Picture Perfect Artwork #TBCcrafters

I am so proud. Both Dick and Jane are very artistic; just like their momma. However the daily art projects can leave me with a full fridge door and a messy looking kitchen.  So I got a little creative to try and bring harmony to my kitchen once again while still displaying their artwork proudly.

As many of my readers know, I love to garage sale , thrift store, garbage shop.  I love taking something that was destined to be thrown out and turning it into a new prized possession.  One of my favorite items to pick up while browsing thrift stores, etc is frames! I love old wooden frames, especially the ones with a lot of texture or design. It doesn’t matter if they are missing their backs or glass, I still pick them up. There is so much you can do with them!
So when I wanted to find a way to display my kids artwork in the kitchen I turned to my salvage frame pile and pulled out a few of my favorites. First, I cleaned them up with a light sanding. This helps to remove some of the old paint so the new paint will stick better.
Once the frame is lightly sanded, take a damp cloth and gently wipe off any dust from the frame. After it is dry, spray paint the frame with your favorite color(s). Always remember to paint the back first so the front doesn’t smudge or stick to your table when you flip it to paint the other side. Its better if the back is messed up a bit rather than the display side.

After my frame was completely dry I can choose to either lightly sand again to create a distressed look (as I did on the teal frame) or leave it saturated with paint (like the orange frame). Finally flip the frame to work on the back side and using hot glue permanently adhere round heavy duty magnets all the way around the frame.
Now, I can pick my kids favorite artwork to showcase and let it shine! The frame will stick magnetically to the fridge.  
tip: before putting the magnets away test your frame out on the fridge. if your frame is too heavy you may need to add more magnets to keep it from sliding down the fridge.

Magnets should ALWAYS be kept out of the reach of Children! They are dangerous and harmful if swallowed!

<3 Dick and Jane
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