A Retro Themed Valentines Day Party for My Daughter #RedVelvetLove

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Apparently, my daughter loves Valentines Day. In fact, she proceeded to remind me of this the other day as she confidently stated that Valentines day was coming up and she was really hoping that I would leave another box of  M&M’s® for her on the counter like I did last year. She is such a sweetheart. 
I am not, however, a really big fan of Valentines Day. Maybe it’s because of the year I didn’t get a carnation in school when they sold them for $1 in the lunch room cafeteria, so I had to buy myself one and pretend to everyone that it was from a secret admirer. Maybe it was the year in college when I thought that this really cute guy I liked was going to ask me out, but instead he was just stopping by my room to get my advice on a good place to take someone else. I could go on, but you get the idea and bringing up all of these memories is really starting to bum me out, so I’ll stop. 
But my little girl, she loves the idea of a pink and red day to celebrate love, and why shouldn’t she? She has not yet experienced the pain and awkwardness that can come along with the day. To her, Valentines Day is all about showing love to her family and celebrating the love that we show to her, and we definitely do love her. So before my daughter gets to the age where all or some of these things may happen to her, I want to nourish her good feelings about love and Valentines Day and show her that love can also be found within family and friends (not always just from the ones we are attracted to). 
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To do this, I decided to throw a rockin’ fun retro themed dinner party for our family (extended as well) and friends to enjoy. This holiday, which has a tendency to make people feel isolated or left out, turned out to be a great opportunity for all of us to come together and share in the love that we have for one another.

I decided that it would be fun to honor my daughters wishes and give her the one thing she looks forward to most on Valentines Day, her much anticipated box of M&M’s®.  For this reason, we made the new M&M’s® Red Velvet our theme for the evening and created the entire party around her favorite candy. We decorated the dinner table real fancy with charger plates, cloth napkins and place cards made from the M&M’s® classroom exchange bags sold at Walmart. They worked perfectly to write each guests name on. 
#ad #RedVelvetLove #CollectiveBias M&M's Classroom Exchange Bags
Next, we worked on putting together a totally fabulous dessert bar. My first idea to add to the table was to create a pudding station for the kids. To do this I filled three large jars with three different types of M&M’s®, traditional, peanut butter and the new M&M’s® Red Velvet. I also purchased some little pink cups, whipped topping and chocolate syrup to set on the bar so after dinner the kids could create their own desserts by filling their cups up with the pre-made white chocolate flavored pudding and mixing in their favorite M&M’s® and toppings. As you can imagine, this was a hit! 
#ad #RedVelvetLove #CollectiveBias Valentines Day Pudding Bar
To keep with our M&M’s® theme and give more substance to our dessert bar, I decided to make a pretty traditional Valentines Day treat to share with the kids. You might recognize this treat, however this one comes with a super tasty twist. Can you guess what it is? 
#ad #RedVelvetLove #CollectiveBias Chocolate and M&M's covered strawberries
If you guessed chocolate covered strawberries, you’re right! However, here is the twist. After dipping the washed strawberries in the melted white chocolate, we decided to dip them in crushed red velvet and peanut butter M&M’s®. Ohhh Yeeeaahh. . . 
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What fun we all had! Turns out, hosting a love filled party with my kids and family was just what I needed to. Together we enjoyed dinner (which I worked hard at calling in and having delivered), tasty dessert options and time spent with family. What could be better?
#ad #RedVelvetLove #CollectiveBias Valentines Day party
Hopefully through all of this I have started my daughter off with a good interpretation of what love really is (and quite possibly re-invented what Valentines Day means to me as well). Have a happy Valentines Day everyone!

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The M&M’s® Red Velvet mentioned in this post were found at our local Walmart store in the candy/seasonal aisle. Be sure to check them out this Valentines Day. 
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