Creating an Outdoor Faux Tree Using Old Tomato Cages

Keeping with our family tradition, we spend every Thanksgiving morning setting up our Christmas decorations. Personally, I would do it sooner than Thanksgiving morning. . but my husband refuses 🙂 So Thursday morning we all woke up bright eyed, had a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) and started our day out with tinsel, lights and sounds of Christmas. It was lovely. 
Later that day we joined our families for a Thanksgiving feast. 
Just a few highlights of our day 🙂

Every year I tend to add more and more decorations to our home. This year I got the bright idea of yanking my old tomato cages out of the garden and turning them into trees for my front porch. To tell you the truth, it worked beautifully. The top of the tomato cages fit perfectly inside the pots I already had sitting on my porch! 
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The process to create a faux outdoor tree is quite simple. First, I decided to use an old tomato cage from our summer garden as a frame. If you turn the cage upside down. . tada. . looks like a tree. Simply take the spikes that go into the ground and bind them together with a rubber band. This will create a point at the top. 
Next, I tucked one end of the soft faux garland I purchased from Walmart into the rubber band to hold it in place. Then I just started wrapping around the cage working my way down to the bottom. I ended up using 100 feet of garland to make sure everything was filled in nicely. Looking back, I think a wired garland probably would have worked better than the soft garland just because it would have given the tree more shape. . . live and learn. 
When I reached the bottom I attached the end of the garland to the wire frame using a twist tie (from my bread) and let my kids add small ornaments to the tree. We stuck it in a pot outside and now we have one more Christmas decoration to add to our set up list each year. 
So what do you think? I may have to add some lights to it as well so it can be enjoyed at night time too. But so far. . I like it! 
Do you have any holiday traditions that your family started? I’d love to hear about them. Or just tell me how your Thanksgiving was. What was your favorite part of the day?
<3 Dick and Jane

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  1. Now I need to find a tomato cage! This could be so much fun spray painted white with lights. Oh! Or with twig clipped from the bushes in the yard (that badly need pruned anyway). Or scraps from a Christmas tree! Ah!

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