Meijer Mounted Photo Frames + Coupon

Wow, I take ALOT of photos. I only say this because I was just denied the new i-phone update on my device because of “lack of available space”.  I then realized that I took over 500 photos on my phone in just one year! With little ones it just so convenient to grab my phone and snap a pick every time they do something cute. However, the problem is that they tend to stay on my phone. . and what happens if I somehow lose all these precious memories? I needed to find a way to print out the photos that I love so I will always have them, but wanted to do something a little different than standard photo prints that will most likely just get put into my drawer. 

I decided to try out the mounted photos available from the 1 hour photo service at Meijer.  I chose one of my favorite photos to try the service out, Jane’s preschool graduation photo. It turned out super cute! Best of all, I don’t have to buy a frame.  I just brought it home and placed it in the perfect spot for showcasing. 

The photos are mounted on durable, foam core mounting boards so they’re ready to hang or display on a table. You can even chose from 5×7, 8×10 and 11×14, all printed on site in only 1 hour! If you don’t have your photos available on a hard drive, you can also access them from your facebook page or download them from your phone at the easy to use kiosk right in the store.
It turned out so well that I am already planning some Christmas presents 🙂 So if your my family and your reading this, pretend you didn’t.
Best of all, Meijer so graciously gave Raising Dick and Jane readers access to a 25% coupon to try the service out for themselves.  Mounted photo pricing starts at only $8.96.

Click here to claim your savings.

Happy Memory Making! <3 Dick and Jane

I am a proud member of BzzAgent, a site that allows you to try and discuss new products. While I was provided with a free 5×7 mounted photo to try, all of the opinions in this post are my own and were not persuaded by Meijer.