I Will Carry the Weight of Your World

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Champions for Kids. All opinions are my own.

Right now – within each one of us – there is an opportunity to change the world. Maybe not the entire world, but the world none the less. Each day there are kids in our communities who head off to school hungry. Each day there are kids in our community who don’t know where their next meal is going to come from. Each day there are kids in our communities who would find just a single bar of soap to be a special treat. So maybe you can’t change the entire world – but for that one child in your community, you can. Find out how. 

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 kids in America struggles with hunger? 1 out of 3!!

We all know that life is good at throwing us hurdles – and I speak from experience that no one is immune. Life happens to all of us. However, don’t you think that it should be in some code somewhere that kids should never have to worry about things like food or soap. Kids – all kids – need to be free to experience life without worry of where their next meal will come from or worry that they will be made fun of at school for being dirty. All kids need someone in their life who is able and willing to step up for them – to carry the weight of their world – a hero.

Champions for Kids

Champions for Kids is an organization that was created to do just that – advocacy for kids. But they can’t do it alone! Champions for kids works with people just like you and me to gather food, supplies and basics needs and deliver them to kids in the community who need them. You can be a hero.

The concept is easy. Simply purchase items like these and donate them to a local school or organization that helps kids in your community. That’s it. 

That one act of giving – no matter how small you might think it is – could have a huge impact on a kid and their family in your community.

Now I know that life can get busy and we may have good intentions that get overlooked – so this month from September 21 – October 5th Champions for Kids is helping us all get involved by making it easy on us. During these two weeks, Champions for Kids will have purple bins set up at most Walmart locations across the US ready to accept your help and donations for kids. Simply do your regular shopping, pick up a few extra items and drop them in the bins on your way out – or bring items over to donate that you might already have. 

Further Your Involvement

Are you the one that is going to step up and make a difference? Be an advocate for your community by driving awareness of this event or lead your company or organization in a donation drive. Find out more information about all the different ways you can get involved at the Champions for Kids website. 
Be a champion for kids – get involved. #FillTheCart

Also join us on our YouTube channel next week when we head to our local Walmart store and help #FillTheCart for Kids.