Fresh from the Farm – Organic Food Delivered

During the summer months I frequent my local farmers market to gain access to all of the fresh from the farm foods that I love.  However as summer is winding down and the chill of winter is moving in here in Michigan I began searching for a way to still get the fresh foods that I love.  Shopping at the super market for produce is always a disappointment to me.  The produce never looks appealing and after my summer job in college working at a large chain supermarket, I now know what the back storage area looks like.  (Not to scare you, but this particular one had a rodent problem).  I want my food fresh picked from the farm and straight to my dinner table, fresh, clean and tasting amazing!

Cant be done unless you grow it yourself you say?  Not true!  I have found the answer. . Door to Door Organics!
Door to Door organics acts as a broker to bring the farmers and the consumers together.  Each week Door to Door Organics collects produce, milk, eggs and other locally made items from farmers and bakers who meet the organic standards set and personally delivers them to your home in one of their company vans (no UPS or FedEx shipments here!).
Your box will be loaded with fresh fruits, vegetables and a variety of other organically grown items of your choice.  You may choose what is in your box or allow the company to choose for you (which I like to do because it helps me to try new foods). You may also choose a weekly or bi-weekly delivery schedule.
I have found that having these items in the house and having them look so appealing, I am more likely to grab the fresh banana for a snack rather than a bag of crackers.  The kids are also more excited to try the new fruits and vegetables because they were delivered in a “special box” to the front door. 
Don’t know how to store or cook with fresh foods? Not a problem.  Each week I will be featuring a meal or recipe using the items delivered that week in my Door to Door Organics shipment.  Simply follow along and you will be enjoying your fresh organic items in no time.  I was also happy to find that the company sends along a little pamphlet that gives tips on how to wash and store your produce.  This is helpful if you aren’t used to cooking with fresh produce. If you store fresh foods correctly, they will last a lot longer. . so be sure to read over the pamphlet when it arrives.
Here is what we made this week with some of our fresh delivered items. 

Start by chopping your broccoli and onion and mixing them in a large bowl.
Add the cooked and chopped bacon.
Make a dressing by combining mayo, vinegar and sugar in a separate bowl. Whisk until combined.
Pour dressing over broccoli mixture, top with shredded cheese.
Chill 4-6 hours or overnight, served chilled. 
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<3 Dick and Jane
Disclaimer: Raising Dick and Jane was in no way compensated for our blog post today by Door to Door Organics, we just use their service and enjoy it! Thank you!