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When my daughter entered preschool at the age of three we still had a little bit of trouble understanding her words, but we thought that was normal. . we didn’t know any better. It wasn’t abnormal for our everyday conversations with her to turn into a game of charades. Then one day, when I dropped her off for class, I was pulled aside by one of the teachers who gave me startling news. “Your daughter has a speech issue” she said. What? Being my first child I thought that she was still just talking “baby talk”. I didn’t know she was behind in her speech. This is worrisome news for any parent. Thankfully, we met with both her doctor and a speech pathologist who calmed our worries and helped put us back on track. 

We are now currently working with our son to help improve his speech and get him ready for school so we never have to hear those scary words again. However, having no teaching background myself I am unsure of what he should be learning. 

The following post is sponsored by The Land of Sounds, an online program that works to stimulate the development of children’s speech. The post has been written by the developers of The Land of Speech to give us an insight into ways we can help our kids at home. 


Parents often ask us: how do you stimulate the proper development of speech in children? We present you with a great program, Land of Sounds, which will appeal to younger children, who are just learning to speak, as well as to already speaking preschoolers, who get to know and name the world. It is also a perfect tool to stimulate speech for children with the delayed speech development. The Land of Sounds program may be also used as the supplement to the speech therapy.

Where to find the Land of Sounds program?

The program is available on-line at Without registration you can play with several games and exercises. After a quick registration the users can use all resources of the program. You can find here hundreds of animations and games supporting the development of children’s speech.

And here’s good news: until the end of Octoberyou can use the program completely for free! You just need to register.

How does the Land of Sounds program work?

After registering on the website and logging in you can use the resources of several major sections: “exercises”, “games”, “exercises with a guide” and “knowledge library”.

Section “Exercises” for the youngest

You will find here a lot of animations with sounds made by animals, vehicles, devices and sounds associated with every day activities and situations. In next scenes there are presented different sources of sounds in the form of images and onomatopoeic words. The child by watching the cinematographic animations, listens to the onomatopoeic sounds of the speech. He can also try to repeat the expressions during the exercise.

Using onomatopoeic words is an important stage in the development of child’s speech. In this way he replaces too difficult words with those that are easier to say. Because of that in a simplified way he names the surrounding world and achieves his first success in communication. As a result, he more likely establishes the language contact with the environment!

For children, who move from the stage of onomatopoeic speech to the stage of words and sentences there are animations, in which they get to know the names of objects and activities.
Games in this section will definitely interest the youngest children learning to speak and developing speech. They will also be great while working with children with the delayed speech development.
The Land of Sounds program has a very large base of animations. This allows each toddler to find something interesting here. Doing the exercises – tests you can check how the child recognizes and associates the sounds with the sources making them.

Section “Games” for preschoolers

Using games and activities in this section, the children perpetuate the sounds of onomatopoeic words learnt in the section “Exercises”. To use the games you just need basic skills of using the mouse and keyboard. The level of difficulty of games is adjusted to the age of the children. You can find labyrinths, memory games, tasks involving collecting objects and many others!

“Virtual advisor” or the exercises with a guide

Apart from access to hundreds of animations, you can use the aid of the virtual advisor, who will tell you how to preferably begin the work with the Land of Sounds program. You just need to fill in a short survey, and the virtual advisor will direct you towards the best place to start work and will look after your progress. At any time you can cancel the virtual advisor and move to the selected exercises and games.
Library of knowledge

In the library you can find interesting articles in the field of speech therapy, as well as those from which the parents can learn how to stimulate the proper development of speech of their child.

Exercises in the program are selected with great care, appropriately to the age of children and their cognitive areas. The Land of Sounds program is worth recommending for one more reason: it has a beautiful, calm, uncluttered with excessive number of elements graphics and beautifully recorded sounds. We can fully recommend this program as the tool to stimulate the development of the child’s speech! We recommend it!  

Service was created from the EU funds grant (Innovative Economy Operational Program, activity 8.1)

I wanted to share this post with you because I believe that parents are the best teachers and we should offer any extra help we can at home to help our children succeed.  However, if you are worried about a speech issue with your child, please be sure to consult with your child’s physician and school.
All photos were used with the permission of The Land of Sounds.
This post has been sponsored by The Land of Sounds.

<3 Dick and Jane

Cinnamon and Sugar Apple Roll Up’s {Recipe}

Its apple season! Whoo Hoo! 
I absolutely love apples and so does my family. Last night I promised to make my family apple crisp after dinner if they promised to eat all of their food. I probably should have checked the cupboards BEFORE I made a promise like that. Whoops, I had no oatmeal. Now I couldn’t make the apple crisp as promised and the kids were expecting payment for the veggies they had eaten at dinner. 
When dinner ended, we all started to clear the plates from the table and I told the kids they could go outside to play while I prepared the dessert. Crap, what could I make? I scoured the cupboards looking for anything I could quickly throw together. After all, if I don’t come up with some sort of payment the mobsters could get angry and attack. 🙂 
So I decided to make cinnamon and sugar apple roll ups. This is a super easy recipe that is made pretty much of things I commonly keep in my house. 
What do I need to make this recipe?
– 4 apples (I used some gala and some granny smith), peeled and chopped
– 6 fajita tortilla shells (flour)
– 1 1/2 C. water
– 1/4 C. cornstarch
– 3/4 C. sugar
– 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
– pinch salt
– half of a lemon, squeezed
– oil for frying
What do I need to do?
1) The first thing you are going to do is prepare an apple filling. To do this you will need a medium sized saucepan over high heat. Combine the water, cornstarch, sugar, cinnamon, salt and lemon in this saucepan and bring to a boil. 
2) Whisk the ingredients together and boil until the mixture becomes very thick. 
3) Once the mixture thickens add your apples and reduce the heat to a simmer. 
4) Continue to simmer until the apples are fork tender. Remove from heat and cool slightly. 
5) Prepare a shallow dish with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar for rolling your roll ups in after they cook. Set aside. 
6) Next, Prepare your oil for frying in a shallow fry pan and begin preparing your roll ups. 
7) Place a spoonful of apple filling in the center of a flour tortilla and roll up to secure all openings. 
8) Place the roll up, seam side down, in the oil and fry until lightly browned. Flip and brown the other side too. This only takes a few seconds.
9) Remove the roll up from the oil and place in the cinnamon and sugar dish to coat. 
10) Serve with ice-cream and enjoy warm. 
The kids thought this dish tasted like either fried ice cream or elephant ears. But either way, all I know is that it is GOOD! They didn’t even complain that it wasn’t the promised apple crisp. Yess! I have been saved! 
Keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks for even more awesome apple recipes. My local orchard is keeping me stocked this season and I love finding new ways to eat apples. 
What is your favorite way to eat apples?

<3 Dick and Jane

Gutsy Home Decorating : A Kitchen Upgrade

Being a stay at home mother I spend a large quantity of my time in my home. I can tell you every little thing that I don’t like around my house and I can also tell you which rooms are my favorites. As I work around the house everyday doing dishes, laundry, ect. it is inevitable that I am going to constantly come up with “upgrades” that I would like to do. My husband makes a joke of the fact that he never knows what house he is going to wake up to each day, since I am constantly re organizing, painting and moving things around. 

Unfortunately for my husband I am a bit artistic and extremely spontaneous. If something pops in my head I am quite likely to just do it without giving it a second thought.  Take for example at the beginning of summer I thought that I might like to paint all of the interior doors of my house black. Sort of a gutsy move, don’t ya think? That same day I ran out to buy the supplies and never looked back. The good news is that I loved it. The darker doors make my home feel more cozy and intimate. 
So yesterday, while I was cleaning up my kitchen I decided that I might like to redo the cabinets. They were boring. . white. . and plain.  
I remembered that I had some chalk paint out in the garage from another project so I grabbed it and got to work. I decided to paint just the two cupboards above my stove in the black chalk paint. Here is a picture of what I did. 
I love it! It gives my kitchen a fun, dramatic element that it was lacking before. Plus, now I can write fun sayings, birthday wishes, to do’s and grocery lists on it. 
So if your gutsy like me, give this a try. What fun and gutsy home improvements have you made lately? Let me know in the comments. We would <3 to hear about them, and your mistakes too!
<3 Dick and Jane

Fool ’em with Flavor: Spinach Orzo Side Dish Recipe

I may not be the best cook ever, but I do try. I love to prepare dishes that make me “look” like I know what I am doing in the kitchen. The truth is. . I just started learning to cook. When my husband and I were newly weds we lived on boxed and frozen meals for quite a long time. I once tried to make him a whole chicken with lemon flavoring. The chicken looked great. . browned perfectly.  The only problem was that I used 2 cups of lemon juice from a jar instead of the 2 lemons squeezed that the recipe called for. . 

Oh yes, upon first bite and we both choked and gagged from the tart “chicken flavored lemons” we were eating. Not one of my best moments, but it wasn’t my last. I can recall several other nights when we had to chuck the dinner I prepared into the garbage and head out to a restaurant because what I made was either rock hard, too soupy or just plain out tasted horrible.  
I think now, however, I am starting to get the hang of home cooking. I never did give up and am adding new recipes to my comfort zone everyday. I vowed never to go back to frozen and boxed meals, so this is my only alternative. I have to move forward. 
Last night I prepared a dish for the first time that turned out to be amazing. It was super simple, yet looked like I was an experienced cook. In reality, it only took me 15 minutes. Would you like me to share it? Ok, keep reading. 
Last night we enjoyed a meal of roasted chicken, oven baked carrots and spinach orzo. Today I am going to share with you how to make the spinach orzo side dish. This easy to make dish will probably become a staple in your household as I am sure it will become in mine too. 
Spinach Orzo
1 cup orzo
1 container of spinach (fresh)
4 Tbs. butter (divided)
2 cups water
1 pinch salt
1) Begin by adding 2 TBS butter to a saucepan on medium high heat. 
2) Allow the butter to melt and add in your orzo pasta. 
3) Mix the orzo into the butter and allow the orzo to soak up all of the butter. Brown slightly. 
4) Once the butter is soaked up add in your water and bring to a low boil. 
5) Reduce heat to a simmer and cover. Simmer for 15 minutes. Stirring occasionally. 
6) With about 5 minutes left on the orzo cook time, add 2 TBS to a fry pan over medium heat. 
7) Add a pinch of salt to the butter and add all of your spinach. 
8) Cook down your spinach, stirring occasionally. 
9) Once both pots are finished, combine them and stir well. 
10) Top with optional Parmesan cheese and enjoy. 
This is not only a gorgeous looking side dish, but it is extremely easy to make (and healthy). My family loved it and that’s what really counts. 
So enjoy this fast and easy dish and get back to whats really important, enjoying a nice home-cooked meal with your family. So here is my question for you today. 
What do you and your family talk about at the dinner table?
<3 Dick and Jane

Finding My Voice in the Blogging World

Finding your voice in the blogging world is like being a teenager all over again. . . and I’ve just gone through puberty. I’m feeling awkward, unsure of myself and inevitably going through some life changes. Even though I am physically in my thirties, I feel like I am on a journey to find myself all over again. 
As you may have noticed this blog is newer and I was having some trouble finding my voice.  Who was I? Was I an organic, living off the grid momma. . was I a fun loving person. . was I a DIY’er? I feel like the focus of my blog just wasn’t there. Also, not having a clear grasp of who I was I found myself accepting more and more sponsored posts just to have things to talk about. The direction I wanted my blog to go in was way off course. So first, I would like to apologize to you. Second, I would like to announce that I am changing the course of this blog.  I spent a lot of time thinking about who I am and how I could make my blog ring true to me. 
So who am I?
I love being a mom. I love my children. I love all things vintage. I love cooking. I love my childhood memories. I love how my mom raised me. I believe in growing my own food. I believe in non-GMO products. I am a little bit silly.  I love my friends and I love socializing with them. I am sometimes a little bit too open with people.

This is the new focus of my blog. . . This is more like me…
Do you remember when kids were allowed to go outside to play? I can remember taking off on my bike and not coming home till dark. My parents didn’t have to watch me 24/7 but they knew I was safe. I drank out of the garden hose without worrying about contaminants and I went to school to learn and felt safe. Meals were cooked and served at home. Friday nights we spent time together playing board games, not watching t.v. Where have these times gone? Unfortunately we live in a world where we are not safe. My kids wont get the same freedoms I got and I am scared for what effect that will have to them when they are adults. I want my kids to have the same happy childhood I had. . free from worry and stress.
Justin Timberlake brought sexy back. . I’m bringing parenting back
My blog, Raising Dick and Jane, is going to focus on these principles. We will talk about recipes for home-cooked meals, fun ideas for family time, a few DIY projects (because I love repurposing vintage finds), and great tips for like-minded parents. 
My favorite quote:
  “It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.” -L.R. Knost
So thank you to everyone who has been following along thus far. I hope that you will find value in the posts to come. 
This is the real me. 
<3 Dick and Jane 

Pumpkin Shaped Grilled Cheese #PillsburyBiscuits #sponsored

I love fall. The crisp cool air..the gorgeous array of colors and lots of super fun holidays. My only problem? This time of year is super hectic and there is almost no time to enjoy these things. I am always running around with school, extracurricular activities, work and more. I barely have time to keep up with my household sometimes. I know there must be more like me out there. So, in the light of the upcoming “harvest” and in my attempt to create a fun, nutritional and fast meal, I came up with this recipe. Ok, you’ve got to admit its cute. . and the kids LOVED it. 🙂

Pumpkin Shaped Grilled Cheese

What will I need?

1/4 c. Oil
Sliced Cheese
Cookie Cutter
Frying Pan
Rolling Pin
What should I do first?

1) First, remove your Pillsbury biscuits from their container. . try not to scream when the seal pops (that darn thing gets me every time)  🙂
2) Remove one biscuit and roll it out to about a 1/4″ thick. 
3) Using your cookie cutter, cut out the shape you desire from the dough. Repeat and set aside.
4) In a pan, heat a small amount of oil over medium heat. 
5) Add the cut out shapes to the pan to brown. Flip and repeat on the other side. 
6) Once both sides have cooked, add a slice of cheese to one shape and cover with another shape. 
7)Allow the sandwich to stay on the heat for a few more minutes to melt. 
8) Remove from heat, cool slightly and enjoy. 
Tip: Make sure your dough is pressed out thin. If it’s too thick the center wont cook properly and your sandwich will be too big to fit in your mouth. 
This was a super fun meal to make and my kids adored it. Plus, the best part, it tasted great. The Pillsbury biscuits  not only made it super easy to get the shape I wanted, but also gave it a great new flavor that is different from the traditional grilled cheese sandwich. Now just pair this sandwich up with a bowl of hot soup and you’ve got a nutritional, fast and fun meal perfect to put you in the mood for the harvest moon. 
Like this recipe? There are so many more that can be downloaded for FREE on the Pillsbury website. Click here to be directed to the PDF file for download:
Which Pillsbury Grand’s recipe are you most excited to try?
<3 Dick and Jane
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of General Mills. Compensation was provided by General Mills via Clever Girls Collective.

Moving with Children – Top 9 Tips to Get You Through @Corriganmoving #spon

This post has been sponsored by Corrigan Moving Systems
Photo used with permission from Corrigan Moving Systems

Making a move into a new home with your family can be a terrifying adventure. . especially when you bring young children into the mixture. What things should you do first? How should you plan for your children’s reactions and how can you find the right help when you need it? 

A few weeks ago I guest posted about this topic on a moving sites blog, Handled with Care. I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert on moving with kids, but what I am is a moving survivor. Trust me. . its better to be prepared when starting to move with kids than to just wing it. My daughter was 2 at the time….. and we unfortunately learned things the hard way. So here are a few of my tips for helping you make the right decisions first when starting to think about changing homes. 
1. Leave special items un-packed and with the child during the move such as a blanket, doll, toy or stuffed animal. These items will help bring a sense of comfort to your child when they are away from home. (plus, who wants to be digging through boxes at 8pm with a screaming kid to find their missing Mr. Snuggles?)

2. Listen to your child’s behavior. If they are acting uncomfortable with the move try and have things ready for them when they arrive. It may be easier to transition into a home that already looks like home instead of a torn apart home in shambles.
3. Hire {good} help. The less time living in chaos the better!
I have six other great tips listed, but to read them please visit my guest post on the Handled with Care blog. (You will even get to hear more about my experiences with moving. . aggh)
When I finished writing my guest post I began thinking about my tip number 3, hire good help. This is pretty vague in description and I thought that maybe today I could help elaborate on this topic. What is good help and how do you know you can trust the company you have hired? 
I decided to contact Corrigan Moving Systems and ask them some hard questions to help me find an answer to this question. I wanted to know why they thought they were the company I should use, I wanted to know if they were “human” and more than just a business, I wanted to know what they could do to make my life easier during my move and I wanted to know what I would be supporting should I hire them. These are all things you should know about a company before you put your trust in them, especially with something as serious as moving your family to a new home. Corrigan Moving Systems was more than willing to answer my questions and I was so impressed with their answers that I wanted to share a few of them with you. Here is what I asked and their responses to me. .

Company logo used with permission from Corrigan Moving Systems
 1) Why would you consider yourself to be the leading relocation service in the area?
We believe Corrigan is the best because of the people who work for us. Corrigan’s team is made up of the finest individuals in the industry – people who truly care about taking care of our customers and doing the job right.  Without their dedication we would never have been able to win as many customer choice and quality awards.  We are proud to be one of the highest quality United agents in the nation.  Our employees take pride in their work, and are continually striving to raise the bar each and every day.  Many of our employees have even stated that they feel moving is their craft, which is why we chose “Experience Craftsmanship” to be out company’s tagline.  

2) Tell me about a time when you were able to step out of the business role and help someone on a personal level who was having difficulty with a move.

One incident that comes to mind occurred over the summer.  We received a panicked call from a customer early in the morning. She was moving her family on over to California, and had a different moving company lined up for the move. She was scheduled to load that day, but earlier that morning her moving company called her and told her that they didn’t have a truck to move her on anymore.  They cancelled her move, leaving her with no options.  She called us up and asked if we had any way to help her out.  All of our movers were already scheduled for the day, but we agreed to do what we could to get her loaded and out of her home.  As our local crews finished up for the day we sent them on over to her home to begin loading up her home.  All our movers pitched in once their first move was finished, and by 8:00 pm that day we had her out of home.  We stored her goods at our warehouse for a few days until we could schedule a long distance truck to transport everything on over to California.  The customer was extremely thankful for the help we were able to provide her, with absolutely no advanced notice.  It felt great to be able to help out this family in need as well.  

3)What services that you offer do you find beneficial especially for families with young children who are moving?

Our employees enjoy moving families with children, and like to go above and beyond the call of duty to make their moving experience special.  Our move representatives usually carry activity books with them to give out to kids.  These neat books help kids to prepare for their move with coloring pages, mazes, and games, all designed to help get kids excited about their move and the adventures awaiting them at their new home.  Come move day, our movers are very good at working with kids.  Many of them go out of their way to help make the children’s move experience especially memorable.  Our movers will often load the kids favorite toys or bike last onto the truck, so that it will be one of the first things back off, giving the child something fun to play with as soon as they arrive at the new home.  Many of our mover’s will get interested kids involved with the move process, by making them a ‘little helper’ for the day, giving them small tasks to help them feel involved.  Our mover’s enjoy working with the kids to get them involved and excited about the move.

4) What local donations does your company make to help benefit the city in which you operate?

Corrigan has several local partnerships we’re happy to be a part of, including being the official moving sponsor of Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley. We’ve also worked with Back Alley Bikes of Detroit and the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan. Sometimes unique projects come up that we get involved in, too, like recent work with Kenya Relief, where we transported two massive containers filled with a wide variety of medical supplies, care items and more for a clinic in Africa. We really try to use our unique talents and resources wherever we can and are always open to hearing about new opportunities to help!

5) If you could suggest one thing to people who are about to embark on a long distance move, what would it be?

Plan! Our HandledWith Care blog recently wrapped up a series of posts that highlight various stages of preparation every person who is moving can undertake, starting two months ahead of the big day. Even when you are working with a professional mover, there are still plenty of tasks to accomplish prior to move day. For instance, it is a good idea to prepare the kids by taking a tour of your new hometown as well as showing them all the fun things that can be done there. If you are too far away to visit, this can be done online with a virtual tour.  Another benefit to planning well in advance is the ability to save yourself money.  Mover’s can often give you better pricing if you plan ahead, and the extra time will also give you time to sort thorough all your belongings and eliminate anything you don’t need at your new home.  A garage sale or a donation to a charity can be a great way to reduce some of the clutter around your home, and the less you move the more you will save.  

Aren’t these great answers? I have decided that good help to hire are the companies who are willing to be transparent with you, treat you like a friend and go above their “jobs” to help you and the communities in which they operate. I just want to say Thank You to Corrigan Moving Systems for taking the time to indulge me on what characteristics I think would make a good company to hire and for answering all of my questions. 
Have you recently made a big move with your family or are planning to? What tips have you found to be beneficial in your move? Share your stories with us in the comments.

<3 Dick and Jane

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Corrigan Moving Systems. 

Chocolate Crunch Yogurt Bites with @MullerQuaker

Products featured in this post have been provided to us free of charge. 
Ok, yep. My kids love to snack. It drives me nuts…just about every half hour during my day I am being begged for a snack because they are Soooo Hungry. Then magically, after I spend an hour of my time preparing a delightfully fabulous meal they somehow loose their appetite. Agh. So, in the spirit of finding healthy, edible and nutritional snacks that will help to support their lacking diets I have created chocolate crunch yogurt bites. 
After all, I have come to believe that the snacking phase is bring brought on by them not wanting to actually sit down. At the ages my children are at they are constantly on the go. Having to sit down and have a meal is difficult for them (I make them do it because that’s family time, but it is still hard for them to do).  So having snacks available for “on the go” snacking is a plus. But I don’t want to rule out the best part of these. Have you ever tried giving a two year old a cup of yogurt? The spoon they are eating it with inevitably somehow always tips the cup over, spilling yogurt all over the counter and onto the floor. I have discovered and easy way to make yogurt less messy to eat. . freeze it. Yes, it can be done and I am going to show you how!!
Chocolate Crunch Yogurt Bites with Mullers Yogurt

What do I need?
Mullers Yogurt with Malt Balls
A Plastic Baggy
Aluminum Foil
Cookie Sheet
How to make this snack: 
1) Lay out a single layer of aluminum foil on a cookie sheet. 
2) Open the container of Mullers Yogurt and mix the malt balls into the yogurt. 
3) Spoon the mixed yogurt into a plastic bag and bring it all down to one corner. 
4) Using your scissors, cut the corner off the plastic bag and pipe the yogurt into small dots on your cookie sheet. 
5) Place the dots on the cookie sheet into the freezer for 2 hours. 
6) Remove the dots from the freezer and enjoy or move to an airtight container. 
These dots are not only fantastic, but they are easy to eat and nutritional.

This recipe can be made using any of the available Mullers Yogurts. View their entire brand line and find out where to buy them here

We are giving away 10 FREE coupons for you to buy your very own Mullers Yogurt and try this recipe for yourself. Enter Below. 
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<3 Dick and Jane

This is NOT a paid post, however Mullers was gracious enough to provide 10 coupons for a giveaway to my readers and 10 coupons for myself to use for my post. Thank you. 

Help a Kid Make-A-Wish #spon

This post has been sponsored by One2OneNetwork.
One of my favorite programs to support is the Make-A-Wish foundation. When I see kids who are sick my heart breaks, like any mothers heart would. They don’t even have to be my kids. . the motherly instinct that I have doesn’t discriminate. 🙂 So when I found out that Straight Talk was partnering up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to donate money and help make kids wishes come true I had to spread the word about it. 
If you want to help out but don’t have a lot of extra funds to do so, you can do this! It wont cost you much, just a little bit of your time. 
Here is how: 

Every Saturday in September, Straight Talk Wireless will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish for each person that visits their participating local Walmart and takes a minute to learn more about Straight Talk.

 Seriously! I can do that! 

Ok, so what if you don’t live by a Walmart? Believe it or not, not everyone lives near a Walmart! Crazy, I know. 🙂 Well, if you can’t go to a store to donate from now until September 28, when you share the video on, Straight Talk will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish®, up to $100,000 (one donation per viewer, per day) towards their $1,000,000 goal. It’s fast, easy and worth every second!

So cross it off your mind that you need to have lots of money to help other people, you don’t. This program is making is super simple to help terminally ill kids by making one of their dreams come true. I know that I will be doing what I can to help and I hope you will do the same. 

<3 Dick and Jane

I participated in this sponsored campaign for One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

PB & Banana Wraps

 This recipe has quickly become one of our favorites. We not only make it for snack time, but it has also become a lunchtime staple. 
Here is what you will need to make this recipe: 

– tortillas
– natural peanut butter
– banana’s
optional: jelly, chocolate chips, honey

How to prepare the dish: 
1) Choose your ingredients. 
2) Lay the tortilla out on a plate
3) Spread peanut butter in the middle of the tortilla
4) Unwrap your banana and lay in over the peanut butter
5) Add your other optional ingredients and fold tortilla over the ends of the banana. Roll the rest of the tortilla up around the banana. 
6) Cut in half and enjoy. 
Did you know: Bananas can actually help improve your mood? So if your feeling blue, prepare this dish and put a smile on your face. 
<3 Dick and Jane