Gone Junk’n . . Be Back Later.

Hi Friends,
Well, after a LONG week of being stuck inside the house from all the snow, I finally decided to head out and have some fun. My junk’n friend and I headed out to our local consignment shops to see what we could find. During the summer months we usually spend most of our time checking out all of the yard sales in the area, but during the winter there are none. . . so we were having withdraws. We like the yard sales much better than the consignment shops because you can usually get a better price . . but right now we are ready to take whatever we can get!!

I would consider today to be a very productive picking day. I came home with quite a few awesome finds and only spent around $30. Wanna see what I found?

My first find was this bright and cheery Cheerios pitcher. For some reason I am always drawn towards old brand marketing items. They just remind me of vintage America. I have decided that I am going to display this pitcher in my kitchen window and in the summer I will put our garden flowers in it. It will be perfect!

My second find was this large old fashioned style bicycle. Ok. . for some reason I LOVE bicycles. No idea why. . I just do. . . This baby has found its new home in my dining room, but I will probably be moving it around shortly because I have a new project I am working on that this will be perfect for!!

While we were junk’n I also found this amazing piece. Again. . loving the vintage America marketing items. Coke is one of my favorites so I just had to have this one. This vintage tray ended up costing me a bit more than any of the other items but I was in love. This vintage tray will be soon making its way onto the center of my vintage, yellow 50’s dining room table but we have to wait until our puzzle is finished first. 🙂

Finally, I picked up this mini-me bicycle and some old worn books. Old books are another one of my favorite things. They just smell amazing. 🙂 
So all together I would consider today to be a success! Nothing I bought needed to be junk’d and I was happy to save them from their untimely death. Oh and that new project I am working on. . you are NOT going to want to miss it. Here’s a hint. It involves an old wooden ironing board and a wooden vintage tool box. As soon as I can get all of the raccoon poop washed off of it I will be ready to get it done and share some pictures. It’s gonna be good, trust me. 
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<3 Dick and Jane

4 thoughts on “Gone Junk’n . . Be Back Later.”

  1. Thanks Rose! It is always so much fun to go out and find things that other people didn't see the value in. Its like hunting for treasure 🙂 I'm glad you liked them too.

  2. Bicycles are my favorite! I think it is because they remind me of good memories from my youth and the summer time. . which I am desperately missing right now in all this snow! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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