Fun Holiday Decoration & Gift Ideas for Car People

So, today we are going to have just a little bit of fun. As my family was putting up our Christmas decorations, I realized that we decorate with a lot of car themed items. But hey, we like cars. So I figured that if we liked cars so much to decorate with them around the holidays, then other people may like them that much too. So I thought that today I would share with you a few of our fun holiday decorating ideas and simple gift ideas, for people who like cars. 🙂

This first one is actually a super easy DIY car ornament craft. You see, I can never find ornaments that I like in stores, but I can always find cool toy cars. . . so. . see where I am going here? 
All I used to make this ornament was: 
Vintage hot rod toy car   
Hot glue gun & glue 

Super easy, I just placed a dab of hot glue on the back of the car, tied a knot in my string and placed the end of it in the glue to dry. Then I tied a little ribbon into a bow around the hanging string and placed it on my tree. Besides my son wanting to take them down and play with them all the time, these little ornaments are perfect (and cheap).

Who says you can’t decorate with old license plates? I mean, what exactly are you supposed to do with them when they no longer have use on your car? Well, for me, I use them to decorate my living room. Nothing special here, just placed it on top of an old window and let it speak for itself. 
Curious about how I made the white wreath? Find that tutorial here: 

Now this little decoration is new to our house this year. As I was walking through the toy section the other day, I spotted this adorable vintage red pick up truck die cast. It was perfect and I knew that I wanted to use it in my holiday decorating. In order to make the truck more Christmas like, I grabbed a mini tree to place in the bed and voila!

We are using this one as a table centerpiece, but it could really go anywhere.

I “may” let my little boy keep this holiday decoration to play with after the holidays are over since he is being so good at not touching it while mommy is playing with it. 🙂 Poor kid. I know that this one is really tempting too.

That’s it for our holiday decorations this year so far, unless you count the old red gas cans sitting on our front porch. But before we leave I wanted to share with you a silly and fun little gift guide for people people who like cars, because I have had way too much fun browsing through online shopping not to share some of my favorites with you!

Happy Holidays!