Combating Mom Guilt While Traveling – Four Tips for Staying Connected

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Do you travel for work? Finding ways to stay connected with young kids while on the road can be difficult – especially when they aren’t old enough for cell phones or internet access. However, there’s a new technology on the market that has made it easy for me to stay in touch with my kids even when I travel for work – plus, it come with free hugs! Do you know what new tech I am talking about? 

Combating Mom Guilt while Traveling - Four Tips for Staying Connected While on the Road #ad #CloudPetsForever

When I first started traveling for work it was almost immediately that the mom guilt set in. And it wasn’t just the internal mom guilt – strangers somehow felt the need to dish it out to me as well. Do you miss them? How does that work with your kids at home while you’re not? While frankly it is none of their business, but I usually still respond with something like – I am very lucky to have a supportive family that keeps things running smoothly while I’m gone – and walk away smiling. However, inside I am not smiling – I am a moment away from tears. Mom guilt is real ya’ll and it hurts. Mom guilt is that sneaky little voice inside my head telling me that maybe I am being selfish by traveling away from home without my family. Guilt that if something happens to me while I am away that maybe it could have been avoided had I just stayed home and baked cookies. Guilt that maybe I wasn’t there for them and they might had needed me. But in all reality folks – my kids are usually just fine while I am away and if something does come up my husband and my family are very capable of handling it. I truly am very lucky to have a wonderful support system surrounding my family and my kids are never without ton’s of people with them – ready to dote on them at any given moment. Truthfully, after I’ve spent days agonizing over leaving them and ruining my own time away, I will return home to find them playing with their toys and I am lucky if I get a glance up while they say “Hey Mom” and go back to playing with their toys as if I had been home all day.

Either way, no matter who feels it the most, the truth is that being away from anyone we love is tough. That’s why when I travel I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make the time pass and let my family know I am still thinking about them even though I am away.

Staying Connected to Kids While Traveling for Work

Since my kids are way to young to have their own cell phones or computer access, keeping in touch with them on a personal level while I travel for work takes a bit of finesse. Here is what I do to let them know I am always thinking about them.

I Mail Them a Postcard

Being the retro loving mom that I am – I adore mailing postcards. It’s fun for me to browse little shops for the best picture on a postcard that captures what I am experiencing, write out a little note of “I miss you’s” and drop it in the mailbox. I think that it is also fun for my kids to get them and something that we can keep long after I’m home. The only problem with mailing postcards is that it takes a few days for it to arrive in the mail and I miss them NOW.

Four Tips for Staying Connected While Traveling #ad #CloudPetsForever

I Leave Them a Secret Note

Provided I have the time or remember to do this before leaving on a trip, sometimes I like to leave little notes for my kids to find under their pillows at night. In return, my children usually slip a secret note for me in my suitcase. Usually its a picture they drew of themselves crying but it’s our little thing – it’s sweet. However, as much fun as getting a handwritten note from one other is, it doesn’t allow for an immediate response – which I crave.

#ad #CloudPetsForever Combating Mom Guilt while Traveling for Work

I Call or Video Chat Them

After finding my handwritten note stuffed into my suitcase and I have a little cry to myself, I usually call my kids to let them know that I found it and tell them how beautiful their artwork is. This is a wonderful way for me to hear their voice and chat with them about their days. However, hearing their voices really does make me miss their hugs and they miss mine.

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I Connect with Them Using CloudPets

Before heading out on my next trip, I decided to buy my kids a CloudPet – have you seen these? This hug-able little puppy is incredibly soft, but also has the capabilities to receive and send messages via the free app. Our CloudPet allows me to record a message of love via my smartphone – which quickly sends that message over to my kids puppy allowing them to press its hand to listen to my voice (they can do this over and over again if they want to). Plus, they can press his other paw and record a message to send back to me. The best part about this is that I can leave them a new message whenever I want to and the messages are protected by parental controls.

Here’s how it works.

Not being around those you love every day is difficult and it doesn’t take just one way to stay in touch – so if you can, do them all!

We found our CloudPet Puppy at Walmart – they also have other types of animals available too! Insider tip: Look for them near the registers (not in the toy section) and don’t forget the 3 AA batteries!

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How do you stay in touch with loved ones while you are away? Share your ideas in the comments! 

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4 Tips for Staying in Touch with Kids While Traveling For Work #ad #CloudPetsForever