My Favorite New Burger with Egg, Bacon, and Sriracha Mayo

Yes, you heard me right – a burger topped with fried egg, bacon and sriracha mayo. It is beyond amazing! My family made these burgers last week and then made them again tonight because we couldn’t stop dreaming about them. How do we make them? Come find out. 

My first thought when my husband suggested adding an egg into our weekly burger mix was – um, no thanks – but after tasting it, I don’t think I can ever go back to a regular burger again! I’m ruined!

So what makes it so good? Um, I don’t know – it could be the pairing of my favorite breakfast foods with one of my favorite dinners. Or the bacon. Bacon and sriracha – sold.

Really, this burger is no harder than preparing any other burger – there are just a few extra steps. Let’s take a look.


1 lb. ground beef
hamburger buns
french fried onions – topping
1 egg per burger
1 tbs sriracha – or to taste
2 tbs mayo
1 lbs bacon


Prepare burgers to taste.

While burgers are cooking – cook eggs and bacon separately.
– Crack an egg into a frying pan over medium heat, covered. Allow the eggs and bacon to cook thoroughly. I usually break my yolk slightly so it cooks through ( I don’t like runny yolks).
– I usually cook my bacon in the over per the package directions.

Place the cooked burger on the bun and top with cooked egg and bacon.

In a small dish combine mayo and sriracha to taste. Spread just enough on the opposite bun. Top with fried onions. Enjoy.

This burger may look and sound weird, but give it a try and let me know how you liked it. Just be sure to taste test your sriracha mayo and mix it according to your tastes – not mine. You don’t wanna mess with hot.

Do you have a favorite burger topping that may sound weird to others? Share it with us in the comments below.