5 Reasons Why We Love Citrus Lane

Products in this post have been provided to Raising Dick and Jane complimentary in order for us to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own.

Winter is starting to get a little old. . . The “magic” of the holidays has passed and all of the pretty twinkling lights have been turned off. All that we are left with now is grey skies and dirty brown snow.  Some days we are able to make it outside to play in the snow, but others are just far too cold to venture out. Inevitably, the kids are starting to get bored and restless. Leaving the house to find fun is usually out of the question too, with roads too slippery to drive on or the fun of  spending twenty minutes dressing each kid up to look like a marshmallow only to find that they no longer fit in their car seats. So what’s my secret? I must have one right? Living in a cold weather state you’ve got to have a few tricks under your belt for keeping your kids entertained. Here’s my secret.

Yesterday our Citrus Lane box arrived. Like any other day when the mail person brings us something special to the door they were interested to see what it was and jumping up and down wondering who the special box was for. You all should have seen the light in their eyes when I looked at the box and read off their names out loud. It was like a moment of silence filled the room and then the silence was shattered by high pitched shrieks of joy and excitement. My kids grabbed the box and ran into the living room desperately trying to be the first to see what was inside. Here is what they found.

Inside the box was:

– 1 Organicasaurus Cheddar Cheese Baked Organic Corn Snack
– 1 Green Toys Build-a-Burger toy
– 1 Faber-Castell 12 Pack Jumbo Beeswax Crayons
– 1 Faber-Castell Doodling Pag (50% post consumer recycled materials)
– 1 alligator themed lunch tote

Opening this box was like finding buried treasure for my kids. They each picked their favorite item and started to play with it. I knew that whatever they had chosen to play with from the box was fine because Citrus Lane only puts the kind of products in their boxes that I would approve of. No second guessing whether something is safe for my toddler or looking at scary and harmful ingredients with the products in this box. Citrus Lane has already done the investigation work for me!

So why do I love Citrus Lane? Here are five reasons why.

– Super cute and fun items are always included.
– The excitement of delivery day! <- You can’t beat that.
– The building of a “special day” without having to leave the house.
– Introduction to new and quality products on a monthly basis.
– Citrus Lane understands my want for eco-friendly, non-plastic and safe products for my kids.

My kids spent no time playing with their new toys and as a thank you, I got two new pieces of artwork for my fridge (as well as a good hour of “quiet time”). Thank you, Citrus Lane!

I know this was a fun little post to help introduce you to Citrus Lane, but seriously. . we love it. If you want more information about signing up to receive your own box each month simply visit . Boxes start at $21/month, but right now new subscribers can get 50% off their first month with coupon code CLBLOGGER*.

Offer Terms: can only be applied to monthly subscription purchases from new Citrus Lane customers. It can not be applied to 3, 6, or 12 month packages or gift subscriptions. Subscriptions automatically renew to full retail price, $25/month and you can cancel anytime. 

So if your looking for something fun for a gift or a once a month at home date night with your kids, check this out! Have any questions? I’d be happy to answer them either in the comments or email me.

So friends. . how have you all been holding up this winter? Are you starting to get stir crazy yet? What are you tricks for keeping things fun?

<3 Dick and Jane