Wine Crate Plant Stand {DIY}

Wine Crate Plant Stand

Last summer I found two remarkable wine crates at a swap meet and the seller didn’t know what he had. He gave me a price of $3 per crate. I was ecstatic. I bought both. There are so many amazing things you can do with wine crates! I just couldn’t believe this man was willing to give these up. . but so super happy he was.

Choosing exactly what to do with my two crates was not an easy task. I used one crate to create a plant stand {that I will talk about in this post} and I used my other crate in my dining room remodel. There are still so many other things I’d like to do with a few more crates. I am crossing my fingers that I will happen across a few more this upcoming summer.

Wine Crate Plant Stand

This plant stand repurpose project is an easy one. All I really wanted was something that would hold a plant and cover the base of the plant, dirt and container. I don’t care too much for black plastic plant containers in my living room. This little repurpose project did the trick. Not only it is sturdy but it also matches with the rest of my homes decor.

How did I make it? Really, it’s no big secret, all you need to do is to find a crate and add legs to it.

Wine Crate Plant Stand

The legs can be added by purchasing leg brackets and simply screwing them into the bottom of the crate. These brackets can be found at most home improvement stores or you can take them off old furniture you find roadside.

Wine Crate Plant Stand
After the leg brackets are on, you can simply screw a chair leg into the designated hole provided on the leg bracket. Easy Peasy. 
Wine Crate Plant Stand

I had so many ideas of what to store in this crate before finally deciding on making it a plant stand. I even considered adding a top and turning it into a seat or table.

What do you think? What would you use this container for in your home if it were yours?

Wine Crate Plant Stand

Today I am sharing with my friends. Be sure to take some time and check out everyone’s clever crafts and link up if you have something to share!

<3 Dick and Jane

Upcycle Gardening #TBCcrafters

This year I am super excited to get my garden going, more so than other years for some reason. I don’t know if its been just because the winter was so long, or if its because I am finally starting to find my “niche” in the gardening world? Years past I would spend a fortune each spring buying plants, pots, dirt, etc.. You know how it goes. This year, I had a ah-ha moment and decided to start using items which could be considered trash items to remake my garden into an artistic space. I also started all of my plants from seeds using a recycled greenhouse method. It might be just that as I get closer to nature and put more effort into my garden space the more I enjoy it. Not sure.

I have several projects that I am working on for my garden, but with the weather still not cooperating this is the only one I have done so far. So, I will just share them as we go along during the next couple of weeks. For this project I used old wooden crates that I found in my garage to create a layered planter. I really wanted to use this planter for strawberries, but I am concerned about the spray paint that is on them seeping into the dirt and effecting my produce.
I was lucky to have crates already made that I could just fill with dirt and stack them on top of each other, but I was thinking. . this would be easy to make with pallets as well. Pallet crafts are gaining in popularity and I know several DIYers who have pallets stacked up in their garages. lol. So if you are one of those pallet hoarders, share with us if you created this project using them. Id love to hear how it turns out. If you don’t have pallets laying around, I bought these crates a few years back at Michaels craft store. However, I have seen them there still just a few weeks ago.
I cant wait to show you the planter full of plants! I will have to do an update in a few months when the weather turns and my plants can be transplanted outside. Can you help me decide what to plant in them? Will the spray paint on the wood affect my produce or should I just stick with flowers? Comment with your answer.
Beyond just planters there are so many projects I have “up my sleeve”. Ooohh! I am just so excited to share them all with you!! More posts coming soon.
<3 Dick and Jane


Easy Spring Gardening {Using the Lasagna Garden Method}

Over the weekend we had some beautiful weather here in Michigan. The sun was shining and the temp was around 50 degrees. Yes, to us that is warm. You wouldn’t believe it but I even saw some Michigan natives walking around in shorts and tank tops. lol. . I am not even THAT brave. However, I was able to go out in jeans and a sweatshirt comfortably. Either way, I know many of us here in Michigan decided to get outside and make the best of this beautiful day we were given.
Here on our little homestead we decided to put in four new backyard gardens to grow our veggies over the summer. After doing tons of research on the easiest way to prepare the earth for gardening I came across the method I am going to share with you today. Each year I struggle with a few aspects of backyard gardening. First, the tilling of the land. . . aghh. Using the rototiller on my property is like dancing with death. The yard is full of large rocks that are hidden just below the soil. One second your tilling nicely, the next you are being thrown forward face first into the dirt as the tiller grabs a rock. Then once the tedious task of tilling is done, the weed seeds take no time to root themselves in the fresh soil and overtake all of my hard work in a matter of days. Its sad, but true. The combination of these, plus the enormous amounts of spiders and bugs that move in is enough to drive any gardener running for the hills. But I am no quitter! I am determined to have a backyard veggie garden, even if it is only to be eaten by the deer. So yesterday I embarked on a new gardening concept. It was made for people like me, meaning that it is easy to do!
The technique I am talking about is sometimes called “Lasagna Gardening” or “sheet mulching” which consists of preparing a garden by using layers of different compost materials. The best part about this gardening technique is that you do not have to till your land. By layering the materials over top of the earth, the soil beneath will moisten and become richer soil for planting. As an added bonus, the layers will warm the earth below and kill off most weed seeds to keep them out of your garden, while tilling only bring them to the sunny surface.
To begin your garden beds, lay out a single layer of either cardboard or a few layers of newspaper in the area you want to begin your beds. We decided to use cardboard in our backyard, only because to me newspaper has too much ink on it (I don’t know if that is cause for concern, but I just didn’t like it.). To hold the cardboard in place and keep all the ingredients where I wanted them, we also made a wood frame to border the new garden area. Next, after framing in our cardboard pieces, we soaked them in water. This will help to start the decomposing process. We also topped the cardboard in layers of old fall leaves and old plant clippings from our other gardens. Not only will the layers of greens and browns helps to make the new gardens rich, it also helps to clean up our yard and other gardens at the same time so the old plants can get sun and come back to life. After layering cardboard, old plant and garden clippings and a few old egg shells from the kitchen we topped the gardens off with a nice top soil. That’s it, now just leave it alone until the weather is warm enough to plant veggies in it. The cardboard by this time should be soft and decomposed enough to plant through. If it isn’t, just cut a small hole where you want your plants.

 This technique works best if you begin the gardens in the fall, but spring works too. . just start your gardens as soon as possible to give mother nature enough time to do its work.

I will let you know how this method worked for us in just a few months when the weather is warm enough to plant outdoors. If you’ve been following our Winter Sowing technique, now is also the time to start your tender plants like tomatoes, squash and annual flower seeds in the mini greenhouses like we did the broccoli and spinach a few months back. If you missed that post you can check it out here. Its not too late to get started!
Here are a few other sites online that talk about starting gardens with the layering technique. Since I am new to this method, these sites may be able to answer any in depth questions you may have.
Happy Gardening!
<3 Dick and Jane

Picture Perfect Artwork #TBCcrafters

I am so proud. Both Dick and Jane are very artistic; just like their momma. However the daily art projects can leave me with a full fridge door and a messy looking kitchen.  So I got a little creative to try and bring harmony to my kitchen once again while still displaying their artwork proudly.

As many of my readers know, I love to garage sale , thrift store, garbage shop.  I love taking something that was destined to be thrown out and turning it into a new prized possession.  One of my favorite items to pick up while browsing thrift stores, etc is frames! I love old wooden frames, especially the ones with a lot of texture or design. It doesn’t matter if they are missing their backs or glass, I still pick them up. There is so much you can do with them!
So when I wanted to find a way to display my kids artwork in the kitchen I turned to my salvage frame pile and pulled out a few of my favorites. First, I cleaned them up with a light sanding. This helps to remove some of the old paint so the new paint will stick better.
Once the frame is lightly sanded, take a damp cloth and gently wipe off any dust from the frame. After it is dry, spray paint the frame with your favorite color(s). Always remember to paint the back first so the front doesn’t smudge or stick to your table when you flip it to paint the other side. Its better if the back is messed up a bit rather than the display side.

After my frame was completely dry I can choose to either lightly sand again to create a distressed look (as I did on the teal frame) or leave it saturated with paint (like the orange frame). Finally flip the frame to work on the back side and using hot glue permanently adhere round heavy duty magnets all the way around the frame.
Now, I can pick my kids favorite artwork to showcase and let it shine! The frame will stick magnetically to the fridge.  
tip: before putting the magnets away test your frame out on the fridge. if your frame is too heavy you may need to add more magnets to keep it from sliding down the fridge.

Magnets should ALWAYS be kept out of the reach of Children! They are dangerous and harmful if swallowed!

<3 Dick and Jane
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Thursday Craft – DIY Holiday Table Runner #TBCcrafters

This week I have been busy creating table runners for a local craft show that I take part in each year.  I have been working on a new runner to showcase which is made with reversible sides and a hand painted snowflake on the ends. It turned out so pretty that I decided to share how to make this runner with all of you. Hopefully you will enjoy its beauty in your home during the holiday season as we have in ours.

To make this craft I used the following items

Martha Stewart Stencil Brush Set 3/Pkg- Plaid Crafts
Martha Stewart 32250 Cut Your Own Adhesive Stencil Paper
Martha Stewart 32226 Transfer Paper (optional)
Martha Stewart 32014 2-Ounce Acrylic Satin Paint, Pool
Martha Stewart 32185 2-Ounce Acrylic Glitter Paint, Sugar Cube
Martha Stewart Crafts Knife
2 yards Premier Prints unprinted birch fabric
2 yards ZigZag Girly Blue/Twill fabric
With the above items I was able to make three identical runners if I cut the materials properly. 

The method I used:
  • Begin by folding your fabric with the selvage edge together. Cut about 1″ off and discard the selvage edges.
  • Measure 18″ width and make another cut. You want your fabric to be 18″ wide by 72″ long. You should be able to yield 3 fabric strips.
  • Repeat the first two steps with the second fabric pattern.
  • Choose one strip from each fabric pattern, place them with the right sides together.
  • Sew a 1/2″ seam all the way around the fabric, leaving one short end un-sewn so you can turn the runner the right side out.
  • Turn the fabric right side out and iron both sides to press your seams.
  • Fold the open ends inward to create a seam and iron to hold.
  • Sew another 1/2″ seam all the way around the runner on the right sides.
Painting my Runner
  • Begin by making your stencil.  I made a snowflake but you can do any pattern you choose.
  • Print the pattern of your choice on regular printer paper (I found my design by using a search engine for “snowflake stencil printable”)
  • You can either use the transfer paper and transfer the image to your stencil paper to cut out or simply place the paper on top of the stencil paper and trace the image with your craft knife.
  • Once your stencil is cut, place it on your runner where you choose.
  • Using your stencil brushes, tap the paint straight down over your stencil making sure all of the open spaces are painted.
  • Follow your main paint with the glitter paint in the same manner.
  • Repeat to the other end of the runner. The stencil can be used many times.
  • Carefully remove the stencil and allow to dry.
That’s it! Now you can showcase your work on your table for your holiday feast and everyday up until then. If for some reason you don’t want to make this beautiful runner yourself you can always hop on over to our store and just buy one.  🙂
Happy Crafting! <3 Dick and Jane
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Craft It Thursday – DIY Spice Rack #TBCcrafters

If your cupboards are anything like mine, then they are less than desirable when trying to find spices when you need them to cook.  I usually end up opening the cupboards over my head to grab a spice only to have everything else fall out on my head and into my meals.  Well, I’ve had enough! I decided to make a fun and functional spice rack that will fill the wall space behind my stove; which is also lacking in design. 

This fun DIY craft came in at under $15.00 to complete!

Here are the supplies I used:

Cookie Sheet(I purchased mine at Walmart for only $0.95!)
Spray Paint
Favor Tin Kit 25/Pkg-Silver( Or glass baby food jars)
ProMAG Flexible Heavy Duty Magnets 19mm Round
Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
OOK 50652 Small Sawtooth Hangers with Nails Tidy Tins, 25 sets

My method used:

  • I started by spray painting my cookie sheet. This took a few days to dry and re-coat, so plan ahead.  After my cookie sheet was painted, the rest was simple and took only minutes to complete!

  • I glued one magnet to the back of each tin or jar. They stick magnetically to the cookie sheet.  I chose to do straight lines across, but you could also make a design like a heart, circle or square.

  • Now in order to hang this rack on my walls I needed to add a saw tooth hook to the back of the cookie sheet.  I just glued it on.

  • I decided to leave the tops of my spice containers clear so I could enjoy the colors of the spices inside.  The Wilton favor tins come with printable labels and a free template to create your own labels.

  • I added my spices and enjoyed! I think this little DIY projects adds a lot of color and “spice” to my kitchen.  
Happy Crafting!  <3 Dick and Jane
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Personalize Your Home – Fall Wreath Tutorial

A few months back I made a grape vine wreath for my front door and have gotten nothing but compliments on it.  Luckily, I took some photos during the creation process so I can share it with you!
What I used: 
Grape Vine Wreath ( available at craft stores such as Michaels for around $14.99 depending on the size you want. )
Spray Paint ( I used robins egg blue)
Wooden Letters (Also available at Michaels)
Felt Flowers or some sort of embellishment

My Method used:

First, I spray painted my wreath outdoors and allowed it to dry. 

Second, I used a hot glue gun to affix the letter by adding ribbon to both the letter and the back of the wreath.
Last, I added embellishments to the front also using the hot glue gun.
That is it! I love it. 
<3 Dick and Jane’s Mom