Surviving the Winter Meltdown #McCafeMyWay

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It’s getting to that time of year when the winter is really starting to close in on me. Even though statistically the snowfall and windchill have been mild this year in Michigan compared to the last, it is still freezing outside and it still hurts. For me, winter is such a gloomy time of year. The sky’s are grey and everywhere I look the white snow has wiped out almost all traces of color around me. So basically, it’s like walking around in a black and white movie all day. I still have to go through the same motions that I normally do, but now without color it’s just a little bit more boring. But wait, this post wasn’t supposed to be about me complaining! Ok, maybe 10% complaining but 90% making a plan! Yes, I have a plan!

I have decided that I am not going to let winter get the best of me this year. I have decided to embrace the beautiful differences that we experience here in Michigan through all four seasons, even though winter does take more than it’s fair share (just sayin’). To do this I decided to put my pen to paper and write down everything I could think of that would help me sustain myself during the final four months left in winter.

Below you will find my somewhat humorous look at different ways I can trick myself into enjoying the final months of winter. Feel free to add any other idea’s you may have for me in the comments below.

Surviving the Winter Meltdown

1. Go Outside. Realistically, this is the last thing that I want to do right now. I mean, I am trying to warm up, not freeze completely into a statue of ice. However, I know that the only place that I can get fresh air is to go outside. Plus, there are some fun things to do outside in the winter. Really! Take skiing for example. I have found no better way to get fresh air shoved down into my lungs than by screaming my heart out as I race down a steep hill on two slippery sleds that don’t have any breaks. See? Fun!

#McCafeMyWay #CollectiveBias Skiing
Are you digging my hat? 

2. Work it Out. That’s right baby, it’s time to pull my leotard and leg warmer out of storage because I’m joining an indoor aerobics class! Why waste away these months of having nothing great to do by sitting on the couch? Instead, I’ve decided to use these last four months as the pre-game to the summer. Yep, it’s training season baby! Time to work it out!

3. Enjoy the Small Things. There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning, throwing off the covers and feeling the slap of winter hit my body. If I was smart, I’d either sleep in socks or have slippers close by to sink my feet into, but nooooo. I like to go hardcore and run to the kitchen barefoot to get my morning cup of coffee. That way between the tasty cup of McCafé French Roast, the icy cold floors and the need for slight jogging, I am sure to be awake and ready to face my day.

#McCafeMyWay #CollectiveBias McCafe Pod

However, after the quick jogging session, I do enjoy retreating to my favorite chair with a warm blanket and cup of hot coffee to mentally prepare myself for the day. Yes, it’s all about the small things and this 5-10 minutes of solitude really does help me.

#McCafeMyWay #CollectiveBias Morning Coffee

4. Enjoy Good Food. Ok, so this is one good thing about winter. I do love a good bowl of homemade soup or a fine chili and these are things we don’t typically eat in the summer months. Again, it’s about enjoying the small things about winter.

5. Bond as a Family. If you don’t like your family than you are pretty much in trouble for winter. Winter is all about confinement, close quarters and sometimes being held up inside your house for hours or day’s on end when a blizzard comes through. So I have decided that bonding with my family is a good idea. We could watch a movie, play board games, stare blankly at each other….you get the idea.

6. Spend Time with Friends. When I’ve had enough of alone time with my family I can usually count on the fact that my friends have too. This is a perfect opportunity to get together for a play date or mom’s night out. It is also a perfect reminder that I am not alone in my despair of winter and like they say, misery loves company!

7. Get Out. Yes, get out of the house already. I promise, there are things to do in the winter. What about museums, arcades, restaurants and other places with indoor activities? Rollerskating could be fun, yes?

#ad #McCafeMyWay #cbias Rollerskates
I don’t think these are going to fit anymore. 

8. Take a Trip. Ok, that’s it! I’m outta here! Sometimes taking a break from the winter cold is all I need. Then, after spending a week sitting on a beach somewhere warm, I can come back to the bitter cold and appreciate it. Or, taking a break from the cold will help me remember what I am missing and make me want it even more. I guess I really can’t be sure until I test this hypothesis. So, where should I go? I can’t let down science!

#McCafeMyWay #CollectiveBias Beach

So far, this is all that I was able to come up with, but I think it’s a good start. Do you have any fun ideas to help get me through the final stretch of winter? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. Only comments that don’t involve me sticking my face in the snow will be considered. Thank you.

#McCafeMyWay #CollectiveBias McCafe Box

Now, let’s talk about my coffee because without it I wouldn’t be awake or out of bed to write this list. Today, I am drinking the new McCafé at home brewing pods. I was given the opportunity to taste test a cup at my local Walmart a few days ago and loved it so much that I bought a box to bring home with me. It is made with 100% Arabica beans!

McCafé is available in 8 different flavors and can now be found on the shelves at your local Walmart.

#McCafeMyWay #CollectiveBias Walmart McCafe

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What are your ideas for surviving winter?