Chunky Monkey Smoothie {Recipe}

This weekend was my birthday. I had such a great time celebrating with my friends and family. On Saturday night I went out with all of my friends to celebrate with dinner. We had a blast and ended up closing the place down. Then Sunday was family time and we all got together for dinner and cake. This weekend just reminded me of how blessed I really am. I love being social with all of you online, but there is something extra special about spending time with people face to face. You just can’t beat it. 
My kids have been very lucky to have gotten so many sweet treats lately. First Halloween, then my birthday and even more coming up with Thanksgiving and Christmas. So yesterday when they asked for a treat I decided to come up with a little bit of tom foolery. I put together this divine smoothie that tasted just like a milkshake but only had good, body boosting ingredients in it and no added sugar! Looking for a fun treat to share with your kids today? Check this one out. 
Chunky Monkey Smoothie


1 1/2 cups Stonyfield Organic Vanilla Yogurt
2 Bananas
2 TBS Organic Peanut Butter
1 TBS Cocoa Powder
2 cups of Ice

This is pretty easy, just add all of your ingredients into a blender and combine. You may want to adjust the ingredient doses if needed to get the desired consistency. 
My kids loved it and so did I! Nothing like a milkshake fake out! 
<3 Dick and Jane

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