I’m in LOVE with @PlanetBox #ad

Disclosure: Products shown in this post were provided to me free of charge for review. 
I can not say it enough. I love PlanetBox! This incredible lunchbox is perfect for so many reasons. 
– It is dishwasher safe. 
– It requires no more plastic baggy purchases. 
– It reminds me to pack better foods. 
– Portion control at its best! 
– It doubles as a lunch tray. 
– Plus, it is stylish! 

I first started with PlanetBox for my daughters school lunches. I hated the fact that she would open up her baggy sandwich and set it down on the cafeteria lunch table while she opened up the other items. (yuck) When school was over, she almost always brought home wasted food and bags that she never actually got around to opening up. She complained that she didn’t have enough time to eat her lunch.

When I found PlanetBox I thought it looked fun. I loved the eco-friendliness of the design and the fact that I no longer needed to buy baggies. I loved that it would save my daughter from using the cafeteria table as her tray and that it would save her time during her short lunch period by not having to open up individual bags. What I didn’t realize at the time was that using PlanetBox actually helped me pack better lunches. I was no longer “over-packing” and the compartments reminded me to pack a nice variety of balanced foods. My overall “Ah ha” moment, however, was when I realized the money I could save by no longer buying prepackaged school snacks. I now can buy in bulk and easily and quickly portion it out each day.

After trying out this new lunchbox with my daughter, I now have one too! Instead of eating out on the days that I work outside of the home, I am packing a well balanced meal from home. My PlanetBox even came with two extra containers that I use for dipping sauce and pasta salad. It is perfect.

Do you want more information on the fabulous PlanetBox? I’ve got it all for you here: 
Be sure to check the Pinterest link out especially. They offer so many great lunch packing ideas on there! Perfect to get you started packing your own healthy lunches with your new PlanetBox.
Do you own a PlanetBox yet? What’s your favorite things about it? Share with us in the comments!
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