Recyclable Indoor Seed Starting Project

 It’s time to start preparing for those spring and summer home gardens! Don’t want to spend a fortune this year on supplies? Here is a quick and easy tip for starting those seeds indoors using recycled Stonyfield yogurt cups. 

Disclosure: This article was written in connection with Stonyfield Yo-Getters and free seeds were provided to me in order to facility my post. Opinions are mine.
#ad Indoor seed starting using recycled Stonyfield yogurt cups

Yippy! Can you hear me screaming it from the roof tops? Spring has finally arrived to Michigan! (I should probably knock on wood right about now so I don’t jinx us! Knock!) Since the winters in Michigan are so unbearably long. . . when spring arrives it is like a complete re-birth. It all starts with the melting of snow, and then a small peek of a spring bulb starts to pop through the soil. The air begins to smell fresh and damp, unlike the burning nose feeling you get during the winter. Slowly, but surely, the days start to warm up and life begins again.

Usually, each year, as soon as the first spring bulb pops up, I am itching to get outside to start planting in my veggie garden behind my house. Normally I am ahead of the game in the winter and have already winter sowed my seeds. But this year time got away from me and I am completely unprepared for the start of spring. (Physically, not mentally. I am ALWAYS mentally prepared for spring.) But that’s ok! Even though I didn’t winter sow my seeds this year, I can still start my seedlings indoors and have them ready to transplant outside when the time is right.

#ad Indoor Seed Starting Tips

Much like my winter sowing technique, I wanted my indoor seedlings to be environmentally friendly as well. For this reason I like to choose organic seeds and reuse old household containers as seed starter cups. For my outdoor sowing method, I used old milk jugs as greenhouses, but for my indoor seedlings I have found that Stonyfield yogurt cups are the perfect size to start my seedlings in. Plus, we always have empty cups in abundance in our home.

Creating seedlings using recycled Stonyfield yogurt cups is easy!

1. Eat and enjoy the yogurt. This step is important and tasty!
2. Wash out the yogurt dish with soap and water.
3. Carefully poke a hole or two in the bottom of the cup to allow for drainage.
4. In a large bucket soak some potting soil with water and mix until moistened.
5. Fill the yogurt cup 3/4 of the way full with potting soil, place a few High Mowing organic seeds on top and cover with more soil to fill.
6. Set your cup in a warm window with sunlight and watch the seedlings grow.

#ad High Mowing Organic Seeds

Once the seedlings have reached transplant height and the weather outside is cooperative for planting, remove the seedlings from the Stonyfield cups and transplant them into the ground. The Stonyfield cups may now be recycled or kept to be used again next year.

For more information on the organic seeds I used in this article, check out High Mowing organic seeds on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.

Are you planning to start an outdoor garden this year? What do you plan on growing?

Couples Weekend in Southwest Michigan : WINE TOUR

Disclosure: This trip was taken in collaboration with #SWMIsipstroll tour and we were hosted at all of the locations mentioned in this article. 
Southwest Michigan Wine Tour #ad #SWMISipStroll

Being a Michigan native, our family has always kept with tradition and gone north for the summer. Traverse City, Mackinac Island, these have always been our summer vacation destinations. How many of you remember spending your summers at “the cabin up north”? Seriously, my mom even begins her childhood memories that way. It is just what we Michigander’s do! Over my lifetime I have spent quite a bit of time touring around my hometown state of Michigan but for some reason this entire time I have neglected one important part of the state: Southwest Michigan.

What to do in New Buffalo Beach as a couple #SWMISipStroll #ad

Ask me why I have never ventured past Kalamazoo to the west side of the state and I will tell you “I have no idea”. I guess I thought there was nothing to do in that side of the state, just farm fields and such. So last weekend, to fix this problem, my husband and I jumped in the car for a couples weekend away and drove out to the southwest side of Michigan, also known as New Buffalo. I considered stopping here to talk about the importance of a weekend away with your spouse every once in awhile, but I think many of you already know why it’s a good idea. Especially with young kids, sometimes you just need to reconnect and relax together to remember why you love each other. So back to my story: As my husband and I drove past field after field into the slow paced town of New Buffalo my only thought was “This is brilliant”. Within this adorable tiny town of only three stop lights sat a luxury hotel, a beautiful beach full of mounds of sand, vineyards all around and quiet. Yes, perfect quiet. There was no traffic humming past or loud construction noises to be heard, just the sounds of birds chirping, water swishing in the harbor and my thoughts finally able to gain my own attention again.

What is there to do in southwest Michigan?

I was right. Southwest Michigan IS full of fields, but guess what? Those fields are full of grape vines! What are grapes used for? Ding Ding! WINE!! Southwest Michigan is full of wineries, distilleries, gourmet restaurants and even a casino! Vacationing to this part of Michigan was like saying to myself “Seriously, where have you been all my life?”

Hickory Creek Winery #SWMISipStroll #ad

During our two day visit we were able to check out four wineries. This number, two wineries per day, seemed like the perfect amount of wine tasting since each winery allowed us to sample around 5-8 different wines. It is good to pace yourself and even take the time to sit outdoors and enjoy the views for awhile. This isn’t speed dating people.

Wine Tour Southwest Michigan #SWMISipStroll #ad

There were so many great wineries to visit, but here are a few highlights from our favorites.

The first stop on our tour was Domaine Berrien Cellars. This quaint, family owned winery believes that good wine is grown in the vineyard, not made in the cellars. It is for this reason that Domaine Berrien takes a lot of pride and care in growing their own grapes. As we made the drive up their long driveway we could witness their rows upon rows of vines hugging the way. This winery has won a lot of awards for their craft and is definitely worth visiting.

My favorite wine from Domaine Berrien: 2012 Vignoles (Vee-nole) – a refreshing wine with tropical flavors of sweet pineapple, mango and kiwi. 

Domaine Berrien Cellars, Berrien Springs, MI #SWMISipStroll #ad

The second stop on our wine tour was Lemon Creek Winery. This upscale tasting room was larger than the others we’ve seen and featured fun gifts and shopping. This winery is a fun place to hang out and was quite busy during our visit. In the center of the room was a large tasting bar where we were enlightened to learn about the art of mixing wines together. Seriously, who knew you could mix wines and create a whole different level of flavor?

My favorite wine from Lemon Creek Winery: (a mix) Cherry wine mixed with peach spumante. 

Lemon Creek Winery, Berrien Springs Michigan #SWMISipStroll #ad

 Next up was Hickory Creek Winery. A fun winery with a laid back feel. The staff was very personable and the wine was delicious. I especially loved their wine scented candles for sale in the tasting room. Seriously, look for them. Also, something I loved about this winery is that they sell a Laughing Lab Rose that they donate a portion of the sales from to helping the Midwest Lab Rescue find forever homes for their dogs.

My favorite wine from Hickory Creek Winery: 2012 Gentil

Hickory Creek Wine #SWMISipStroll #ad

The last winery stop of our weekend was at the Contessa Wine Cellars. This winery was a bit retro, just like me. They even had a Marilyn Monroe themed bathroom! While I loved the decor, I really loved the wine. I stuck to the sweeter wines and they didn’t disappoint. This winery also has a large deck area to sit and enjoy the day with outdoor bars and a great view of the vineyards.

My favorite wine from Contessa Wine Cellars: Dolce Vita & the Cherry wine

Contessa Wine Cellars Coloma Michigan #SWMISipStroll #ad

After our fun filled day out and about exploring, we were excited and ready to come back to our hotel home and relax. During this trip we were lucky to have found a great place to stay that caters to couples looking to relax. The Harbor Grand is an spa style hotel that offers complimentary breakfast in bed, whirlpool tubs, updated showers, a masseuses on premise and incredible views of the harbor. You can read even more about this luxurious hotel over on my review article on

While Southwest Michigan looks to be a wonderful place to vacation as a family, from this past weekends’ experience, I can tell you that southwest Michigan is definitely a place to go for an adult weekend away!

Have any questions about the best places to visit as a couple? Comment below and I will respond. Plus, tell me, where was the last place you went alone or with a significant other to relax? Has it been awhile?

Winery Locations:

Hickory Creek Winery – 750 Browntown Rd, Buchanan, Michigan
Domaine Berrien Cellars – 398 E Lemon Creek Rd. Berrien Springs, Michigan
Lemon Creek Winery – 533 E Lemon Creek Rd. Berrien Springs, Michigan
Contessa Wine Cellars – 3235 Friday Rd, Coloma, Michigan

5 Tips for Having a Great Road Trip Experience

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5 Tips for Having a Great Road Trip #ad #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

When I tell people about our long car trips, the number one question is usually “How do you do it with two young kids?” or “How do you not lose your mind, my kids would never sit still that long”. The answer really isn’t a simple one and the truth be told, sometimes we do lose our minds. Trying to keep everyone happy on a long car trip, some that even last for several days, is impossible. Don’t set your standards that high. However, there are a few things that we do in order to make our road trips more manageable and even mostly enjoyable.

1. Keep the Car Clean.

I made this my #1 because in my book it is most important. When the car is a mess, the things that we need to stay busy and the snacks that we want to munch on get harder to find. Plus, being that we are already stuck in a small car, when we add a mess to the mix it only becomes that much more smaller. I’ve found that when the car is a mess, everyone feels just a bit more cranky. To solve this problem, I like to give our car a really good cleaning before we leave on a road trip and also maintain the clean throughout the trip by throwing away all collected garbage at every gas station stop. It also helps to designate a small bag for garbage to make these stop quicker and easier.

2. Pack Snacks.

When I am hungry I can’t think. I say things that I don’t mean and I fail to enjoy what I normally enjoy, like watching the buildings, fields and tree’s gracefully float past me out the window and dance in the sunlight. When I am hungry, I am just not myself and that’s not who I want to be. One way that we combat hunger crankiness is by packing snacks. Each member in our family packs their own snack bag with what they like best and with what will keep them fulfilled until our next meal stop. To give you an idea, my bag usually looks something like this.

#ad #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

Seriously, have you tried the new SNICKERS® Almond? Mmmm….. my total new fav.

3. Take the Road Less Traveled.

When we road trip we like to take the road less traveled. This means getting off the expressway when we can and driving along the back roads. Yes, this can add mileage and time to our trip, but we have found so many lovely things by doing this and have been able to visit several famous American roadside attractions. It is definitely worth the little added time.

Take the Road Less Travelled #ad #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

4. Plan Ahead.

Having a loose plan in mind before we set out on the road helps to keep things running smoothly and cuts down on pressured decision making, which can cause me a lot of tension. Here are a few way I plan ahead for a road trip.

– Have Change Handy. I can’t tell you how many times we have wandered our way onto a road or a bridge with a toll. Not having change handy means that we would have to find another route or go look for a place to get change. Now when we travel I make sure to have a jar of coins ready before hand.

– Invest in Comfort. Before our last road trip I bought everyone small neck pillows. Best decision ever! Having this small neck pillow made me feel so much more comfortable and kept me from getting my normal kink in the neck while riding. No kinked neck = happier momma. We also bought a small travel potty for the kids in case we found ourselves somewhere without bathrooms for miles.

– Research fun stop and attractions ahead of time. We like to make a list of all the places we would to see along the trip. While we don’t expect to stop at everything, this list gives us an idea of what is around us when we are needing a stop. Plus, it helps to break up the trip into smaller sections by giving us destination points that are within an attainable time frame. “Only one more hour until we get to see the giant pencil!”. It helps.

Road Trip Tips #ad #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

5. Be Flexible.

Flexibility is a must have when deciding to take a road trip. When driving in a car, not everything is on a strict schedule like it is when traveling by plane. There is traffic congestion, detours, bathroom breaks and unexpected mishaps. Sometimes we have to be flexible to skip a planned stop or stop somewhere unplanned. We have also found that it is super important to know when to call it a day and stop for the night. There is nothing worse than pushing yourself too far when you are tired. Call it a day, find a place to stay and pick it back up in the morning.

Snickers Almond #ad #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

Do you love to take road trips? What is your best trick to staying happy along the drive?

Walmart Candy Aisle #ad #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias
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See more great SNICKERS® recipes and fun stories on the SNICKERS® social hub.

Enter the SNICKERS® “Who are you when you’re hungry?” contest by uploading a personal photo or video from your Computer, Facebook, Instagram or use the SNICKERS® Meme Generator to create something new! Voting begins at Noon on 5/11/15 and ends at 11:59:59AM ET on 7/15/15.

Find the Beauty in the Mess Challenge : Plus a GIVEAWAY #SweepTheMess

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 #SweepTheMess #Ad #Cbias
The kids woke me up early this morning. It was the weekend and we had nowhere to be, but they still wanted to get up. Silly kids. We wandered our way out into the kitchen past the toys that were left from the night before. The bright overhead lights hurt my squinting eyes. I will never understand what the rush is to be up before the sun on the weekends, but part of me know’s that someday I will miss this. I looked around the house and made a mental list of all the chores that needed to be accomplished today. The dishes needed to be done, the floors needed swept, the laundry still needed to be finished from our road trip last week. Beating me into the kitchen were two bright eyed little sweetpea’s who waited patiently to see what my first move was going to be so that they could make the opposite. If there is one thing my kids have learned over the years, it’s how to disappear on house cleaning day. I looked around the house and then brought my attention back to them. “How about some cinnamon rolls?” I asked. They both burst into excitement. Inside I told myself that I didn’t have time for this, but in reality, it was the weekend, we had nowhere to be and I did.  

 #SweepTheMess #Ad There's Beauty in the Mess
I watched as both of my kids quickly put on their aprons and found their way up to the counter. They love helping me bake and I love having the in the kitchen with me. It is one of those special moments that I wish we had time for more often. 
 #SweepTheMess #Ad Flour

As they took turns measuring out the flour, I watched as big clumps of it hit the counter and then fell quietly onto the floor. It bothered me, but I remained quiet and let them continue on with preparing the cinnamon rolls because quite frankly, they were doing a marvelous job.

 #SweepTheMess #Ad Feet

I watched as they continued adding the ingredients one by one. The sugar. The salt. The yeast. I became sad. My babies were getting so old. Yes, I was happy that they were becoming comfortable in the kitchen and learning skills to take them into adulthood, but did this whole baby thing have to be over so soon? I mean, just look at these toes. Those used to be the itty bitty baby toes that I would kiss and nibble. I wanted to cry and hug them and never let them go but instead we made cinnamon rolls.

 #SweepTheMess #Ad Making Cinnamon Rolls
As we finished spreading out the cinnamon and sugar and rolled the pastries up to cut, I looked around at the big mess we had made together. And let me tell you, it was a very BIG mess. 
 #SweepTheMess #Ad Cinnamon Rolls Squares

Yes, that’s right. Right now our house is a bit of a mess, but it is a beautiful mess. Each toy laying out on the floor from the night before represents the fun that I remember we had. The pile of clothing in the laundry room represents the trip that we just took together and the messy kitchen before me represents this time that we just shared growing and learning. Please don’t get me wrong, I will be the first to admit that I like a clean house and sometimes stress too much about keeping it that way. Ok, I ALWAYS stress about keeping it that way. But this morning, right now, I am going to enjoy it because in this moment I want to hold on to THIS mess forever.

 #SweepTheMess #Ad OCedar Angler

As the cinnamon rolls baked in the oven, the kids ran off to play and I decided that forever was too long to have a dirty kitchen. 🙂 Besides, it’s the memories made from the mess not the ACTUAL mess that’s important, right?

You see, a few days ago I was challenged by O-Cedar to find the beauty in the mess somewhere in my life. I struggled with this idea because I didn’t know how I could turn something that I saw as ugly into something beautiful. Then I realized that it wasn’t about changing the mess into something beautiful, it was about changing the way I looked at it. These messes aren’t just another chore added to my list, but they are memories to be cherished. I am thankful to have been given this challenge because far too often I rush through life, getting things done and trying to contain the mess instead of sometimes just letting it happen. Today was fun.

Do you need to take a moment to see the beauty in the mess in your life today? Here is a fun video on how O-Cedar does it.

Enter to WIN:

Come here for the cinnamon rolls? Check out our tasty made from scratch recipe below.

 #SweepTheMess #Ad Cinnamon Roll Recipe from Scratch

 #SweepTheMess #Ad Homemade Cinnamon Roll Recipe
* Correction- the egg needs to be mixed in with the flour,sugar mixture as the liquids are added. 
Look around you. What’s the most beautiful mess you see right now? Can’t find the beauty? You may have to look deeper. 

ad: Party with New Butterfinger Cups {Crack Dip Recipe} #thatnewcrush

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ad: Butterfinger Dip #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

This weekend my family and I celebrated my husbands birthday. We did the adult thing and had a nice dinner together.  However, even though we are getting older and don’t have traditional birthday parties anymore I still wanted to make his day special for him. Together we decided that a fun night out with friends was just what we needed. We called up our babysitter, called up our friends and I made snacks.

That’s the funny thing about getting older. . having a fun night out now involves snacks.

Because of my blog I sort of have a reputation for making really great food. Everyone always expects me to wow them when we get together. When we called up my husbands friends each one of them asked if I was making food. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it.

I didn’t want to let anyone down so I got to work on coming up with something that I thought everybody would love and something that I thought would be different than anything they’d had before. Plus, I had to consider my husbands tastes because, after all, it was his birthday and I wanted him to like it too.

I decided that I would make a dip. . because dips are great for parties. . and I wanted something sweet since we weren’t having a cake. My husbands favorite candy is Butterfingers, but butterfingers wouldn’t go well in a dip. . too hard. Then I remembered the big game commercial I had seen about the new Butterfinger cups available at Walmart. Chocolate peanut buttery Butterfinger taste. . oh yes. . I was on to something!

ad: Butterfinger Dip #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

One of the things I am famous for is my crack dip. It’s a concoction of cream cheese, sugars, chocolate and peanut butter. Changing it up a bit to taste more like creamy Butterfingers was the perfect idea!

ad: Butterfinger Dip #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

I was right. It was perfect. The Butterfinger cups were soft enough to blend well into the dip and the taste was dead on. I served the dip with graham crackers and it was devoured in moments. My husband also loved the taste and had a great time on his birthday. Mission accomplished! 🙂

ad: Butterfinger Dip #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

Do you want to try my Butterfinger Cup Crack Dip for your next get together? I’m sharing the recipe below.

1 box of softened cream cheese
3 packages of Nestle Butterfinger Cups – crushed
3 tablespoons of light brown sugar
3/4 cup peanut butter
1 cup powdered sugar

ad: Butterfinger Dip #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

ad: Butterfinger Dip #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias
Mix all above ingredients together in a large mixer until combined.
Place the dip in the fridge for 4 hours, serve chilled.
ad: Butterfinger Dip #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias
Did you all see the Butterfinger Cup commercial during the big game? What did you think of it?

Pin Me! 

ad: Butterfinger Dip #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

<3 Dick and Jane

ad: Come On Spring, We’re Ready for You! #OshKoshBGosh #MC

 I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for OshKosh B’gosh. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating.
#OshKoshBgosh #MC #sponsored

 I’ll just say it. The kids and I are ready for spring. This winter is forever going down in my book as one of the worst winters that I’ve ever had. We are all just ready for it to be over. Since there really is not much for us to find to  do these days we decided to keep ourselves busy and go shopping. I must say that I LOVE shopping, but I am also quite frugal. I expect to get great value and that’s why I shop OskKosh B’Gosh for my kids clothing. They always run such great deals and the quality of the clothing is superb.

#OshKoshBgosh #MC #sponsored

My kids have style (their own style) and OshKosh B’Gosh gets it. We had no problem agreeing on what to purchase. They loved everything we bought and I must admit. . they look pretty freakin’ adorable.

Here’s what we came home with:

 I simply fell in love with these French inspired bicycle pants! They are navy blue and white and perfect for a spring ride in the park. I wish these were available in my size!

#OshKoshBgosh #MC #sponsored
#OshKoshBgosh #MC #sponsored

I am pretty sure that every little boy needs a pair of OshKosh B’Gosh overalls. There was no question that we were getting these after he saw them.
 “Mama, I want choo choo pants!!”

#OshKoshBgosh #MC #sponsored

This sweet little outfit was perfect for my Jane. She loves anything and everything with polka dots.
#OshKoshBgosh #MC #sponsored

Chicks dig him. . and I know that to be true because this momma is definitely smitten!
#OshKoshBgosh #MC #sponsored
Are you ready to start on your kids spring clothing line? Right now (through 3/12/14) OshKosh B’Gosh has a coupon for 20% off a $30 order and they’ve given it to me to share with all of you! Be ready to get some great value. 
Plus, while I was shopping I found that they were also running other promotions in-store so we were able to walk away with tons of clothing for only the $100 that we spent. 

Print & Save!
#OshKoshBgosh #MC #sponsored
Ok, Mr. Spring. . we’re ready for you anytime now! The bikes and flowers are calling our names. 

<3 Dick and Jane

A Tour of My New {Vintage} Dining Room {#ad #ilovemymohawkrug Giveaway too!}

Ad Disclosure: This post contains a giveaway sponsored by Mohawk home. I was also provided with a free rug in return for hosting. #ilovemymohawkrug 🙂

Hi friends! 
I have been on quite the cleaning and re-arranging kick lately. It must be because I am MORE than ready for spring to finally arrive and for all of this snow to go away. However, being stuck inside all winter has given me the opportunity to do some home decor updates. It always amazes me what a little bit of re-arranging and accessorizing can do for your home. Something as simple as adding a new rug can totally transform the look of a room and make being stuck inside during the winter months just a little bit easier to handle. 
Today I thought that I would share with you my new {vintage} dining room re-model. Sadly, this room has been more than neglected over the last few years in the decor sense. I just never really knew what to do with it but with my little kick of energy lately I decided to put myself in gear and make something happen. Doing things always starts with just taking the first step. .after that the momentum will get you going. 
As you may know I am a bit of a vintage freak. I love to shop garage sales and buy things that may have otherwise been tossed in the trash. I love to find the beauty in old products and bring them back to life, sometimes in a new way. My dining room really holds true to this. So let me take you on a little tour and at the end of this post you will have an opportunity to win your very own Mohawk rug and give one of the rooms in your house a little winter “pick me up” as well. 
If you don’t like color you probably will not like my dining room or my house. I am a color addict. Every room in my house is full of color and my dining room was going to be no different. 
#ad #ilovemymohawkrug Vintage Dining Room Makeover
Here’s a look at the entire room once it was finished. I decided to go with a vintage America theme. That is one of the reasons I wanted to go with Mohawk for my rug as well. Did you know that Mohawk still makes their rugs in the USA? You don’t find many products made in the USA anymore so I am happy to support them. Plus, might I add that this rug is AMAZING, great quality and super soft? It is.. and one of you will get to find that out first hand when you win the giveaway below!
Watch the “Still Made in America by Mohawk Home video”
Let’s take a closer look at the room and the vintage things I used to make this look happen. 
#ad #ilovemymohawkrug Vintage Room Makeover
My dining room is used as a place to gather. We have friends over in this room, we play board games in this room, eat dinner and also put together puzzles in this room. To sum it all up, it is our social room. So what better place would there be to have some wine? 
A friend of mine actually found this old wooden toolbox and brought it over to me, knowing that I would love it. . . and I did! I gave it a good power wash to get any dirt or debris off of it and sealed it with a wood sealant. Now it is the perfect place to store all of my un-opened bottles of wine, don’t you think? 
#ad #ilovemymohawkrug Vintage Room Makeover
Another great find, that I absolutely love, are my two little car salt and pepper shakers. I actually have a quite extensive collection of salt and pepper shakers. . everyone has to collect something, right? 
#ad Salt and Pepper Shakers Cars Vintage
My car salt and pepper shakers are my favorite from my collection, so they are the ones you will find sitting atop my vintage yellow dining room table. This table I picked up at a flea market for $50. I think it was quite a steal. 
#ad #ilovemymohawkrug Vintage Room Makeover
You may notice the buffet table sitting next to our table. . that is actually no buffet table, but an old wooden ironing board. 
#ad Vintage Red Ironing Board Repurpose
At one point I had this ironing board outside and was using it as a gardening table, but I just felt so bad leaving it in the elements to possibly rot. It was too nice of a piece and I thought it needed to be preserved better so I brought it inside. I absolutely love the lines and colors of this piece. To add a little bit of depth to the table, I brought in an old wooden wine case and some mason jars to accent. 
#ad #ilovemymohawkrug Vintage Room Makeover
In the back corner of the room you will find more vintage decor. I found this old window for $1 last summer and loved the rustic appeal of it. The paint was a bit chippy on it, so I sealed it so none of it could come off. You do need to be careful when bringing old items into your home by making sure they are clean and safe. Remember, lead based paint was an issue in the past. 
#ad #ilovemymohawkrug Vintage Coke Box
I also re-furbished this old chair {shown above} by giving it a new seat which I made out of pallet wood. You can find the complete tutorial here
#ad #ilovemymohawkrug Old Window Decor
To the window I added a small pendant which reads {Joy, Peace, Love}. You can find the pendant tutorial here
#ad #ilovemymohawkrug
By the front of the room I have placed this re-furbished chair underneath two bicycle wheels that I’ve hung on the wall. My plan for this area is to create a large #2 out of wood and hang it with the wheels, but I need to wait for the weather to work with me so I can paint outside. That tutorial will be coming soon. . as soon as this snow goes away and the weather warms up. 
One of my best tips when looking to bring new energy into your home is to work with what you already have. Sometimes just moving objects to different rooms can make a big difference. 
I hope that you have enjoyed this little tour of my newly vintage dining room. Now it is your chance to perk up one of the rooms in your house by entering to win your very own Mohawk rug! Enter below using the form provided. Thanks Mohawk for this opportunity!!
#ad #ilovemymohawkrug Vintage Room Makeover
Giveaway Terms: Giveaway sponsored by Mohawk #ilovemymohawkrug campaign. The winner may choose any available and in stock Mohawk Home rug up to size 5×8 and under $150. The winner will be placed into contact with a Mohawk representative for prize fulfillment. Raising Dick and Jane will not be held responsible for prize fulfillment. Giveaway runs 2/6/14 (11:00 am EST) to 3/1/14. (11:00 am EST) Winner will be chosen 3/1/14 and contacted via email. Winner must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. Available to US participants only, 18 years old or older. No monetary value will be rewarded in replacement for the rug. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win. 
<3 Dick and Jane