Small Village, Big Traditions #MeetMeInMilford

#MeetMeInMilford Holiday

Last night my family and I attended the Big Reveal event in Downtown Milford. Tonight, I wanted to share with you the photos that I snapped at this event. I wanted to share these photos with you because something funny happened to me while I was there. It was sort of hard to explain, but while I was at this window reveal, in a pretty small village in Michigan, I felt the holiday spirit greater than I had ever felt before.

#MeetMeInMilford Christmas

For a lack of better words, I would describe this event as magical. The streets of the village were dressed in bright white lights and the business windows were all wrapped up like presents. Filling the streets were dozens of people, all of which seemed to appear from nowhere and all at once, holding hands and smiling. Around us the snow was swirling out of control like something out of a fairy tale. As the loudspeaker cracked, a countdown had began and all of the people joyfully counted along. Everyone was so happy and so excited. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

#MeetMeInMilford Window Reveal

ONE, shouted the voice over the loudspeaker. The sound of her voice speaking that word was like a snap of the fingers and I jumped back into reality as if I had been in a trance. I believe that I had been day dreaming for a short moment about the who’s in who-ville gathering around the tree singing Welcome Christmas, but I am not yet so sure it was a daydream. As I refocused my camera, I captured the final moments of all of the children in the streets tearing the wrapping paper down from the beautifully wrapped windows. I could hear gasps around me as the crowd was given first glimpse of the thoughtfully decorated window displays. Truthfully, I think I gasped the loudest out of them all. What I witness in the window displays and in the hearts of the people around me was truly breathtaking.

#MeetMeInMilford Window Holiday
#MeetMeInMilford Christmas at Bling Boutique Milford, MI
#MeetMeInMilford Holiday Window Display
#MeetMeInMilford Milford Window Display

I wanted to share these images with all of you because they touched me. They brought back that feeling of a nostalgic Christmas, one that I had been longing for. The vision of people coming together to enjoy each others company, to laugh and to walk hand in hand down a snow covered sidewalk and just dream. It was beautiful.

#MeetMeInMilford Downtown Milford, MI

I hope to remember this feeling throughout the entire holiday season this year and remember that Christmas is not just about the gifts, it is about so much more. Thank you Milford, MI, it’s been a pleasure.

If you would like to enjoy the nostalgia of downtown Milford, MI this season, here are a few other event’s that are coming up.

Nov. 20 – Dec. 18 – Dinner’s On Us – Any downtown restaurant
         Enjoy a complimentary meal in downtown Milford! From 5:30-9 pm each Thursday between
         the dates above a few happy elves representing downtown businesses and community
         neighbors will stop by Main street restaurants and pick up the tabs of randomly selected

Nov. 29th – Gobbler Gallop and Christmas Parade – 440 N. Main Street
         1 mile run starts at 8 am.
         4 mile walk/run starts at 8:30 am.
         Parade begins at 10 am.

Dec. 4th – Christmas Open House – Main Street between Summit and Canal streets
         Santa Claus is coming to town during Milford’s annual Christmas open house. Also find
         strolling entertainment, caroling, and special deals and promotions at local stores and  
         5:30-9 pm

Dec. 4 – Dec. 20 – Visit with Santa – Village Center Mall
         7-9 pm Thursday, Dec. 11 and 16
         11 am to 1 pm Saturday, Dec. 6, 13 & 20

Learn more about what this village has to offer and how you can win free prizes from the area businesses using #SantaAlert at

Have you ever been to Milford, MI? What are your favorite memories? If you’ve never been before, would you like to visit? Tell us about it in the comments.