Preparing for a Road Trip with Kids {on a Budget}

Best Time of Year to Prepare for a Road Trip with Kids and save money

Let me let you in on a little secret, there are actually several times per year when you can purchase snacks, treats and other “busy bag” items for your kids’ road trip travel bags at a mere fraction of the cost. It’s true. Just yesterday I was able to pick up these coloring book and crayon sets or only $0.40, which are perfect for “on the road” self entertainment. They are compact, have everything they need in one place and can shut close to prevent messes and make for better travel. The only thing that makes them $0.40 instead of $4.99? They had hearts on them and cute valentines sayings.

Guess what? I can live with that.

Road Trip with Kids Tip: Buy Holiday Items on Clearance and Repurpose

Here is another great find. Check out this 24 pack of mini coloring books I purchased at Walmart for only $1 (originally $4.88)! Inside there are 24 individually wrapped mini coloring books with two crayons and a sticker. These are perfect for keeping in my purse to use for long waits, pre-dinner amusement or whenever a distraction is needed. What made these so cheap? Two weeks ago they were sold as valentine goodies.

Raising Dick and Jane Blog : Travel Tips

What’s the Secret?

It’s simple. Shop the after holiday sales and re-purpose.

After the holiday’s, many of the stores we shop at will place the unsold holiday merchandise on sale for 50%, 75% and 90% off the original price. This is a great time to look for things that can be re-purposed into easy road trip helpers.

What to Look For: 

There are so many different “holiday” things that can be used or travel. Great things to look for are snacks (individually wrapped and bulk), craft supplies, small individually wrapped activity packs. For instance, these individual wrapped packs of pretzels were originally sold for valentines, however they also work great for quick snacks on the go. Plus, how lucky were we to find Disney themed snacks for our Disney road trip coming up?

Tips for Traveling with Kids

The wonderful point of this whole idea is that here in the US we are hardly ever without a holiday. When one ends, another one is there to take it’s place. Most of these things can also be purchased now (or after the next holiday) and set aside until your next trip begins. If you make a habit out of shoping the after holiday sales, then when you are ready to take a trip, you’ll already be prepared with snacks and busy work to keep your kids occupied on the long car ride. I like to create a cupboard in my storage room where I keep all of these road trip finds. That way, when we are about to head out on a trip the kids can go through and pick out a few things to put into their “busy bags”.

So keep your eyes open. You never know what you will be able to find after the holidays that can help you make travel more affordable for your family. It’s all about when and how you look at things.

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Do you have a favorite road trip tip? Share it with me in the comments. 

I Had an Anxiety Attack over Purchasing Tickets to Disney

This is one of those things that I don’t like sharing. I don’t want to let people into my world because I don’t want them to judge me or look at me differently. I don’t want to appear weak, because I am not weak. I don’t want to appear crazy, because I am not crazy. I simply sometimes have panic attacks.

I don’t know how it happens and I cannot tell you why some things set it off and others don’t. Sometimes it’s the most seemingly simple things that can trigger it. And yet, at other times the most stressful situations somehow give me strength. Anxiety is a sly fox.

The other night as I jumped on my computer to order tickets to Disney World for our upcoming road trip to Florida, it hit me. Maybe it was because I had waited too long to order the tickets. Maybe it was because I secretly was scared to order them in the first place. You know how it is to travel with kids, you never really know if it is going to happen until the last minute. Someone could get sick, things happen. I tried to hurry through the pages of questions because it was already bed time for my kids and I was feeling very rushed. The questions started to fuzz together. Which park do you want to visit? Do you want to add a park hopper option? Who is this ticket assigned to?

When I finally finished getting all of the information entered, I went back over it to check and make sure all of my choices and answers were correct.  My mind was starting to thump. I started getting that deep down feeling like something was wrong. I hate that feeling. It makes my chest feel heavy and my breathing starts to get thicker. That feeling is a trigger warning, an alarm in my head going off telling me that I better start to prepare myself. An attack is coming.

Wait, the Magic Kingdom IS in Florida right? I started doubting my every move and those I’ve already made. I opened up a new tab on my browser and started to research the Magic Kingdom through Google. Ok, I had the right one. I jumped back over to the ticket ordering page. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was, but I just had the feeling like something was wrong. Did I purchase tickets for the right age group and assign them correctly? I continued to browse through my answers, sometimes looking at the same answers more than once.

Why can’t I focus?!? I need to finish this!! Everything around my started to swirl. I felt like I was a mouse on a wheel, running in circles but not actually going anywhere.

I took a break to research the measles outbreak at Disney and then researched “How many cases of measles in Florida are there in 2015” and then to “What is measles”. Trust me on this one, don’t Google “What is measles”.  Nightmares.

Maybe we shouldn’t go. I still hadn’t pushed the purchase tickets button and truthfully, I don’t think I could anymore. My body felt paralyzed and numb, I just didn’t feel like I could make a decision. I couldn’t think! I asked my husband to come and help me because for some reason “I wasn’t feeling well.”

He pushed the button. The screen jumped back to the beginning.

Wait, I already did this! Did it purchase the tickets? he asked me. I don’t know. I didn’t want to purchase the tickets twice. Since I didn’t get a confirmation, someone in their right mind would say that the tickets hadn’t purchased. But I wasn’t in my right mind. I felt defeated.

I began to get upset with my husband. Why did you leave this up to me? Why do I have to take care of everything? My husband simply looked back at me with wide eyes and responded, I didn’t know ordering tickets was going to be this hard for you.

Well, you know what, I didn’t either. I got up and left the room. My husband sat down at my computer and re-entered all of the information to finish purchasing the tickets while I laid in bed cuddling my kids as they watched a movie. I felt sick to my stomach. My head felt jumbled and I could feel my body pulsing. WHY did this little task become so hard for me? It really wasn’t that big of a deal, why was I making it one? Maybe it was the long road trip ahead of us or the seconds I had on coffee that day? I don’t know, but I wish it would stop. I absolutely love traveling, I love the feeling of freedom that I get from the open road and seeing new places. I love sharing the world with my children and I don’t want my stupid anxiety attacks to ever scare them away from being adventurous. I do my best to keep it to myself and not to let my kids see me panic. Sometimes I succeed.

The next morning I woke up excited about our trip to Disney and less worried about contracting the measles during our vacation. One thing I have learned about my anxiety attacks over the years is that they are like a roller coaster. Even though sometimes the anxiety peaks, it has no other place than to eventually go down.

I refuse to let anxiety stand in the way of me following my dreams.
I refuse to let it ever stop me.
I will continue to see the anxiety in my life for what it is. . a ride.

Visiting Videotopia at Sloan Museum {Flint, Michigan}

Intellivision, Gaming system released by MATTEL in 1979
Remember this? This is an Intellivision, a gaming system from the early 1980’s. THIS is what I used to spend my sleepover nights playing a game called “Frogger” on when I was a kid. For those of you who don’t know, Frogger was a game that combined skill and luck with a cute little frog that simply wanted to make it across the busy street without being. . well. . squished. That’s it. Try crossing the street. . . get squished. . game over. . try again. It was a gloriously fun game!! 

Sometimes I feel like my kids are missing out on these pure and simple games that offered my friends and I minutes of fun together as children (and then we went outside). Sure, nowadays crayon drawings can become 3D too, but what about the basic fun from which all of this came? What about the originals?
The Videotopia exhibit closes 5/10/15 
This is FROGGER!
Because we are now going on day five of not being able to play outside because of windchill warnings (DAY 5!!!), I decided to take my kids on a little road trip to a city named Flint, MI. Ever heard of it?
Besides what you may have heard in the news, the city of Flint is actually comprised of a wonderful collection of art, diversity, culture and learning. Flint holds the Flint Institute of Arts, Sloan Museum, Longway Planetarium, The Whiting and the gorgeous Flint Farmers Market all within it’s hands. It is actually one of my favorite places to visit when I have a spare day because all of these buildings are located in close proximity to each other within the cultural center grounds (except the farmers market). Plus, getting around to park is not a huge hassle. In the summer, you can even walk easily between each building to catch a light show at the Planetarium, admire works of art at the FIA and then pop over to reminisce with memories at Sloan! It’s a full day of fun. 
However, today we were headed in to the city of Flint because I heard that the Sloan Museum was housing several of the arcade games from my childhood days (or Wreck it Ralph movie for you young’ns) and you could actually play them! This was my chance to let my kids experience some real fun and distract them from bickering and fighting with each other for at least a few hours! WIN/WIN. 

As my kids walked through the aisles and aisles of games, I just watched them. Which would they pick? Maybe it would be Mrs. Packman or Q*bert. I waited. Finally my son walked up to a game and asked for a token. I gave it to him and after placing the coin in the slot he waited. . and waited. . .

Darn game ate his token. Typical.

Luckily, four free tokens came with our admission price and we could win more by answering questions around the room at special kiosks (or you can buy more).

After playing all of our tokens (plus the tokens so thoughtfully given to us by an elderly man) and having a great time, we headed into the remainder of the museum to enjoy the rest of the typical museum stuff. You know, signs, artifacts and information on local Flint history (like the Flint union strikes).

Beautiful signs!!
More beautiful signs and vintage artifacts. 
Oh A&W, you hold a place in our hearts. 

I can tell that you all probably want to run out and visit the Sloan Museum and Flint Cultural Center right now, so let me quickly share with you a few of the reasons why I personally love visiting the Sloan Museum. One reason is because they keep things fresh with rotating exhibits in the front (sometimes dinosaurs or Curious George). Another reason is because they regularly house all of my favorite vintage signs and memorabilia so I can enjoy them whenever I want and a final reason is because they also cater to a young audience with play area’s, hands on exhibits and learning tools disguised as play.

Really, while not being very big, this place has got it all.

Images of the children’s sections of the Sloan Museum. 

Hours for Sloan: 

  • Monday – Friday 10 a.m to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday & Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m

Pricing (Tickets are available at the door for purchase.)

  • Adults – $9
  • Seniors – $8
  • Youth (2-11) – $6
  • Child (1 & Under) – Free
  • Annual Pass Holder Club – Free

Money Saving Tips: 

Sloan Museum offers discounted tickets to teachers, veterans, and military personnel. *

You could get a free child’s ticket with a paying adult ticket if you have a library card. *

If you are a local, you may want to consider a year pass. The year pass is a great money saving option if you plan to visit at least 3 or more times a year.

*View Sloan Museum active Discounts here:

Do you have a favorite museum or institute? Share it’s location with us and why you think it is a place we should visit in the comments below. Maybe we will go there and write about it!! 


I’d like to know YOUR favorite childhood video game. Mine, of course, was Frogger on my Intellivision. 

YoBaby Turns 16 and We’re Celebrating with a Giveaway!

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Stonyfield and their YoGetters Program.
#ad Stonyfield YoBaby Giveaway

Stonyfield Baby is turning sixteen years old and we’re hosting a giveaway to celebrate!

Where does the time go? One day you are carrying around a sweet little baby in your arms and then what seems like the next, they are heading off on their own. I remember when I was a new mother and people would give me all kids of unsolicited advice, like all the time. “Make sure you sleep train from the beginning”, “Don’t hold them so much or you’ll spoil them”. . yada yada yada. After gaining my footing as a mother I quickly found out that I was capable of figuring things out on my own and after awhile I was standing confidently in my own parenting groove not giving much notice to the constant thoughts being thrown at me. However, while most of the advice people liked to give seemed like a waste of breath, there was one piece of advice that really stuck with me and that was to “cherish every moment” and “time goes by way to fast”. Truthfully, I am not sure if I really believed them back when I was changing diapers and chasing after a toddler night and day, but now that I have caught my breath and took a step back, I have noticed that my kids really do grow up in the blink of an eye and time cannot be taught to stand still, no matter how much we beg and plead with it to do so.

Below is a photo of my baby girls’ first time tasting YoBaby yogurt. This was about six years ago however it feels like it was yesterday. Notice the dog nose in the corner of the photo? I think the best thing that ever happened to that dog was the day the kids started eating foods.

#ad Stonyfield YoBaby


Being that I am a YoGetter writer and mother who raised her kids on YoBaby, I wanted to celebrate along side Stonyfield today as YoBaby celebrates it’s 16th birthday! The best part about this celebration, however, is that YOU could get the presents! By entering below, one reader will win a YoBaby prize pack complete with free product coupons, a bib and a sweet little Stonyfield hat.

#ad YoBaby Giveaway

Good Luck! 

What piece of advice were you given when your babies were little that actually rang true? Which advice did you wish people would have kept to themselves? Tell us your favorite story in the comments section below. 

The Sights of South Haven {Michigan} in the Winter

I know what you are thinking, why would you take a road trip to the west side of Michigan in the dead of winter? The lake effect snow there is terrible! I know. In fact, I learned that the hard way. You can read all about it in my first article, Our Road Trip to South Haven was ALMOST Ruined.

After getting through that winter storm though, the second day of our trip made up for the first and reminded me why I wanted to take a trip to South Haven in the first place. So I apologize in advance, but this article is going to be chocked full of photos because there aren’t proper words to describe how lovely South Haven is in the winter.

South Haven Lighthouse

This is just about the entire reason I wanted to go to Lake Michigan in the winter, to see the ice covered lighthouses. I’ve seen so many photos of them circulating around the internet that I just needed to see it for myself. Even though the lighthouses weren’t as covered in ice as I had hoped, they were still strikingly beautiful against the white snow covered landscapes.

Most of the water was frozen solid near the shores, however in some spots it was still open, only peppered with chunks of floating ice. 
In other spots the water on Lake Michigan had frozen and expanded to create mounds of ice and pointy slabs (this one reminds me of the Sydney Opera House). 

The Harbor

South Haven is pretty much known for its lake side community so even though it was the dead of winter, I still wanted to check out the well known area known as the Old Harbor Village and see the vibrant colors that had beckoned me from the internet.

From the view out my window at the Old Harbor Inn, I could see the remnants of the small beachfront community. To the other side of these buildings was the harbor where ships could pull up to dock and enjoy the rows of businesses, restaurants and bars along this small corridor. At the very end of this strip was my hotel, I can image what a great place this would be to stay in the summer, overlooking the entire madness below.

 The party deck, completely covered in snow. What a shame.

Downtown South Haven

Less than a block away from the harbor is the downtown area of South Haven. Here I was able to get a hot cup of coffee to warm me up as I continued to navigate through the streets. I was happy to find that everywhere I looked here I found color and beauty!

The Michigan Theater

Within the downtown area I stumbled upon the Michigan Theater, a retro movie theater which shows newer movies but still with vintage prices. It was beautiful. Seriously, I think all movie theaters should be like this, but that is a whole new story. In case you are wondering, I believe they have $4 movie tickets and $0.50 popcorn. I didn’t stay for a movie, but would be worth checking out.

As we headed out of town on our way home, I spotted something unusual, a caboose in docked right next to the harbor. I made my husband pull over the car and I got out to check it out. This, my friends, is an old caboose turned into a hotel! Next time, I am totally staying here!! How awesome is that?

While South Haven in the winter is extremely cold, it is worth it! The sights of Lake Michigan frozen over were breath-taking. There are also several other lake front communities within half hours drive that each have their own lighthouses too. We took time to drive through Saugatuck/Douglas and Holland as well and I was able to get this photo.

Saugutuck/Douglas Light House 

Where do you like to vacation in the winter months? Do you see the beauty in the snow and ice or do you seek out the sun? 
For more information on visiting South Haven, Michigan check out the South Haven Visitors Bureau website. 

Our Road Trip to South Haven, MI Was ALMOST Ruined

Road Trip to South Haven, MI in the Winter

This weekend my husband and I decided to set out on a short road trip into South Haven, Michigan to celebrate our Valentines Day weekend. If it hadn’t been for the amazing food, great hotel and cool sights, this trip would have turned out to be a total disaster.

When we woke up the morning of our trip, I went to let the dog outside like I do every other morning, however when I opened up the door I was hit by a rush of cold air and a face full of snow. SNOW. . Nooooo! The weather man had called for only 1-3 inches all day, but from the looks of it, we were already blowing past three inches and it was only 7 am. I ran over to my phone and quickly opened up my weather app.

WEATHER WARNING: Up to 6 inches of snow expected. Blowing winds and blizzard like conditions possible. -9 degrees. Feels like -31 degrees. 

Seriously? I went into the bedroom to tell my husband. “Should we cancel our trip?” I asked him. “We can make it” he said “we’ve already paid for the hotel room.”. So we continued with our plans and waited for our babysitter to arrive. Truly, if I had known how bad the snow was actually going to get, I would have stayed home. Nothing is worth putting your life in danger for, but we both thought that the storm would pass and decided that we would just take it slow on the drive. After all, we were in no hurry.

As we headed down the highway on our road trip towards South Haven everything started out great. I love the feeling of driving along the open road. I sat staring out the window as we passed by tree after tree and a few old farm houses, it was peaceful and regenerating. However, after about an hour on the road, the weather took a turn for the worse. The snow began blowing so hard that we could no longer see where we were going. There were moments of complete white out’s when we weren’t even sure if we were still on the road anymore. We both started to panic. Heed my warning, lake effect snow is NOTHING TO MESS WITH.

Cogdal Winery

Wineries in South Haven, MI

As we finally reached the exit for South Haven (in double the amount of travel time we were expecting, but thankfully alive and without any damage to our car) we headed to our first stop, a winery just outside of town. By this time, I was looking forward to something to curb my nerves and relax my white knuckles. This did the trick and allowed us a moment to re-collect ourselves. After turning past the sign and driving down a long snow covered road, we found ourselves peering through the blizzard at a beautiful newly built building surrounded by white covered vineyards.

Cogdal Winery South Haven, MI
South Haven Winery in Winter

The setting was lovely and I could only imagine how even more lovely this place would be in the summer (I know I’ve got to come back!) As we walked in the door we were greeted by the smiling faces of the two owners, quite a few other patrons who were just as friendly and the most adorable little pup who came running over wagging his tail. In the fireplace a warm fire was burning and surrounding it were several comfortable looking chairs. We decided that we would try and wait out the storm here. Plus, if for any reason the storm didn’t pass, we at least knew we were in a good place.

Cogdal Winery

After taste testing a few of the vineyards wines, I settled down with a glass of my favorite dry white and watched the fire burn in the fireplace. Outside the window I could see nothing but white as the blizzard continued to dump snow all around us. The owners were kind enough to help us pass the time by showing us around the bottling room and telling us about how the wine here is made. I was pleased to find that they make their own wine and grow all their own grapes (when it’s not snowing outside, of course). It was fun to hear their story and learn that this winery is a labor of love between the two owners (husband and wife) and a lifelong dream of theirs. This winery reflects their love and appreciation for what they do.

Winter Wineries in Michigan

Old Harbor Inn

When the snow finally took a breath, we took our chance to drive downtown and find our hotel. The Old Harbor Inn was luckily situated perfectly in the middle of the downtown businesses. This was handy because after parking the car we had no intention of driving anywhere again until the snow had completely ended. The weather man again predicted that the snow should stop around 3PM. Ok, we thought, we will just wait it out in our hotel room and then we will go exploring the city. At least it was a beautiful room, newly redesigned and decorated.

Old Harbor Inn South Haven Michigan

As 3 PM came and passed, the snow only intensified. Looking out the hotel room window I was heartbroken. We were getting snowed in on Valentines Day. I know that most of you wouldn’t see this as a bad thing, but I had a full list of things I wanted to see and do while I was in the area. Plus, after the stressful drive, my only company was fast asleep on the bed. As 5 PM rolled around I finally woke my husband and talked him into bundling up and heading out on foot to find dinner. I had heard about a really great restaurant called TASTE that I couldn’t wait to try out.

South Haven Michigan in the Winter


The weather outside was still blustery and frigid (well into the negative digits), but luckily we had come prepared with our winter gear of snow pants, hats, gloves and boots. We both bundled up to the point of barely being able to move and headed out the door. By the time we made it over to TASTE my legs were completely frozen and I didn’t look as pretty as I would have liked for my Valentines Day dinner. I had hat hair, a runny red nose and snow crystals stuck in my eyelashes. Luckily, my husband never really pays attention to the way I look anyways (in a good way).

Taste Small Plates & Martinis

After a long day of travel and having not eaten all day because of the storm I was hungry. I ordered more than my fair share of food, but at least this way I could taste test more of the menu, right? Plus, ordering several different small plates is what TASTE is all about. They purposefully created their menu to give people a chance to taste smaller portions of more meals, or to share a plate among friends by offering appetizer style meals. I ordered the BBQ pulled pork and Mac n Cheese. My husband ordered the fish tacos. When the food arrived, we decided to share everything and put all three plates in the middle. Each meal was fantastic! We almost ordered more to take back to the hotel with us in case we couldn’t get back out later.

Review of Taste Small Plates & Martini's South Haven

After arriving back to the hotel at 6PM, we decided to call it a night. The weather was getting so bad and COLD that we couldn’t stand to be outside for more than a few minutes at a time and driving in the car anywhere was completely out of the question. My husband once again decided to take this opportunity to catch up on rest and within minutes was back asleep.  I sat up watching the food channel and the window, waiting for a break in the storm. Around 3am the storm finally broke and the winds slowed. From outside my window the roads looked peaceful and the slow glistened in the street lights. My husband, who had been sleeping for HOURS, finally woke up and we decided to head out into the street to explore by moonlight.

Downtown South Haven MI

As you can see, travel doesn’t always go as planned. Even though the snow tried to ruin our plans, we still had a great time because the businesses and people in South Haven are exceptional. They are the ones who make this an awesome place to visit. I would come back to South Haven any time of the year, but next time I want it to be in the summer (this place looks like it would be AMAZING in the summer).

Tomorrow is another day in South Haven and the weather is calling for NO SNOW! I simply cannot wait to explore the things I came to see like the lighthouses, lake Michigan and a few other stops.

To be continued. . . . 🙂

Feeling POSITIVELY Defeated

I would venture to say that this feeling (defeated) is something we all experience from time to time. After all, life is not always perfect for anyone. Life is a constant struggle. Some days we are up, other days we are down. Right now, I am experiencing a little bit of a dip in my mental stability. No, it is not due to anything catastrophic and to be honest, I have a great life. But every once in awhile life becomes heavy and feels like it comes crashing down on me all at once. And even though nothing seriously BIG has happened, it is all of the little things that have piled into one. A series of let downs.

Some days it is just hard to be positive, although I know that I need to keep on trying for my family and for myself. So, on days like this, I like to remember a few simple thoughts about life.

Stop Comparing Myself to Others

This is a big one for me. In the work that I do, I tend to constantly compare myself to others to justify my own successes. This can be detrimental. After all, I am not the same person as others, I don’t write about the same things as other bloggers and therefore I should not be comparing myself to them. Since I am an original, I can’t justify comparing myself (an apple) to someone else (a pear) and expect us to taste the same. It just doesn’t work that way. Besides, I like being an apple when everyone else is a pear.

I Don’t Have to Do it All

As much as I would like it to, not every opportunity is meant for me and I am not meant for every opportunity. There is a voice inside me that says if I am not doing something than I am missing out. I don’t like to miss out. I am the type of person who wants to be everywhere and do everything. However, sometimes it just doesn’t work out and I can’t let that get me down. I just need to let it go and keep moving forward. After all, there may be something else even better for me just around the corner (I know quite possibly that’s a lie, but hey, whatever get’s me through it).

Tomorrow is a New Day

So maybe today wasn’t a GREAT day, but it wasn’t necessarily a BAD day either. And guess what? Tomorrow is another new day. So even though today I might be feeling down or lacking anything to write about (Because my life is so freakin’ boring right now), that doesn’t mean that every day will be the same. In fact, the only thing that remains constant in life is change.

I am Blessed

Yep, I am blessed. There are so many wonderful things in my life that I am so very thankful for. I need to remember to focus on those things and allow everything else to fade into the background.

So even though right now I am feeling sick, tired, un-interesting and like a failure for forgetting that my son was supposed to wear pajamas to school today, I am going to try to make the best of things because that’s what happy people do. Happiness is not about the lack of troubles or defeats, it is about the mindset to not dwell on these things and to move forward.

To sum up this post. . . agh, winter.

Great Book’s to Read in February

Disclosure: This post includes Amazon affiliate links. If you choose to click on any of the images or links in this post and make a purchase through Amazon, I will receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!

Today, as I sit stuck inside my house due to a snowstorm, I am reminded how much I have grown to love books. There is something special about holding a good book in your hands. The smell of the pages, the weight of the book, and the sound of the pages as you turn them one by one. I especially love being able to travel anywhere I’d like in my mind, even though I am currently stuck indoors. There is nothing quite like it. However, sometimes a good book can be hard to find. There is nothing I hate more than sitting down to start a book and finding my mind quickly wandering off to things that need to be done instead. Being a mom with such a long list of things to be done at all times, I really need a book that is able to capture and keep my attention.

So let’s start with a re-cap of what I read last month and then I will tell you what I have plans to read during the month of February!

What Did I Read in January?
Yes Please, by Amy Poehler, was a raw book that depicts Amy’s life breaking into the comedy/television industry. It tells of her up’s and down’s and gives a realistic view of life. It made me laugh several times and did an excellent job of capturing my attention! 

Freefall to Fly: A Breathtaking Journey Toward a Life of Meaning, by Rebekah Lyons, is an inspiration story of a mother who took a few risks and made hard choices in life to learn in the end what she is really made of. This sentimental story took me along the up’s and down’s with her and made me feel ready to face changes in my own life. Definitely a great read!

Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World, by Tsh Oxenreider, is one of my favorite books I’ve read so far. Tsh has a beautiful writing style that allowed me to close my eyes and see what the writer was seeing. This book, which talks about the art of living intentionally was a game changer for me and is a book that I will probably read over and over again. 
What Am I Reading in February?
This month I have purchased the following books to read. I am starting to see a little pattern here and think that I have travel on the brain! Check in next month to see my reviews of these two books and find out what’s else I have on the dock. 

Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

Have you read any of these books? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below!