Gutsy Home Decorating : A Kitchen Upgrade

Being a stay at home mother I spend a large quantity of my time in my home. I can tell you every little thing that I don’t like around my house and I can also tell you which rooms are my favorites. As I work around the house everyday doing dishes, laundry, ect. it is inevitable that I am going to constantly come up with “upgrades” that I would like to do. My husband makes a joke of the fact that he never knows what house he is going to wake up to each day, since I am constantly re organizing, painting and moving things around. 

Unfortunately for my husband I am a bit artistic and extremely spontaneous. If something pops in my head I am quite likely to just do it without giving it a second thought.  Take for example at the beginning of summer I thought that I might like to paint all of the interior doors of my house black. Sort of a gutsy move, don’t ya think? That same day I ran out to buy the supplies and never looked back. The good news is that I loved it. The darker doors make my home feel more cozy and intimate. 
So yesterday, while I was cleaning up my kitchen I decided that I might like to redo the cabinets. They were boring. . white. . and plain.  
I remembered that I had some chalk paint out in the garage from another project so I grabbed it and got to work. I decided to paint just the two cupboards above my stove in the black chalk paint. Here is a picture of what I did. 
I love it! It gives my kitchen a fun, dramatic element that it was lacking before. Plus, now I can write fun sayings, birthday wishes, to do’s and grocery lists on it. 
So if your gutsy like me, give this a try. What fun and gutsy home improvements have you made lately? Let me know in the comments. We would <3 to hear about them, and your mistakes too!
<3 Dick and Jane