Im Giving Up!

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m giving up! Some of  you might remember that I joined my local gym back in December in hopes of regaining the youthful body I recently lost. However, it did not work.  Not one bit. I did try too. I went as often as I could and pushed myself hard while I was there. But now after three months, lost interest and nothing to show for it I’m giving up (I think I actually gained weight to tell you the truth). I can now totally understand why some people give up on gym memberships so easily. Being inside sweating on a machine under artificial lights is not human nature.
Andrew Weil, MD wrote in his book, Spontaneous Happiness, that most people abandon workout regimes based on treadmills, weight lifting, and other gym-based exercise because deep in our primitive psyches we feel that such activity is a waste of energy. I completely agree.  Our bodies were made for hunting, harvesting, traveling and living, not running in place and going nowhere. I would much rather spend my time working hard in my garden to burn calories and have delicious healthy food to show for it. Or what about a dance based house cleaning session? Now there is something I could get into! I need to have something to show at the end of my workout to keep me interested and find goals based entirely on weight loss to be discouraging.
I have also found that the artificial light of the gym does nothing to re-energize me. I need real light, like from the sun. Studies show that being outside in the daylight increases Vitamin D levels in your body which in turn give you more energy and can help you combat depression and other health issues. I do understand that in many areas of the world the sun is almost non-existent for several months out of the year. I experience the loss of the sunshine here in Michigan.  During the winter months I can feel a difference in my mood, weight and overall health.
So while I am feeling bad about my body right now, during the winter, I know that spring is just around the corner. As soon as I can get back to being outside and active, these extra “hibernation” pounds should come off as easily as then went on. I believe there are many people who thrive on the “gym experience”, I am just not one of them. I would much rather be active in a natural way and spend more time playing with my kids. So I’m giving up on going to the gym and making it a point to be more active in my everyday life.  For me and maybe many others, this type of active lifestyle may work better than a gym routine. Remember though, a healthy lifestyle takes a balance of eating right and being active. What ways can we be active in everyday life that will burn calories but not feel like a routine? Here are a few that I came up with that I can easily work into my everyday life.
Have a dance inspired house cleaning session
– Take the kids or dog for a vigorous walk
– Plant and tend to a garden
– Mow the yard (with a walk behind, riders don’t count)
– Play with your kids outside
– Go for a bike ride
– Go shopping
– Hike through the woods
Have any ideas to add? Leave a comment below. 
Hopefully this will inspire those of you who are just not interested in a gym style workout, but still want to be healthy. You do not have to “go work out” to get exercise. Just remember to stay active in your everyday life. After all, isn’t any motion better than no motion?
Going outside to play now
<3 Dick and Jane

Getting Active – Getting Back in Shape!

Lately I have noticed that my once trim body is now starting to look like I’m wearing an inner tube around my waist.  You know, that horrid muffin top that forms when you wear jeans that are just a bit too tight.  I believe that if I continue down this road, my once baggy jeans are going to be un-zipable and I do not want to go buy a whole new wardrobe because I’m too fat to wear what I have.  If I’m going to buy a new wardrobe its going to be for much better reasons.

Let me fill you in a little bit about my body size. Just last year I was a size 2 and weighed only about 115 pounds.. . well come to find out my body was deteriorating and I was not healthy. My body weight was falling fast and I was fearful that I was dying, yet I had no idea why.  So after much testing it turned out that I was vitamin C deficient. After the doctors put me on a vitamin supplement my weight increased by 30 pounds in about 3 weeks. It has steadily increased since to where I am now. (Which I have no idea because I am refusing to weigh myself). While I am happy to be healthy again, I am not happy about all the weight I’m gaining. I would say that my “normal” weight is about a size 6/8 and 135 pounds. This is the weight I have been most of my adult life and this is what I would like to get back to.
I am not the kind of person to just sit and complain. If something bothers me I am going to take action! So to loose this extra weight I have decided to join a gym and get back to being fit. Since I enjoy sharing my life with all of you, I will be posting my progress on my blog and hopefully you will all join me in my getting active initiative. To help you get moving, Raising Dick and Jane and Old Navy are giving one reader a FREE Active top and a FREE Active bottom!! Hurry though, this contest ends in only 24 hours! Sign up to win using the rafflecopter below.
Old Navy also helped me to jump start my goal with a free Active outfit. During my trip to Old Navy I started by grabbing several outfits to try on. There were so many options that caught my eye.  I was surprised to find out that Old Navy has an amazing work out wardrobe selection. I was a bit concerned at first because all of the options looked so tight fitting, and tight is not what I am going for right now. But after trying the items on,  I found that I actually looked good in them and not fat! The fit was actually slimming if you can believe it.  I am super happy with my choices and ready to hit the gym. Thank you Old Navy!

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Disclosure: I was provided with a coupon for a free top and bottom from Old Navy in return for my review of their product.

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