I Never Wanted My Drivers License in the First Place

Do you have advice to give someone who is about to get their drivers license or a story to share about someone who gave you great driving advice? Come share it with us today and sign up for your chance to win a $600 gift certificate for Michelin tires. 

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This may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but I never wanted to get my drivers license as a teenager. I was one of those kids that was happy to be carted around by others – probably because I never saw the benefit in going anywhere by myself. Not having a drivers license meant that someone would always have to go with me and I would never need to be alone (because back then I didn’t see the fun in that – silly me). Having a drivers license was scary – so much responsibility. I remember many conversations with my parents, who would try their best to coax me into driving when we would go places that I didn’t need to practice – that someday when all of my friends moved away that I would just hire a limo driver to take me places. Problem solved.

I think that there is a big misconception floating around that all teenagers are geared up and ready to start driving when they become of age – quite frankly, that’s not the truth. Some teenagers just aren’t ready for driving when the time comes and that’s ok. It might have taken me a little bit longer to be ready for the road – but taking the extra time for me meant being better prepared, being more confident and by having parents who were understanding yet encouraging allowed me to be able to enjoy the process instead of seeing it as a defeat. My sixteen year old self would have never imagined that some day I would come to adore cars, write about them for a living and see them as a happy (and respected) part of my life. I think that I owe a lot of that growth to taking my time and having parents who supported me.

The reason I bring this up is because we are embarking on National Teen Driver Safety Week, Oct. 18-24 and I was asked by Michelin to share my best driving advice as someone who does a lot of driving. Well, as soon as I started thinking about this topic and my past experiences I couldn’t help but imagine how things could have been different had I been rushed into a situation that I wasn’t fully ready for. My love of cars might had been lost – or possibly worse. So here is my best driving advice should you choose to take it. Take your driving courses, study your manuals, practice driving with a parent – but ultimately listen to yourself. An age isn’t a defining moment that tells you that you are ready. Be ready – Be prepared – Be comfortable. Enjoy it. 

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Before you go, I’m curious – What would your one piece of driving advice be for the new drivers coming up or parents of new drivers? Share your best in the comments below or tweet it to me at @raisingdickjane #SharingSafety.