Come Meet My Friends Over at Five Little Homesteaders Blog

I love to read other writers blogs! There is so much to be learned from them. It is true that everyone has a talent, and our talents are not all the same. Take my friend Colleen over at Five Little Homesteaders blog. Colleen consistently has great ideas for the gardens and taking care of a home that I would have never thought of on my own. I love to soak up her advice and follow along with her sweet little families happenings at the same time. Her little kiddos are beyond adorable! 
Today I wanted to introduce you to Colleen, writer for the blog Five Little Homesteaders, so you too may benefit from all her blog has to offer.

Me: Colleen, How would you describe your blog?
Colleen: My blog is an urban homesteading blog that focuses on our approach to gardening and chicken raising through the lens of family life.  We are attempting to turn our .15 acre lot in Phoenix, Arizona into a productive urban homestead that will reduce our reliance on grocery stores for food.  Our blog chronicles this adventure.  As our tag line says,“We garden, raise chickens, and chase three kids.  Follow us.”

Me: What made you want to start blogging?

Colleen: Originally I started this blog as a hobby.  It was a fun outlet for my creative side and it allowed me to chronicle some of our adventures.  Lately I’ve been seeing our blog as more than that.  I’m hoping that people will find inspiration to start their own gardening/farming/chicken raising enterprises.  I also hope to build community and friendship with people who I might otherwise have not been able to get to know had I not started this blog.

My Favorite Blog Posts from Five Little Homesteaders Blog: 
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