What Did I Get Myself Into – Beginning My VLOG

Life is all about challenging ourselves – come find out what my next challenge is and how you can be a part of it. 

Hey Peeps! So some crazy and exciting things have been happening to me – but also some things that have made me stop and think “What the hell did I get myself into?”. Don’t get me wrong, I love being active and being out doing things all the time and writing this blog – it’s in my nature to be busy, however over the last few months I have spent most of my time being downright scared out of my mind.

Seriously, this month alone I have forced myself into the seats of eight different planes (which is quite an accomplishment if you know how much I hate flying), I have marched myself solo into countless events where I knew no-one, I have learned how to hail a taxi, take a train and navigate a new city – completely alone. I have pushed myself into doing things that some would consider crazy and dangerous all because I don’t want to look like a sissy in front of you all. . . that’s right, I’m blaming you – but with all of this finger pointing going on, I also wanted to thank you too. Having all of your eyes on me has helped me to keep trying and prove that I could do it.

If you had asked me a year ago if I would want to travel the world by myself or with my kids, I probably would have said yes, but I can’t. I didn’t think that I had it in me to be alone or had the confidence to do the things I am doing now. In fact, I still don’t. Getting out and doing things isn’t easy, it is scary – but I will tell you that it is totally worth it. Every time that I push myself to do something new, to get on that damn plane again – I teach myself that I am stronger than my fears and it feels good to feel strong. Dreams are worth pursuing, but I won’t sugar coat it and tell you that it is easy. Nothing in my life is easy – it is just a constant choice I make every day to try. And that’s what it takes – trying.

So, again I am trying something new. I am pushing myself into another situation where I will most likely be embarrassed, confused and self conscious – but again, just because I haven’t done it before or it scares me, doesn’t mean that I can’t learn or can’t try. I may not be the best – obviously we can all tell that I am not the best – but that doesn’t mean that I can’t do it. Remember that with travel, life, vlogs – we all have to start somewhere.

At the beginning of this post I shared with you my latest adventure video – this is something that I am pushing myself to do more of – probably not daily, but weekly to start out. I hope that you will want to subscribe, but I will also make sure to recap the video’s here on the blog.

Thanks again for all your support and being the voice inside my head that says “Oh just do it already!”. Keep challenging yourself.