How to Welcome Butterflies to Your Garden {DIY Butterfly Feeder}

I love feeding nature so I can enjoy its beauty in my own backyard. I have many bird feeders, and a butterfly house, but no food for the butterflies. While I was out browsing flea markets each week I was keeping an eye out for a nice bowl and a stick that I could use a base for my project. After a few weeks of searching I found the perfect pieces I needed to make the butterfly feeder I had imagined. 
I came across this old wall sconce that was made of wood and had excellent curves. I couldn’t resist, plus it was only ten cents!!! I decided to leave the paint as is. I loved the old chippy paint look it had. 
I began by removing the candle holder from the wall plaque. There were just a few little screws holding it together. 
Next, I used a bowl that I had found in a “free box” at a garage sale and glued it to the top of the candle holder. I flipped it upside down to rest on the bowl side and left it to dry for a few days. 
Finally, I took the new butterfly feeder out to my garden and found the perfect place to push it into the ground right beside my butterfly house and a set of sunflowers that are starting to peak through the ground. 
TIP: Whatever you choose to use as your butterfly feeder base, make sure it will be strong enough to hold your bowl upright when pushed into the dirt. 
What do butterflies eat?
Butterflies love to snack on fruits such as watermelon, apples and bananas. Simply cut up a few pieces and place them in the bowl every couple of days. Don’t change the fruit out too often though, butterflies like it when the fruit begins to rot a little bit. Using a fruit bowl you will most likely attract butterflies such as Swallowtails, painted ladies and fritillaries. 
What else can you use the butterfly feeder for?
If you don’t want to feed the butterflies, but like the look of this craft you can also fill it with a few rocks and shallow water. Butterflies like to perch and wade in shallow water. This is another great way to help attract these beautiful little creatures to your property.  
We will be sharing photos of our butterfly friends on our Instagram page if we can catch them perching on our feeder. Be sure to follow along so you don’t miss the photos! You can always tag us (@raisingdickjane) in your photos too so we can check them out. 
<3 Dick and Jane

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  1. How beautiful – I'm going to save this one and try it out!! An old lamp would work, too, if it had a nice base and didn't work, etc. Pinned & Tweeted!

  2. Stopping by from the House of Hepworths link party. What a fun idea! I never knew you could attract butterflies with fruit. Definitely pinning this one for later. Thanks for sharing :).

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