The Power of Words

This wordless Wednesday I thought I would do something a little different and talk about words. 
One of the easiest things for most human beings to do is speak. For some, words flow from their mouths like water from a spigot. Have you ever stopped to think about how powerful the words you speak really are? Our words can cause fear, pain, anger and spite or our words can cause happiness, peace, love and kindness. Something that many find so easy to do should really be protected, pondered and carefully let go of. 
The other day, on our morning drive to school, I could hear my five year old daughter talking to my two year old in the back seat. I could tell from his growing screams and upset that what she was saying was causing him pain. As I listened in closer I heard her say. . 
“Your all done with school. Only I get to go to school now. You may never go back to school again.”
These words angered and upset my son who loved his Mommy and Me classes we attended together on a weekly basis. His “school” was a happy and exciting part of the day for him. I had already discussed with my son that his school had ended for the summer but my daughter decided to really drive the subject matter home with him. Her words were useless. They didn’t teach him anything, encourage him or show him love. She was trying to cause a negative reaction and she received one. 
I see this behavior far too many times with the news, other kids and even adults. Do you remember the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?”. What ever happened to that? This is a difficult lesson to teach our kids, but I believe it is a very important one. You must be careful to honor others and yourself with your words. Words are a very powerful weapon. Something so easily spilled from your lips may have a long lasting effect on the ears on which they land. 
I was raised as a child to be kind to everyone. Many of my best friends have come from people I may not have initially liked or people I did not really have a lot in common with. There is so much more to learn from life when you branch outside your “circle”. This is a lesson I am working hard to instill within my children as well. Everyday I tell my daughter before school, “Friendly people have friends, Be nice to everyone”. 
I hope that this post can be a good reminder that we need to teach our kids to be friendly because the world will work hard to teach them not to be. The school years are the worst when cliques start and kids are rewarded by their peers for putting others down. If we don’t stop this behavior when they are young, I am afraid to say it will continue even into adulthood. Unfortunately I have felt first hand during my adult life how bad words can hurt. So lets work together as mothers and fathers to raise our children to be the good we want to see in the world. 
We are working hard with my daughter to speak only the words that are useful, to think before she speaks and to lastly consider how her words will make other feel before she says them. I too am doing the same thing. Even as adults, we sometimes forget to use our manners.
<3 Dick and Jane