My 30 Minute Laundry Room Makeover

Ok. . raise of hands. How many people have awful, boring cabinets somewhere in your home? Mine were in my laundry room and came with the house when we bought it. Since we moved in I have said that I needed to do something with them, but just couldn’t see buying new cabinets when these ones were not broken and worked just fine. They were just ugly.

So over this weekend, while we were Snowed In, I decided that there was no better time than now to make a change. I just never imaged what a HUGE difference it would make in my laundry room by just adding a little bit of paint but wowza. . take a look!

What I did was really quite simple and took me no more than 30 minutes to complete. I did not remove the cabinets from the wall, sand them or prime them. What I did was use BEHR Primer and Paint in black and just lightly painted it on with a brush. I painted the outsides of all of the cabinets and the insides of the doors. You could also paint each of the shelves inside, ect, but that just wasn’t very important to me. Besides, I like things that are vintage looking so I left some of the natural wood color peeking through on the outside around the corners and edges. This way the inside still matched and coordinated with the newly painted cabinets.

This is an up close picture of the cabinets. Notice that they are not solid black. If you happen to over paint (which happens) you can simply take a hand sander to edges to distress them a little bit more.

30 minutes was all this took me. Now my laundry room looks so much better and matches with the handmade letters I hung on the wall a few months ago and this chair that my friend Sara made for me. Ahhh. . coordination. . makes me happy 🙂

So what do you think of my little project? Do you have any little projects you are excited to get done around your home? I’d love to hear about them!

<3 Dick and Jane
Today I am sharing this project with my friends over at TBCCrafters. 

10 thoughts on “My 30 Minute Laundry Room Makeover”

  1. Inspiring! So often a project is not started because people fear the costs, time commitment or falsely hold onto an "all or nothing approach". Your laundry makeover demonstrates that need not be true. It is just important to start. Once you began you will be amazed. And, laundry day is so much more fun when you have a pretty space to work in!

  2. Glad I could be an inspiration 🙂 I kept putting it off doing anything and then just decided that I might as well get it done. It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be.

  3. That is so true. However. . now I am thinking about what else I can do. But at least I've started and I can continue to work on things as time and funds permit. Nothing has to be done all at once, like you said. Thanks for the comment!

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