Have S’more Trail Mix {Recipe}

I almost forgot about this fabulous trail mix that I made for my kids last summer. They loved it and upon having our first s’more of the summer last week I was reminded to make it again. Now, I can not say that this is the healthiest snack I’ve ever made for them, but it is a frugal snack mix that doesn’t cost much to make and goes a long way. The best part about the recipe? It tastes just like a s’more. It just cant get any better than that! 

I like to make this in a huge batch and store it for easy access. It is a great snack to bag up and take along on car rides, vacations or to the park. Yes, the chocolate does melt in the heat, but that just makes it all the better tasting! lol. 
S’more Trail Mix
1 Box Golden Grahams Cereal or Organic Graham Cereal
1 Bag Chocolate Chips
1 Bag Mini Marshmallows

Ok, here’s the hard part. . . Mix them all together in a bag. DONE! Wow.  
Its fabulous, really. 
Happy Summer!
<3 Dick and Jane