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With school once again approaching (and already here for my southern friends) the talk has once again returned to bullying, what to look for and how to prevent it in our schools. I must admit that bullying is a concern for me with my children. I have seen too many young people struggle through school and even make poor decisions because of being bullied. Do you remember last year when I wrote a post about my daughter being bullied already in kindergarten? Yes people. . bullying happens even as young as kindergarten.  It truly breaks my heart and I am willing to do anything I can to help spread the word about standing up for one another! 
Mostly these days when we talk about bullying we automatically think of school aged children, however, bullying does not exist only within the school system. Bullying can take place anywhere and with any age group. Bullying can happen in the workplace, between acquaintances or even between couples in relationships. Bullying is an epidemic that needs to be addressed. How do we stop it? We stop it by creating Hero’s.

 Matt Langdon, the founder of The Hero Construction Company, has spent several years traveling around to different schools teaching faculty, staff and students how to become modern day hero’s.  If he has come to your child’s school you may have heard about the “funny Australian man and his orange pants” that came to visit one day. Matt has shown a proven track record with the schools and has decided to join his efforts with several other hero inspired speakers in a two day hero training conference that anyone who purchases a ticket can attend! This amazing event is bringing in speakers from all over the globe including Jocelyn Stevenson, co-creator of the children’s show “Fraggle Rock”, Sesame Street, Bob the Builder, Barney and Friends and The Magic Schoolbus. Speakers also include Zoe Weil and Phil Zimbardo; two leading professionals in the world of humane education and psychology as well as a long list of other credible speakers and motivationalist’s. The event is limited this year, being its first, to only 600 attendees. So as you can imagine, seats to this popular event are going fast.


Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Do you want to know more about the warning signs of bullying to be a more informed and prepared parent? Are you a business owner who wants to create a forward thinking team? If any of these statements are true for you, then check out the Hero Round Table website and learn more about this amazing opportunity being hosted in Swartz Creek, MI this November. 
Don’t leave yet. . I have AMAZING news for you! In support of parents against bullying, The Hero Construction Company is going to sponsor one reader to attend the Hero Round Table Conference! The event is being held in Swartz Creek, MI on November 9th and 10th. Winner will receive free admission to the conference including two lunches and one dinner (a $325 value). Transportation, lodging and all other meals are the responsibility of the winner. Does this sound like something you would love to attend? Please, enter below. . . 

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