What’s for Lunch: Make at Home Restaurant Style Grinders

Being that I am a stay at home mommy (most of the time), I really enjoy putting together fun lunches for my kids. Lunch time can have the tendency to get boring. We are all usually very creative for dinner time, but lunch usually falls back to the basics. . pb&j or mac & cheese. So I have decided to set up a new blog series called “What’s for Lunch”. The recipes in this series will be perfect for you to make quickly during the day without sacrificing flavor or health. You will be able to follow along with all of my fun lunch recipes and store them for later use on my Pinterest board
Today’s lunch recipe is a tasty one! Our family absolutely loves grinders from one of our local take out restaurants, but going out to lunch all the time is not really in our budget. So I did what I love to do. . . recreated a favorite restaurant meal at home for less. 

This is a tough one because as many of my fellow grinder lovers know, a grinder is not made on everyday normal bread. The thick buttery bread is what makes it special. Well folks, I have come up with an easy way to get the same taste with a bread that you would never consider using for lunch. This grinder, my friends, is made on an English muffin. You’ve got to believe me! The bread is almost identical to the restaurant style bread. Mmmm. . it’s so good. Give it a try!
Restaurant Style Grinders – Made at Home
Thick refrigerated English Muffins
Thin sliced turkey or ham (or your favorite meat)
Slices of provolone cheese
Shredded lettuce
(Whatever toppings you like really)
Open the two halves of your English muffin and place them inside up on a baking sheet.   
Cover one half with a slice of provolone cheese and the other half with a handful of sliced deli meat. 
Bake at 350 degrees for 5-8 minutes or until the cheese has melted.  (use either a toaster oven or conventional)
Carefully remove the two sides from the oven and top with mayo and other desired toppings. 
Place two halves back together and enjoy. 
These sandwiches taste great and are much more fun than the typical lunch time deli sandwich. So try mixing things up a bit today and have a hot lunch! I hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out all of our other lunch time recipes on our Pinterest board. 
<3 Dick and Jane