13 Reasons Why Your Kids Might Love the Michigan Renaissance Festival

For many years I’ve dismissed the Michigan Renaissance Festival because I thought that it was an event that my kids would be too young for. However, last weekend we decided to check it out as a family and what I found surprised me. We found the event to be very kid friendly and fun for the adults as well! Come check out these 13 reasons – straight from the mouths of my kids – why they loved the Michigan Renaissance Festival. 

Disclosure: We were provided with media passes to attend this event. 
Michigan Renaissance Festival #MIRenFest

Upon taking the long walk down a wooded path on our way onto the grounds of the Michigan Renaissance Festival – not one of us knew what to expect. This was a new adventure – one that we had heard many things about, but had never experienced for ourselves. We imagined there would be people dressed up in costumes, fun activities and entertainment, but what we found went far beyond that.

When we finally reached the end of the wooden path, the clearing opened up and we were greeted by a large castle wall. Just beyond the castle appeared to be a village bustling with excitement. This wasn’t like going to an amusement park or museum full of artifacts to look at – this was an experiential event where no small bit of the real world was allowed. At this event guests are welcome to leave their real lives at the door and become whoever they want to be – whether it be a fairy, a princess or a knight.

As you can imagine, my children were enthralled. It was like their made up world of princess and knights had come to life before their very eyes – and the excitement beamed out of them.

Throughout the village we were constantly entertained and amazed. However, it was these 13 things that my kids said were “The Best” parts of the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

Why Kids Love the Michigan Renaissance Festival

1. They met a queen.

Yes, Queen Elizabeth to be exact – and she was amazing! Not only was she a strict queen who ran a tight ship at the festival, but she was loving and took the extra time to make my children feel special. She spoke to them (in a very queenly way) and called my daughter Princess. She will never forget it.

2. They got to see a mermaid.

Of course before we headed to the event my daughter jumped onto YouTube to see what she was in for. As she watched the videos, a clip came up that showed a mermaid. Her eyes lit up “Mom! There is a real life mermaid there! Can we meet her?”. We did meet that mermaid – even I thought it was very cool as a mom. She was very much a mermaid! (You can see her in the video below!)

Free Kids Crafts #MIRenFest

3. They can do free kids crafts!

While most of the activities at the Renaissance Festival cost extra, I was happy to find that within the kids section of the park (which also has a play area) they could walk up and make a craft for free. The best part was that there were fairies on staff to help the kids and interact with them. Definitely a must do!


4. They did back flips on a trampoline.

So mom was a little nervous about letting them do this, but it really looked like a lot of fun! Maybe I should have tried it. Eek!

Turkey Legs at the Michigan Renaissance Festival

5. They ate giant turkey legs.

The food at the festival was actually quite amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever had such wonderful faire food before – and these turkey legs, wow!

Joust at the Michigan Renaissance Festival

6. They watched knights joust.

This is not something you’d see everyday – and what an amazing history lesson!

7. They saw people do cool tricks.

Oh you know, like people eating fire or juggling swords – everyday stuff.  🙂

8. There is shopping (ok, so mom likes this one too).

The village is full of small shops selling interesting items – such as Renaissance clothing, stones, candles, kilts and more. Definitely some things here you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

9. They can throw tomatoes at people.

Why not? This isn’t something a kid can just go around doing every day. I mean, who hasn’t thought about throwing a tomato at someone once in awhile. The Michigan Renaissance Festival – where dream come true. 🙂

10. They can enjoy lots of fun entertainment.

Did you know that the faire has it’s own parade or wild bird show? These are just some of the entertainment options that welcome you at the festival – and from what it seemed, there were new shows starting all throughout the day. Shows to make you laugh, gasp and be amazed.

11. They can get their face painted.

The festival is full of different “shops” selling different goods – some of which are face painting, hair braiding, fortune telling and more.

12. They can get their hair braided.

Because it helps us feel more like a princess, right?

Blooming Tea at the MiRenFest

13. They can have tea with a princess.

Tea with the princesses was a special moment for my kids – it gave them a chance to have one on one time with some of the characters. They were served tea, sandwiches and dessert while they listened to fun stories, songs and more. This event, and the other special events offered by the festival, are a great use of time and money. I would recommend signing up for these and spending less on the rides, ect.

Princess Tea at the Michigan Renaissance Festival #MIRenFest

Before I finish, however, I wanted to offer a few tips for attending the festival with young kids – from my perspective as a mom.

Helpful Tips

– There are only outhouses – bring hand wipes!
– Most activities cost extra or ask for donations – bring a lot of dollar bills and be ready to set limits.
– Some performances may not be suitable for kids – it’s best to feel them out ahead of time.
– There will be people with costume weapons at the event – however the park has strict regulations on what may and may not be brought into the park to keep everyone safe.
– Try to let loose and experience this event as a kid again – because the magic of an imagination is priceless.

Excited about attending the festival? Get your tickets here.

Have you ever been to the Michigan Renaissance Festival? What did you love most? What would you say to someone looking to attend for the first time. Share your thoughts with me in the comments. I love reading them.