The Re Purposed Paper Box #TBCcrafters

While I was out browsing a garage sale one day I found an old wall side newspaper box. It was brown, ugly and in pretty bad shape but they only wanted $1 for it. So I bought it. I figured I could do something with it, after all I just hate to see things go un-used.

This is what it looked like when I bought it. Yuck. 
Looking past all of the brown nastiness, I could see that this piece had potential. I liked the scalloped top. It reminded me of a french patisserie awning. 
I got to work on this piece first by sandblasting all of the old paint and grime off, then giving it a fresh new coat of paint. 
While the paint was drying I visited my favorite graphics website, The Graphics Fairy, and picked out some french inspired clip art to modge podge to the front of my project. After the paint dried I painted a thin layer of modge podge to the old paper box in the area I wanted to apply my art. Next, I laid the paper over the wet modge podge and pressed it down to create a nice bond. 
I added a french inspired clip art to the front and also to the top. 
After applying the paper to the old paper box and smoothing out as many bubbles as i could with my fingers I added a second coat of modge podge over the top of the image and covering the entire front of the box. Then I allowed it to dry for several hours. Once the modge podge had dried I took the box over to the sink and carefully, with my fingers, got the edges of the paper image wet. I continued to get my fingers damp from the faucet and gently scrub the edges of the image paper until the paper started to wipe away. 
After I had wiped away as much paper as I desired I stopped and let the piece dry once again. Just so you know, I only wiped away paper from around the image. I did not wipe away the image itself. This just breaks up the lines of the paper and gives it an “aged” effect. 
Once everything was dry once again I took a black and brown acrylic paint and mixed them gently. With my finger and a towel I added paint around the image and wiped it off. I just wanted to give the effect of this piece being aged and somewhat dirty. 
When the entire box looked aged enough for me I sealed it with a waterproof sealant in case I wanted to use this outside. Now I just have to decide. . indoor mail holder or outdoor flower planter? What do you think?
Tell me your thoughts.. 
<3 Dick and Jane

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