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Southwestern Chicken Bowl #RGRecipes #SlowCooker

#ad Slow Cooker Southwestern Chicken Bowl #RGRecipes #Slowcooker

Here is something I’d like to know! Where is my dinner fairy at?! You know, the one who magically makes dinner appear on the table when it’s time to eat? I haven’t seen that darn little fairy since I was just a wee girl. Please come back dinner fairy. I miss you. 🙂

Since the dinner fairy doesn’t really exist, although I wish she did, most nights I like to turn to the next best thing to have dinner waiting for me when I get home; my slow cooker. Slow cookers or “Crock-Pot’s” are magical in their own right because there are so many awesome recipes you can make using them, not only dinners. So, for this reason, over the next few months I am going to post some of my favorite slow cooker recipes. Besides, who doesn’t love to have a warm meal waiting for them on a cool fall night? The two just belong together.

Tonight’s meal is sponsored by Red Gold tomatoes. Wasn’t it sweet of them to send over this little gift box of tomatoes for us to try? <–Love it.

#ad Red Gold Blogger #RGrecipes #slowcooker

They even sent me new wooden spoon. Tee-hee. You know, for me, it really is the little things.

#ad #RGRecipes #slowcooker

Ok, on to the recipe!

Southwestern Chicken Bowl


1  can Red Gold lime juice & cilantro tomatoes
1  can or bag corn
1  can cheddar cheese soup (or a handful of actual cheddar cheese)
1  can of pinto or black beans
4  chicken breasts (boneless/skinless)
3  cups uncooked rice

#ad Southwestern Chicken Bowl Recipe #Slowcooker #RGrecipes


Combine all ingredients, except the rice into the slow cooker. Cook on high for 6 hours or on low for 8-10 hours. Within the last hour, take two forks and shred the chicken. Continue to cook for the remaining hour.

When the slow cooker is almost done either cook your rice separately on the stove or add the rice directly into the slow cooker 30 minutes before the meal is finished cooking.

Serve over rice (unless you just added it in).

#ad #RGrecipes #Slowcooker

It doesn’t get any easier than this! A home-cooked meal without the fuss. <–that’s how I roll. If you’d like to pin this recipe for later, simply hoover over the image below and click on the Pinterest logo in the bottom left corner of the image.

#ad Southwest Chicken Bowl Slow Cooker Recipe #RGrecipes #slowcooker

A special thanks to Red Gold for the goodies! Be sure to check out Red Gold on their website or get social with them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Do you have a slow cooker? What is your favorite thing to make with it? Share a link in the comments!

Calling the North Pole, Are You There? A Retro Christmas with @Hallmark {GIVEAWAY} #NorthPoleFun #shop

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. 
#ad NorthPole Communicator from Hallmark #NorthPoleFun #CollectiveBias

“Calling the North Pole. . Come in North Pole. . Are you there?”

I know I might be getting a little ahead of myself, but Christmas is my very favorite holiday. I love the magic and the wonder of the season. I especially love sharing that wonder and magic with my kids. Sure, some might say that you shouldn’t play into the whole Santa Claus thing with your kids, but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, my kids believe in Santa. They also believe in elves. I plan to let them hold on to that spirit as long as they choose to believe. Because of that, when I saw this new line of retro style Christmas items from Hallmark, complete with a North Pole communicator and heart felt book, I knew that they would each have a special place in my home.

You see, each Christmas ever since my children were born, I have bought them a new Christmas book that we would read together on Christmas eve. It is sort of like our own little family tradition, one that we started ourselves. To this day, each of the books that I’ve bought over the years still sit together on our bookshelf and we sometimes even pull them out and look at them year round (to my husbands demise though, he’s sort of the Grinch of the family). This year, in preparation for our special Christmas Eve tradition, I picked up the book Find Me, Santa! Snowflake™ and Once Upon a Northpole Christmas by Hallmark. 

#ad Once Upon a NorthPole Christmas book by Hallmark #NorthPoleFun #CollectiveBias
When I opened up this beautifully made book I was happy to find colorful artwork and a wonderful story of the holiday spirit. It also came with a light up snowflake, bonus. “I think we will hang this snowflake out on the tree in our front yard, mom” said my daughter. She is the one who is always worried about Santa finding her each year. “That sounds like a wonderful idea” I replied. 
#ad #NorthPoleFun #CollectiveBias

Along with the book, Hallmark will be offering an entire line of holiday items to go along with their new movie, available this November. They have activities, keepsakes and cookie making supplies available for purchase at Walmart, all themed in a great retro holiday style. One of my favorite items from this line is the North Pole communicator.

#ad NorthPole Communicator @Hallmark #NorthPoleFun #CollectiveBias
With this keepsake microphone you can tune in and chat with an elf in the North Pole daily from December 1 through Christmas. It’s “interactive”. <– How cute it that! I can already imagine my kids and I bringing out the communicator each night before bed to tune in and see what the news is over in the North Pole. What a fun way to bring a little bit of Christmas into my house each day throughout the holiday season! Plus, this is something that my kids can control themselves. They will love it!
#ad Communicate with the NorthPole #NorthPoleFun #CollectiveBias

Check out the North Pole communicator in action!

I know it’s a little early to write about Christmas, but I wanted to have time to give away a Holiday Gift Pack from Hallmark featuring some of the items in this line to one of my fans and get it shipped out to you in plenty of time before the holiday season gets underway.

Do you want to start a new holiday book tradition in your home or do you have kids who would love to chat with an elf over in the North Pole? Enter below and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All of these products are available at Walmart starting November 1st. Be sure to keep an eye out for them. I know that I will also be picking up the Treeluminator™ Christmas Tree Light and Sound Show and the Northpole Est. 1820™ Christmas DVD too once they are available. 

What holiday tradition does your family keep each year? Tell me about it in the comments below. 

#NorthPoleFun #CollectiveBias


Breakfast Casserole Recipe
Shh.. This recipe is a secret. You see, my mother has been making this recipe for our family since I was just a little girl, but she only makes it once a year on Christmas morning. I, however, have grown quite fond of the dish and make it several times a year. But don’t tell her! For my mother this dish is symbolic, a family tradition. For me, it is a casserole of childhood memories and it tastes good besides, so why wouldn’t I want to have it more often than once a year? 
So, today I am throwing tradition to the wind and showing you how I make my mothers Christmas Breakfast Casserole. . . in October. 
Breakfast Casserole Recipe Sausage


Sausage (cooked)
1 tube of crescent rolls
12 eggs
1 bag of frozen or refrigerated hashbrowns
12 oz of cheddar jack cheese (shredded)
salt & pepper to taste

Farm Fresh Eggs {Raising Dick and Jane}


*Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

The first thing I do is cook up the sausage in a large skillet until browned. Next, I take my grandma’s farm fresh eggs, crack twelve of them into a bowl and whisk until scrambled.

Crescent Rolls Recipe

Then I spray a 9×13 glass dish with non-stick spray and roll out the crescent rolls into the bottom. My little helper loves to help me press them out and squish the dough flat.

Hash Brown Recipe

Next up, we spread out the refrigerated hash browns across the bottom, on top of the crescent rolls. After that, our eggs are ready to be poured evenly over the top.

Breakfast Pizza Recipe

The sausage is then layered on and is topped with cheese.

Breakfast for a Crowd

Cover the dish with aluminum foil and bake for 75 minutes at 350 degrees. After the 75 minutes, remove the foil and bake for an additional 5-10 minutes to brown the cheese. Just make sure your eggs are thoroughly cooked before removing the foil. Otherwise, cook it just a little while longer since some oven cooking times may vary. After the casserole is done cooking, I always let mine sit for 5 minutes to cool before serving.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs, may increase your risk
of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Potluck Dishes

This casserole is perfect for large gatherings, for breakfast and even for dinner. Let me know how you like it and feel free to share it with your friends, but Shh. . don’t tell my mother I told you! 🙂

Diner Style Breakfast Casserole
If you would like to “PIN” this recipe for later, simply hoover over the image above and click on the Pinterest symbol when it shows up in the lower left hand corner. 

SEA LIFE of MICHIGAN: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Progress #SEALIFEMI


The smell of fresh sawdust, the sound of clanking equipment, I must be in the right place! As I walked into the Great Lakes Crossing mall at District 7, I was excited to see the floor to ceiling white construction wall holding up two huge posters announcing the new arrival of the new SEA LIFE of MICHIGAN aquarium. Directly across the corridor from where I was standing was the Rainforest Cafe, who was gearing up for the day by making a huge racket of animal noises and storm sounds. This is a great location for a family friendly outing, I thought.

#ad Great Lakes Crossing Mall #SeaLifeMI

I headed over to the press check in table to well, check in. “You’ll have to wear a hard hat today”, said the lovely lady behind the table, “We’re going to be walking through the construction zone to see the progress.”. Sweet! I thought. I couldn’t wait to see what was behind that mysterious, big white wall. I popped on my hat, after having only a quick thought about head lice, and waited to go inside with the others.

#ad #sealifemi Hard Hats

Upon stepping behind the white construction door, my eyes grew bigger. I was blown away by the way the interior appeared. The artwork placed into each component was mesmerizing. The realistic looking rocks that went all the way up to the ceiling and around corners, the curves of winding hallways that took you into different themed rooms, and the layout of the tanks in an interactive fashion, I loved it all.

#ad #sealifemi Progress

As we walked from room to room , guided by the designers of this underwater wonderland,  I was able to paint in my head what the final appearance was going too look like. There will be harbors with wooden docks, touch pools with real fish to pet and shipwrecks hiding octopuses within their brokenness. This place was not going to be walls and walls of tanks, but rather an experience like none other. This aquarium is going to be a place to inspire both children and adults alike to learn more about sea life housed within it and how to do more to save it and promote it’s growth in the wild.

#ad #sealifemi Tank Photo

As we made our way through the tour, we came upon a large (very large) tank. In the back of the tank was a sea queen with what appeared to be octopus tentacles coming from her. It was in this tank that they first let the water fly. As the man with the large water tube waited, some children invited by the Sea Life of Michigan dumped in the first buckets of ceremonial water. Moments later the pipe was turned on and water came flowing out. They said that it would take a few days before this tank would reach it’s limit. <—yep, that big.

#ad Progress on the Sea Life of Michigan tanks

The best part, for me, about that huge 120,000 gallon tank is the tunnel that walks through it. When the aquarium is open, guests will be able to walk into a 360 degree viewing tube and imagine that they are standing at the bottom of the ocean, fish swimming all around them. This, I think, will be my favorite spot.

#ad #sealifemi Viewing Tank

After being given this little tour, I am even more excited for the Sea Life of Michigan aquariums to open. I’ll keep you updated as I see and hear any more about the progress of this site. Also, don’t forget to enter your kids 8-12 into the Sea Life of Michigan Young Environmentalists Panel for a chance to win passes to the aquarium! I think it’s a great opportunity to nourish a possible passion.

Next time your at Great Lakes Crossing mall, check out the large mural painted on the outside of the building and familiarize yourself as to where this place is located. You’ll want to be ready when the doors open in the Spring of 2015! Advanced tickets will be available online in November! Get yours or find more information here:

#ad #SeaLifeMI building Great Lakes Crossing Mall
Are you excited for this new attraction to arrive? Are you planning on visiting it? Share your excitement in the comments! 

Don’t be Square – Try the New Buddy’s Pizza Opening Today in Novi, Michigan

#buddysNovi Grand Opening of Buddy's Pizza in Novi Michigan

There are times, because of my blogging presence, that I get invited to attend ribbon cuttings, grand openings, fashion shows and other media geared events. That’s what I do. I am an outspoken person, and companies like to invite outspoken people to try their products. . especially if they know that we’ll love it.

So, as I was getting ready to head out the door to the ribbon cutting event, I started to feel the butterflies in my stomach come to life. There’s the catch 22. You see, I adore going to all of these events, but at the same time they utterly terrify me. As I stood in front of my closet door, doing my best to pick out something nice to wear, I found that I needed to keep psyching myself up. From time to time I would catch a glimpse of myself in the mirrored side of my closet door and mentally say to myself “You just have to get in the door and then you’ll be fine.”.  After all, deep down I knew that I would do what I always do at these events and that is make new friends, talk to much and go home glad that I went and feeling foolish for showing any sign of doubt in the first place. It’s just the getting there part that I have trouble with. So I took a deep breath, put on my striped sweater and my black boots and gave myself one last look in the mirror. “You can do this” I stammered.

Buddy's Pizza #BuddysNovi

As I drove along, on my way to the event, I kept giving myself a way out. I told myself that if I got to the event and didn’t feel comfortable that I could leave. That is always my motto. So all I needed to do was chill out and I could make up my mind when I got there. As I pulled into the outdoor mall location where the new Buddy’s pizza is scheduled to open (today!) and gazed out my car window at the freshly painted building, I noticed that all of the neon lights in the sign were shining bright, the windows sparkled and a pretty red bow was set up just outside of the grand silver rimmed doors. This place definitely looked nice, I thought to myself, I think I’ll go in for just a few minutes. After all, my curiosity was getting the best of me and I really did want to see what the inside looked like too.


Upon walking up to the big beaming red front doors I was greeted by one of the PR reps. I looked at her, shoved my fears deep down inside (like I’ve been trained to do) and with an outreached hand said “Hi, I’m Mary. I’m here for the ribbon cutting event.”. “Mary, who?” she returned in a pleasant but curious tone. My uneasiness was starting to work it’s way up again. “Um, Mary” I said, “from the blog Raising Dick and Jane”. “Ah yes, Mary.” she said. I started to smile. Whew, I WAS on the list, I thought to myself, for some reason I always think that they might have forgotten to add me. “Come on inside” she said, “I’ll show you around before we get started”.

#buddysNovi #madeindetroit #press

As we walked inside the brand new radiant building, my eyes were immediately drawn upwards. The ceilings were high and breezy. The layout of the room was open and welcoming and the decor was amazing! It definitely had that retro styling that I adore. As we walked from section to section the young lady who met me at the door pointed out all of the different styles that made this restaurant unique. All I could notice, however, was the Detroit signs, the bright retro colors and smell of baking pizza. Mmm.. I said, that smells amazing!

#buddysnovi #press

After a short ribbon cutting we were welcomed to stay for a reception and taste what Buddy’s pizza is all about. In all honesty, I’ve been to a Buddy’s pizza before so I KNEW how amazingly good it was and because of past experiences I wanted to stay and eat! I looked at the menu. Tonight I wanted to try something daring and new, after all. . I was feeling pretty triumphant by this time for conquering my fears and going to this event in the first place. So when the super sweet waitress came over  to take my order, I asked for the “Lake Ontario” pizza. This pizza was made up of a motor city cheese blend, fresh cilantro, Canadian bacon, grilled pineapple and Buddy’s BBQ sauce. <—take that fear!!!

Buddys Pizza Menu #BuddysNovi

Within a short time my pipping hot pizza was brought to the table. The cheese was overflowing from the unapologetic square pizza set in front of me and the smell emitted from the perfectly crisp pie was heavenly. Now THIS was a pizza!

Buddys Pizza Review #BuddysNovi

As I sat leaned back in my chair from eating more than my share of heavenly pizza the waitress came over and said those words. . . you know the ones. . . “Save any room for dessert?”. I sat up in my chair, took and deep breath and muttered, “sure”. <—-with a smile, of course.

Buddys Pizza Dessert #buddysnovi #press

That night, at the ribbon cutting, there were only two desserts to choose from and I am glad that there were. After all of the decision making over which gourmet pizza to choose from (because they have so many amazing choices), any more difficult choices would have been just too much. From the two choices given, I decided to go with the cream puff topped in locally made Sanders hot fudge. That is one really great thing about Buddy’s pizza, they like to use local ingredients when they can. After all, Buddy’s was started locally out of Detroit.

What is Buddy’s Pizza All About? 

Buddy’s pizza is know for their Detroit Style, square shaped, deep dish pizza. Over the years, as Buddy’s has grown in size and popularity, they have been able to make a special name for themselves and I can see why. They’ve been named as one of the best pizza’s in Michigan by the Pure Michigan campaign, Food & Wine named Buddy’s one of the best pizza places in the U.S. and the Food Network named them as one of the top 5 pizza places in the nation! And here I was, eating famous pizza and dessert as a guest of the restaurant! How did I get here?!?

Buddys Pizza Bar #BuddysNovi

Being able to share in the success and growth of local businesses is one of the reasons I do what I do. I love being able to spread the word about places worth spreading. I love to be able to meet new people, try new things and push myself into uncomfortable situations. After all, nobody ever said doing what you love is easy, but I am sure that everyone can agree that it is definitely worth it.

Be sure to go and support the grand opening of Buddy’s pizza in Novi, Michigan TODAY! And because Buddy’s is a company that cares about community and giving back they have offered to give away $2 from every pizza sold at their Novi location on October 23rd to the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. The doors open at 3 pm. Don’t be square. . . unless your a Buddy’s famous pizza. 🙂

Buddy’s Novi is located at 44225 Twelve Mile Road in the Fountain Walk complex. For more information, operating times, menu and more visit Buddy’s pizza on Facebook or join them on Twitter.

Do you have a favorite Buddy’s pizza or see one on their menu that you’d like to try? Tell us which pizza is your favorite in the comments section below.


Fall Favorite Recipes

You know the feeling, as soon as the temperature starts to change so do our eating desires. I wonder if it is inherit in us? Maybe something to make us want only what is available? Some sort of cave man like insight? Either way, I know that for me when the sun starts to set earlier, the clouds start to roll in and the air turns crisp, all I want to do is snuggle up with a warm blanket and eat some of my favorite comfort foods. <–This might also be why I tend to put on a few pounds over the season. Well, that or the fudge and cookies. One can never tell. 🙂

Since many of us here in Michigan are just starting to kick on the furnaces, I thought that this would be the perfect time to share my favorite fall foods with all of you. These recipes are my tried and true favorites, the ones that keep me coming back year after year. I hope you enjoy them too and if you have a favorite fall recipe to share, you can link to it in the comments. Really, linking off to other recipes is welcomed and encouraged! One can never have too many fall favorites.

Chicken Burrito Soup Recipe

This is one of my favorites, that’s why I listed it first. This super easy crock pot meal is a dump and run. Just dump in all of the ingredients and heat. Go here for the recipe and instructions.

Hot Apple Cider Recipe

Fall is all about the hot apple cider in my house. With more than a couple apple orchards within driving distance from us, we are constantly tempted to stop and pick up more fresh cider, apples and even donuts. You would think that hot apple cider is just warmed up cider, but it’s not. It is actually made by combining a few ingredients together and heating. Find out how to make this fall favorite drink here #sponsored.

Apple Roll Up Recipe #FallFavorites

Speaking of apples, here is another great apple recipe. This one makes for a super great fall dessert and uses fresh apples! Check it out here.

Ground Beef Stroganoff Recipe #fallfavorites #ad

I simply love a good casserole in the fall. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s usually carb filled. 🙂 This recipe is all of that and more. Give it a try, you’ll be happy you did! You can find the recipe and instructions for Easy Beef Stroganoff here. #sponsored

Baked Spaghetti Recipe

Here is another tasty casserole idea. This baked spaghetti is packed with flavor (and cheese). Check it out here. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Spinach Dip with Yogurt #ad

After all of these carb loaded meals, I thought that I should throw in a yummy comfort food that has been redone to make it more health conscious. #sponsored Here you will find the recipe for a healthier version of my favorite holiday spinach dip. I could eat a whole bowl of this stuff, which I guess it’s a good thing it’s made with yogurt.

Pizza Recipe with Vegetables

In the fall even Friday night pizza night can be transformed! Check out this recipe for Brussel Sprout pizza that I know your family will love. It’s got brussel sprouts, bacon, cheese, mushrooms and tons of other super tasty ingredients. Seriously, don’t count this one out before your try it! We’ve come to like it even better than delivery!

Homemade Caramel Apples #ad

Finally, part of the seasonal fun is making caramel apples. This super easy make at home recipe will get you started, then you can add in your own favorite toppings. Check it out here #sponsored.

Geez, who am I kidding. Here is a bonus recipe because, hey, I like bonuses. This one is quirky, but I think you might just love it. We sure did.

#fallfavorite BBQ Pork Nachos
What’s your favorite fall comfort food? For those of you who live in warmer weather states, do you experience the change in appetite as well or is that more of a northerner thing? Talk to me in the comments! 

Hallowe’en at Greenfield Village is a Must See!

#ad Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village @HenryFord

Looking for some Halloween fun that’s perfect for the whole family and is close to home? Last night the kids and I took a trip to Dearborn, MI to visit Hallowe’en at Greenfield Village. This was our first time visiting Greenfield Village, during the Hallowe’en event or any other time, and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. However, now that we’ve been, I can honestly say that “It’s Amazing!”.

The event took place inside an antique village setting complete with a candlelit path of pumpkins and a few stray street lights. We began our walk into the village as the sun was beginning to set and within only a few moments of passing through the gates we were in darkness, except for the dim glow of the pumpkins. As we nervously walked along the path provided we were greeted by all kinds of characters, tricks and treats.

What Ages is this Event Good For?

Hallowe’en at Greenfield Village is spooky, but also family friendly. The kids weren’t too scared to continue, yet mom and dad didn’t get bored with it either. It was the perfect mixture of family fun! Plus, this event is so well put together that there was no confusion on where we should be going at any given time, leaving nothing to be missed. And trust me, you wont want to miss a single thing! Take a look at some of the fun we had during our visit!

#ad #Greenfieldvillage

How to Get In

Anyone can get into the village for the very limited Hallowe’en event at Greenfield Village, all you need is a ticket! Tickets can be purchased ahead of time online or at the ticket box office at the village entrance. I recommend buying tickets well in advance of the date you want to attend because they tend to sell out quickly. By the time we arrived for the 7pm entry time, the entire night had been sold out. However, once you have your ticket, you will be allowed to enter the village at your scheduled time. Tickets are sold for every half hour starting at 6:30pm and going until 9pm, 8pm on Sundays.

Event runs October 10-12, 17-19 and 24-26, 2014

#ad Vintage Car at Greenfield Village

Being Ford country, I wasn’t surprised to find a vintage Ford car sitting just inside the gates as we entered, but you know we all loved it! We also found a car club of hearse cars set up just outside the gates as we exited. I love that the Henry Ford brought their heritage into this fun holiday event as well and brought in a local car club to help celebrate. It was really cool to see!

#ad Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village

As we walked along the pumpkin lit path, we also found ourselves face to face with costumed characters both spooky and friendly. This character below happened to be my sons favorite, he stood almost ten feet tall! In kid terms, that’s ginormous!

#ad Halloween 2014 @henryford

As we continued along, we quickly realized that after each character we would find a trick or treat station where candy, cookies, chips and other goodies were being handed out by the village staff. I loved that I could still give my kids the “trick or treating” experience that I remember in a safe and controlled environment such as this.

Oh, and don’t worry about bringing a bag to store your candy, they provide you with one of those too!

#ad Pumpkins
#ad Halloween at Henry Ford

Within the village we also found a huge movie screen playing vintage films, a spot to stop and enjoy hot beverages or snacks, funny pirate skits taking place down by the water and a cornfield full of scarecrows (who I believe were waiting for us. . mu-ah-ha-ha). <–Don’t get too close. 
TIP: Be sure to bring a few extra bucks with you into the park if you want to stop by the roadside food and beverage stations or purchase glow in the dark souvenirs. These types of things are available to you if you want them. 
#ad Fairies Costume Halloween
Do you believe in fairies? Apparently they’re very hard to catch, but we spotted some magical fairies in a beautiful sparkling glow within the village. Surprisingly, they were friendly. 
#ad Mad Scientist Lab Halloween

Be sure to keep an eye out for the mad scientist too. We found his lab, but he was no where to be found in it. The villagers however must have known he was around because they were warning us to “beware”.

#ad Sugar Skulls @Henryford

Not all of the village is spooky though, some of it is musical with skeletons who like to get down. Take the time and dance along with them, it’s fun.

#ad Witches Broom Lot Sign

There is no limit to what you can find in this village during Hallowe’en nights. As a family, we loved it! I would definitely recommend Hallowe’en at Greenfield Village as a must see Halloween attraction this year. Has anyone else gone? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit the Greenfield Village/Henry Ford website at  

Be a Part of the Young Environmentalists Panel #Michigan

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for the Sea Life of Michigan project.
 All opinions are my own. 
#ad Sea Life of Michigan Environmentalist Panel

Calling all young environmental enthusiasts! Right now, SEA LIFE of MICHIGAN is accepting applicants from children ages 8-12 who are passionate about the sea and it’s creatures to join their environmentalists panel. Twelve children from the area will be chosen and will be invited to join SEA LIFE of Michigan, opening in early 2015 at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall, in their grand opening and events. Panelists will get a first look at the exhibit before it is open to the public and will win a years pass to the exhibit!

Do you know someone who would be perfect for the position? Visit the SEA LIFE of Michigan Facebook page for more information and to register.

Come Along with Me to {Petoskey, Michigan}

Petoskey Michigan Downtown

Hey, nice to see you! Thank you for joining me on day two of our trip into northern Michigan. If you joined us on Monday you may have noticed that we posted all about Boyne Mountains. If you missed that post you can check it out here. Today, however, I am sharing the second part of our adventures as we drive further north into the beautiful city of Petoskey, Michigan.

As we headed out onto the wooded back roads of America northwards from Boyne Falls towards Petoskey, we were immediately greeted by breath-taking landscapes, fresh air and yes, even a few wild turkeys.

Railroad photo in Boyne Falls, MI
Wild Turkeys in Boyne Falls, MI #Michigan #travelblogger

The drive between these two cities is a short one, only about 20 minutes, and I would say that both the drive and the town are definitely worth your time. As we headed down the hilly and wooded back roads in our minivan towards the next city, we found that the colors and views only enhanced. There were cool vintage buildings, tiny one building downtowns and a railroad track that followed the roadside for miles.

Downtown Petoskey #Michigan #travelblogger

As we came over the last hill and around the last corner into downtown Petoskey, we found ourselves face to face with the beautiful blue waters of Lake Michigan. These waters, combined with the abundance of fall color was a sight to be seen and we were ready to take it in! We decided that the first thing we wanted to do was to head down the pier to get a better look and the landscape. At the end of the pier we sat to reminisce about my husbands’ grandfather who used to sit and tell us stories about his childhood summers spent in this town. I am sure that a lot has changed in this area since then, but we each remembered him speaking of this lighthouse specifically, which still stands here today the same as it did when our grandpa used to visit it. That moment was pretty fun for all of us to experience together.

Petoskey Lighthouse #Michigan #lighthouse
Waves along Petoskey Pier

After watching the waves crash up and down over the rocks and the seagulls fly above us, we headed back up the pier to try our luck at finding a Petoskey stone among the many stones laid out along the beach. We had no luck. Do you see any Petoskey stones?

Petoskey stones #travelblogger #michigan

We next decided to take a short walk into the downtown area. Here we spent the day shopping, eating  and drinking amazing beverages at the Roast and Toast Cafe’ and enjoying all of the fun art found along the downtown streets. I loved that the streets were still bustling with people even into October.

Downtown Petoskey Travel #michigan
Hollywood sign #petoskey #michigan

Through this trip, Petoskey has definitely charmed it’s way into my list of the coolest Michigan cities to visit. What I loved most was their eclectic vibe, vibrant colors, gourmet food and funky street art. Overall, Petoskey, MI is a great place to visit, especially in the fall.

Want to know more about visiting Petoskey, MI? Check out their website at

Up next, we are finishing out our Northern Michigan tour with a stop in Mackinaw City, Michigan. Be sure to watch for more photos and stories coming to the blog soon.

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