Kroger Cart Buster Event {March 3 – March 16th}

Kroger is at it again, offering amazing cart buster deals on top of their everyday low prices! If you have a Kroger store near you then you will definitely want to take notice of this sales event. I was pretty new to the online coupon, Kroger deals, cart buster event thing last year. I found out about it at the very end and missed some great deals. This year, however, I am ready!
So what is a Kroger cart buster event? Kroger’s Cart Buster event is running March 3- March 16th and is available at all Kroger Co. family stores. The event includes major savings on brands like Bounty, Charmin, Pampers, Gatorade and more big brand items right in the store. To help prepare for this event, you will want to have your Kroger card ready and go to the Cart Buster website to lock in tons of great deals to your card. Then when you get to the store, simply shop as normal and your savings will come off your bill when you swipe your card at the checkout.
Last year, when I joined the smart phone population, one of the first things I did was download the Kroger app. I was amazed how easy it was to snip virtual coupons, view them on my phone in the store while I shopped and save money without carrying around a huge binder full of paper. I loved it! Well this year, in addition to the standard virtual Cart Buster coupons, Kroger is also offering you a chance to choose your own mystery virtual coupon to clip. On March 8th and March 15th if you go to the Kroger Cart Buster event site you can pick your saving from three mystery boxes and add your winning coupon to your collection of already clipped coupons stored to your Kroger card. Who knows what you’ll get! That’s the fun of it! No, you don’t have to have a smart phone to participate, but if you have one the app is a great addition to your shopping experience. You can also snip coupons to load to your Kroger card using any Internet connecting device (You must have a account and sign in to get the coupons).
Interested in what brand are included in this sale? Here is a list of what brands are participating so you can be ready:
Im curious to find out what deals you got! Be sure to let me know in the blog comments or on our facebook page. I will also be sure to share my mystery savings deal with you this coming Friday, March 8th when the fun begins!
Kroger, here we come!
<3 Dick and Jane
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