January Goals: I am Already Seeing Changes!!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Yo-Getters writers group from Stonyfield. I do receive free products and occasional monetary payments from them. 

At the beginning of the month I decided to set some goals for myself. Here are the goals that I set.

  • Improve overall health
  • Expand my writing
Two simple goals, yet both of them just equally important to me. While I have never been one to set goals and keep them, this year I decided things were going to be different. On the first day of January, I set out to succeed in my goals and while I haven’t “succeeded” yet, I have made some pretty good strides.

Goal: Improve Overall Health
What am I Doing Differently? 
This month I decided to get moving. I spend a whole lot of time sitting behind this computer during my day writing, editing, and researching. Also, since it is winter time here in Michigan, I am not outdoors as much as I am during the summer so my lack of exercise is a problem. To get moving, the first thing I did was order a workout DVD off the internet. Once it arrived, I worked out along with the DVD for about 4 days and then gave up. It wasn’t working. It was just too difficult to workout with my kids getting underfoot and fighting me for the living room floor space. After giving up on my DVD, a friend called me and invited me to try a aerobics class with her. That was it! I decided to sign up and have been going on average two times per week for the past three weeks. 
What am I NOT Doing?
So far, I haven’t changed my diet much. I am just not ready to restrict my eating or withhold sugar from myself. I am partially scared that I will quickly loose interest if I have to go without my favorite foods and partially scared that I will morph into a crazed sugar monster and eat my family. 
However, even though I haven’t given up sugar, I have found a way to replace the types of sugar I am eating. For instance, instead of having a bowl of ice cream at night, I have switched to a bowl of Stonyfield┬« yogurt topped in chocolate shavings. It’s just as good and it fulfills my cravings. 
What Changes am I Seeing?
First and foremost, I have so much more energy! Before, when we would go out at night I would barely make it to 8 pm and I was ready to go to bed. Now, I feel like I am back in my college years. During the day I am also more active. I actually look forward to going to work out (which is totally crazy for me because I usually HATE working out). 
I have also seen a change in my body. While loosing weight wasn’t my main concern, I decided to track my progress just so I could see if there was a change. Let’s take a look at the astonishing progress!
January 1st Body Measurements
Chest: 35.5
Arms: 11.5
Waist: 36
Hips: 40
Thighs: 21
Weight: 148

January 30th Body Measurements

Chest: 35
Arms: 11
Waist: 34
Hips: 38.5
Thighs: 21
Weight: 144
Wow, just by adding a little bit of exercise to my day (twice per week) I am already able to see some improvements in my measurements. That’s exciting! 
Goal: Expand My Writing
What am I Doing Differently?
This month I have decided to challenge myself to write more and to write for more publications than just my own blog. While a few publications are still in the works, I am now an official writer for the Stonyfield Yo-getters
One other thing I am doing is listening to classical music while I write. No final documentation on whether this is helping or not yet. 
What am I Not Doing?
I decided to take on this growth right now because I want to grow as a writer. There are so many things I can learn from joining other organizations. I am not, however, looking to change who I am as a writer. I believe that I have my own personal style and I intend to keep that. 
What Changes am I Seeing?
Since starting to work with other publications, I already feel more connected to a larger community of writers. I feel empowered to write more and improve upon my writing. I’ll take this as one small step in the right direction. 
Photo Credit; Enchanting Memories Photography
What goals did you set at the beginning of the month? Have you kept them? What changes, accomplishments or learning have you found? Share with me in the comments.