow your kids to experience many of the fun activities around the lodge during your stay and save you tons of money over buying everything at the stations individually. We bought one for each kid and it gave us just the right amount of fun for the time we were there. Included in our pass was a “build a bear” style animal at the Creation Station, a glitz glitter tattoo in the waterpark, a color your own item at the Cub Club (t-shirt or pillowcase), a small ice cream at the Bear Paw Sweets & Treats plus a cup of self serve Mike & Ikes in the gift shop.

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Once the kids had had their fun and got the wiggles out from the car ride, we set out to explore the surrounding area. In the spirit of adventure, we simply headed out to see what we could find, following street signs and turning down roads just because they looked cool. During our drive we found ourselves on the beach of Lake Erie. Across the water we could see the silhouette of Cedar Point. We rested for awhile enjoying the smell of the water, the bright sunshine and the sound of the seagulls overhead. From here you can walk downtown to find eclectic shops and unique places to eat plus a handful of historic buildings.

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Along our journey we came across a building that cant help but catch your eye. Out of the front of this building a large dragon was being released. Once we arrived closer to the building it sparked a memory in my mind. I could remember seeing this building on the Travel Channel as one of the best haunted houses around! We just had to go in! Once inside we opted for a nice game of glow in the dark putt putt. I would have liked to experience the haunted house, but didn’t think it was appropriate for my two little’s. Maybe next time.  (But that ok because the putt putt was super awesome too.)

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On the last day of our trip we were rained out, which was a huge bummer because I had found several other places that I wanted to visit before heading home. And while we didn’t get to visit them this time, I am hoping that we can make it back again in the future and check them out.

If you are visiting Ohio, here is a list of the best places to visit as a family.

Places we visited: 

The Great Wolf Lodge – Sandusky, OHIO
Ghostly Manor 
Downtown Sandusky

Other cool looking attractions: 

African Safari Wildlife Park – Port Clinton
Air Boat Rides
Cedar Point
Edison’s Birthplace
Historic Lyme Village
Kelly’s Island
Perry’s Cave
The Toledo Zoo
Glacial Grooves

If you know of any others please let us know! You can also post your reviews of the places we’ve listed here to help other families start out on a grande adventure of their own.