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Retro hair styles: they’re glamorous, stylish and well, let’s face it, a bit intimidating. After a night full of tossing and turning on my not to comfortable hair rollers, I can’t help but wonder how the ladies of the 40’s and 50’s did it! I mean, up until now my options for getting set in curls for the day was either pin curls, which usually fall out during the night, rollers, which are quite painful to sleep on or a thin standard curling iron, which can take a lot of time and cause my arms to go completely numb in the process. Plus, all but one of these options meant that I needed to shower the night before in order to have time for my curls to wet set overnight. I really hate doing that. I need my shower and my coffee in the morning in order to wake me up. But wait, did you read what I wrote very carefully? Check out this sentence again, “I mean, up until now my options for getting set in curls. . . “. That’s right! I found a set of products that can dry and set my hair in perfect curls for a vintage style hairdo in the morning before I have to head out the door! Before we get started with my favorite retro hairstyle tutorials, lets take a look at the products that I will be using as a base for all of the looks in this article. Since almost every retro hairstyle starts with a great curl, this piece of information is going to be pretty useful. 

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Now, as promised, I am going to share with you a few of my favorite retro hairstyles that are perfect for everyday wear. You can check out a few of the after photos and then watch a video tutorial below. If at any time you have a question, leave it in the comments section at the end and I will get back with you as quickly as I can. 

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Let’s start with this basic look. This look I created using the Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret® to set my head full of curls. I have to admit, when I first took this hair styling tool out of the box, I was intimidated by it. It was different looking than a standard curling iron and I was a bit nervous about what would happen to my hair when it was drawn into the chamber for curling. However, after I read the directions carefully and followed them to a tee, I opened the chamber to find a beautifully curled strand of hair! I was smitten! Seriously, this casual retro look is just so easy to put together now. 

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Now that we have the basic vintage curled hair, making small adjustments can completely change the look. When I am going for an all out retro glam look, I like to throw in a few victory rolls to take it up a notch. These are not easy for a beginner, so if you’re having trouble getting them to work, just keep practicing. It took me a long time to get to where I am today and I still know that they could be better. Let’s check out a video I made that will walk you through the process of putting these looks together. 

I hope you liked my video. 🙂 Those are just a few of the every day retro hair styles that I love to rock on a regular basis. Be sure to let me know which look is your favorite in the comments! Also, you can find more information on the tools that I used to create the styles in these videos at the following links:

Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret®
Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ Brushless Motor Dryer
Conair 90 pack Bobby Pins

Conair Velvet Paddle Brush

All of these items can be easily found at Walmart. Just look for them in the hair accessories aisle. 

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Be sure to check them out. 🙂 You can also find more articles on these products by searching the following hashtags: #HeartMyHair #CollectiveBias. Enjoy!