Im Sending My Kisses to You!

I can remember some days back in college when I would just sit on my dorm room floor and cry. No, nothing was wrong. I just missed my family and I missed my friends. Leaving everything that was comfortable to me to go face the world alone sometimes felt like a scary thing. While it was easy to pick up the phone and hear their voices, it still wasn’t the same.

This feeling became much more prevalent around the holidays and my birthday. It was always nice when a special surprise showed up at my dorm for me. I can remember one year my mom mailed me a birthday cake (yes, mailed it via USPS). I was so excited to open up the package to find a pile of what used to be a cake. If you don’t know me very well, cake is important to me. I LOVE cake. So it was very touching that my mom was thinking of me and didn’t want me to go without having a birthday cake while I was away (In case you wanted to know, yes, I did still eat the pile of cake).

I’m sure that many of you have the same memories of being away from home and missing your loved ones. Or maybe you have a child who has gone away to school. Either way, I have found a company (Send-A-Smooch) that will mail a package containing a large lip shaped pillow to your loved ones. Such a cute idea, especially for Valentines day! I know that I would have loved to have a reminder of my mommas kisses with me everyday while I was away at school.

So I did the hard work and checked this company out for all of you :). Not only is this a reputable business which donates 5% of their gross product sales to charity, but they also let you choose the charity that you want the funds to go to from their preapproved list!  Also, while you are helping out your favorite charity, you are getting a high quality product in return to send to someone you love. When I received my kiss in the mail it was packaged perfect for gift giving. The lip pillow was soft, yet firm and made out of a velvet feeling material. I truly must say that this pillow was perfect; not a thread out of place. I know that whoever you send your kiss to, they will be able to keep this pillow for a very long time.
Do you have a loved one you want to send your kisses to? Better think of someone quick because Send-A-Smooch is sponsoring one reader to send a kiss to anyone they’d like just in time for Valentines Day! Share the love and let someone know you are thinking of them.
Send A Smooch is also featured in our Valentines Gift Guide.
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<3 Dick and Jane

Disclosure: Send A Smooch has sponsored this post by offering a giveaway and providing me with a product to review/photograph. I was not paid for my opinion and all views of this product are my own.

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