Homemade Dog Treats

Last week I introduced you to our dog Manson during our Wordless Wednesday post. As you can see by his photo he is a big sweetheart. We treat him like one of the family by allowing him free run of our house, by letting him sleep in bed with us and by feeding him healthy “human-like” foods. He is quite spoiled for a dog. He even gets a stocking full of new toys and treats each Christmas just like the kids do. While we have a few things we need to work on with him, like getting into the garbage cans, barking like a nut when someone walks by our house or jumping on people when hes excited, he is a pretty good dog and deserves to have a good life (like all dogs do).

When Manson was a puppy, he and his siblings were abandoned and left to die. Luckily, a nice couple found them and brought them all home. They spent the next couple of months making sure the pups were healthy, feeding them and finding good homes for them. My husband and I were a young couple with no kids and decided that a puppy would be a great new addition to our little family. He was such a cute baby! Who could resist this face?
Manson quickly became a member of the family and has been with us as we welcomed Jane and Dick into our home in the years following. We could tell that our dog Manson was in love with our children just as much as we were. He is never cross with them and will let them play with him as children do. The sense of “these are my kids” can be felt whenever an unfamiliar face come to our home. I can tell that Manson would do everything he could to protect any one of us in the case of an emergency. He loves us and we love him.
In honor of puppy love this week, Howling Husky Bakery, has offered to give one of our pet loving readers two dozen of their all natural, handmade dog treats! Each treat is made to order before shipment to ensure maximum quality and the recipes are all taste tested by the bakery owners’ Siberian Husky named Siqua. Check out these flavors, they all sound delectable! How about serving your pup a peanut butter banana, blueberry cinnamon, cheesy tuna or savory chicken treat? I’m sure with treat like this even Manson would learn to stay out of our garbage cans and behave for guests.
Remember though, these are all natural and do not contain preservatives so when making or buying homemade dog treats store them in the refrigerator or freezer to prevent molding and lengthen the use by date.
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<3 Dick and Jane
 Disclosure: We were provided with a sampling of dog treats from Howling Husky Bakery in order to facilitate our review and post. While we were allowed to keep our review items, we were not compensated for our post. All of our thoughts are our own.

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