Hip Hip Hooray for LeapFrog!

A note from the mommy file. .

Sometimes when a company (not knowing that I am a blogger and share everything) does a good job showing excellent customer service, I want to share it. This is one of those times.

This past Christmas my daughter received a LeapPad2 from her grandmother. She was overly excited to have it since she has been asking me for an iPhone or ipad for several months (Yes, shes only five!). Of course we were not going to get her an iPhone or ipad, so this seemingly was the next best choice.

The LeapPad2 worked great.  We had a blast taking pictures of each other and distorting them to make each other look funny.  Jane’s little brother, who is only 2, also enjoyed playing games on the system and we were all surprised at how naturally using technology comes for this generation.
After two weeks of playing with and enjoying this device, we were devastated to find that the screen cracked and the whole system, games and all were now worthless to us! This was not a cheap system and we did not think we could buy another one right away. Jane was upset.

I decided to write the company and see if anything could be done. When I received a reply from Leapfrog I was expecting for them to have us send it back and we could have it refurbished or at least say that we could buy a replacement screen, but they didn’t. Instead Leapfrog offered to send Jane a whole new system! I did what they asked, submitted photos and receipts and long behold. . within just a few days her new LeapPad2 arrived!

So here’s to Leapfrog for making my daughter happy again! Hip Hip Hooray! Now lets hope it doesn’t break again.
Fingers Crossed
<3 Dick and Jane

Disclosure: This post is un-paid, un-sponsored, un-everything. Leapfrog does not even know that I am a blogger. All opinions, statements, etc are my own.