Clothesline Menu Board {Craft}

How many people have trouble remembering what meal ingredients they bought during the week at the grocery store besides me? Every Monday I spend an hour looking through Pinterest figuring out what I want to make that week. . then I go to the grocery store and buy all of the ingredients. By Tuesday I am standing in front of the cupboards thinking “What on Earth do I have to cook?”. Food gets spoiled, forgotten about and pizza gets ordered. No more! I discovered a need in my life for more organization and designed a cute and fun way to obtain it. I love my new little meal organization method so much that I wanted to share it with you!


Old Frame
Jute Ribbon
Mini Clothespins
Colorful Tags 
Round Magnets
Hot Glue
Begin by finding an old frame (or buying a new one). I took an old frame that I bought at a garage sale for $1 and painted it in a robins egg blue. After the paint dried I used sandpaper and scratched up the edges to let the natural wood show through. Once you have the frame looking good, flip it over and add large, heavy magnets to each of the four corners. I simply super glued them into place. After that, I glued a string to the back of the frame about 1/4 of the way down from the top. Remember to pull it tight and hold it a moment while the glue hardens. 
Remember that magnets are not to be used around young children, they are dangerous. 
Once the back was set it was pretty much quick and easy work. I started off by sitting down as I normally do every Monday and searched through Pinterest to find what I wanted to prepare during the week. However, once I found a recipe that I was going to prepare, I wrote it down on a tag and clipped it up on my clothesline frame (which was now hanging on my fridge). After each meal is made, I remove that tag from the clothesline showing only the remaining meal options for the week. Now I can visually plan and prepare each meal during the week without having to stand in front of my cupboards or fridge trying to remember what I had purchased to make. 
Being that I am a visual person, this seems to be working well for me. Plus it looks super cute on my fridge. And. . If you aren’t needing a new menu board at the moment, this also works well as a memo board too. (photo above)
Many people ask me, where did I get my supplies?
Frame: Garage sale
Mini clothespins: Michaels Craft Store
Tags: Pick a Plum (There is a link to their store on my sidebar)
Magnets: Michaels Craft Store
Jute Ribbon: Michaels Craft Store
Are you going to re-create this craft? What will you use it for; menu, memos or something else?
<3 Dick and Jane

4 thoughts on “Clothesline Menu Board {Craft}”

  1. This is a great idea, and cute too, but I'm not keen on the idea of having to keep a supply of tags (money and environmental-wise) so I have a suggestion to change it up a bit. Instead of tags, you could glue a thin piece of chalkboard or wipe-off board to the frame instead to mark your menu plans on.

  2. Great idea Kat! Love it! We have started using ours to hang up photos and notes mainly, but the chalkboard tags is an amazing idea. So glad you shared it. 🙂

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